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Published: Thursday, Jan. 2 2014 11:10 p.m. MST

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Lincoln City, OR

To supplement Mr. Rock's articles and to respond to some of the ute fans comments let me throw out a couple numbers and acronyms...

. SOS and 315 out of 351... Strength of Schedule rating and the number ranked against the total number of teams measures according to the last RPI.

. 2-11... the utes record against BYU over the past 7 years.

. HCA or Home Court Advantage... The difference in the score that you will see when you play Oregon in Eugene... or, the difference between the Boise State game and all other games on your schedule.

. SOS 3... BYU's ranking amongst the 351 teams previously measured.

. 141 and 39... utah's and BYU's respective RPI rankings after the Coug's recent losses.

. 0... number of utah wins away from the HC.

. and, BYU... utah's only quality win this season using HCA.


.81-64... actual score of when Utah and BYU played

.0-1... BYU's record versus Utah this year

.45... Utah's current BPI

.59... BYU's current BPI

Lincoln City, OR


The AP, the USA Today,and the RPI are really the only polls the selection committee watches, but if you want to compare polls, let's compare all of them:

AP... both not rated

USA Today... both not rated

RPI... BYU 39 and utah 141

BPI... (an ESPN Bracketology creation that rewards teams for the conference they belong to (whether you have played anyone in that conference yet or not)and does little to penalize teams for playing weaker schedules... Utah 45 BYU 59

Sagaran Ratings... BYU 46 utah 65

Massey Ratings... utah 57 BYU 54

KenPom (Ken Pomeroy) Ratings... BYU 55 Utah 68

So to summarize, if we treat the RPI, the BPI, the Sagaran, the Massey and the KenPom rankings with equal weight the total averages for each team are...

BYU 48.4 ...Utah 74.6 (Total averages across the 5 rating sources)... ouch... and sorry.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Home court advantage is about 3 to 5 points, from what I can find.

Your team got pummeled by 17 points at the Huntsmen Center. That's not HCA that's called getting OWNED!

As far as SOS, I will just quote what you BYU "fans" were saying in the fall:

"Better dust off a shelf in your trophy closet for another SOS trophy." -- Uteanymous


And all the RPI does is rewards teams for playing tough schedules, regardless of whether they manage to beat any of the good teams or not. Thus, it has little to no relevancy until late February when the schedule is near complete. And, no, your explanation of ESPN's BPI can be found nowhere in their own explanation of it. The actual criteria used for their calculation: Scoring margin, Diminishing returns for blowouts, Pace of game matters, Home/Neutral/Road, SOS beyond Opponent's opponents' W-L, All wins are better than losses, and De-weighting games with missing key players. Yours sounds just as made up as a PAC-12 officiating conspiracy theory.


POYMAN, as a huge BYU fan, I must say I don't see how you can argue with the Ute fans with the way they blew out BYU. Scoreboard always gives you the bragging rights. At the same time, I'll never understand the animosity the Ute fans hold towards the Y - especially now that they aren't even in the same conference. I do think BYU might be the better team. But, again, scoreboard.

Lincoln City, OR


HCA can be measured by how y'all do against the Ducks in Eugene... The utes lost by 2 in OT on their home court, let's see how they do on the Ducks home court.


And yet the RPI is the third most popular poll used outside of the AP and USA Today and it is used all season long.

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