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Published: Friday, Jan. 3 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Antarctica is still cold, even in the austral summer. You might find this amusing/ironic but the reality is the UAH satellite dataset put Jan-Nov 2013 as the 4th warmest Jan-Nov on record. The NOAA and NASA datasets have Jan-Nov 2013 3rd warmest. (December numbers will be out for UAH probably on Monday and in a week or two for NOAA and NASA, so that's why I used Jan-Nov).

Salt Lake City, UT

OK, so the fact they have become stuck in the ice invalidates the global warming hypothesis? The Antarctic is cold. So's the Arctic. But the Greenland ice sheet is melting. Churchill on Hudsons Bay will soon be a year-round port. The permafrost of Alaska is thawing out. It appears a couple of ships getting stuck in the Antarctic doesn't invalidate the global warming thesis.

Far East USA, SC

Another confused poster who confuses weather with climate.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

In other news 100 million Americans are dealing with record lows, record snowfall and freezing rain. These are all phenomena that have been predicted for decades by climate scientists. Get used to extreme weather! Too bad all the naysayers aren't the only ones effected.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, ironic. Like the irony of so many of the TV news outlets who are clearly leftward leaning and liberal (those are the tolerant, open-minded ones) who are normally the first to point out such ironies because of the arresting interest factor that makes such tidbits "good TV", but who, in this case, neglected it completely.

I wonder if any of them will ever comment on these ironies upon ironies?

Here, UT


Climate change = more extreme weather events. Some places will experience more extreme snow in winter, others will experience less snow. Some will be hotter in the summer, others may be cooler. Local weather is simply that: Local weather. You didn't address the gradual warming being experienced overall throughout the entire planet.

Please go watch the documentary "Chasing Ice". If that doesn't remove the blinders from your eyes, then I doubt anything will.

salt lake city, UT

And if the group of scientists were to have stumbled off a cliff would it have proven the world is actually flat and not round?

clearfield, UT


Jan to Nov 2013. The 4th warmest on record. And how long has that record been kept?

That is the myopic problem with much Earth science. Earth is billions of years old. We know that the planet has gone through periods much warmer and much colder than any "record" has shown. We also know that the Earth adjusts to extremes. That is the wonderful part of the Goldilocks location of our unique planet in this solar system. Our 19 degree tilt, giving the whole Earth an equal part of seasonal change as it revolves around the sun. The increases or decreases in natural gasses of the atmosphere when needed. The natural cleaning up of pollution, whether man made or natural, like volcanos. Earth takes care of itself naturally, and has done so for billions of years. It is humanity who will need to change to accomodate Earth rather than humanity believing it can control the Earth environment. So the Earth warms a little. So the oceans rise a little. So, Malibu beachfront property is moved back a few feet. We will adapt because we have no choice and can't do anything to stop it anyway.

Hayden, ID

Nothing will ever convince some people that global warming is a hoax. For them they are the repositories of "facts" and all others are just opinionated. For example, it must only be some people's opinion that the coldest temperature EVER recorded on earth occurred just last month in the Antarctica; -135.8 degrees F! But its just an opinion, right? After all, what's conflicting science to them but opinions!

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I did not realize that it was supposed to be so sunning and nice in ANTARTICA in the "summer"?
I guess it's only suppose to get cold and snow there in the "winter".

Too this naïve letter writer, [and those who "think" likewise --
it "snows" and "freezes" during the summer on Mars as well.

Onion Daze
Payson, UT

Correction for "happy2bhere"

It is 23.5 degrees. Not "Our 19 degree tilt,..."

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

More proof of the war on science by conservatives, facts mean nothing, businesses are the true prophets of science, the same ones who brought you healthy cigarettes, a hole in the ozone, and caught the rivers on fire.

"We are hopelessly unable to do anything" is a cop out to pass the buck and bury your head in the sand.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Last year Australia had their hottest summer ever, this year they are breaking all the high temp records from last year. Does that prove global warming? No, it doesn't. The weather in any one part of the world is influenced by many different factors. Global warming is average temperatures across the globe.

@Mountanmann: That lowest temperature ever recorded was in a location with no weather station. It was recorded by satellite in an area that has rarely been observed. Scientist have said it could well have been that cold or colder before. We don't know, because we virtually never check there.

Provo, ut

Facts certainly do get in the way when an agenda is to be religiously held up. I would like to get some real facts but every agency that puts up numbers does so to further their agenda, there is no independent science on this issue because there is money to be made.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Seeing how these "scientists" (AKA "tourists") were dressed, their appearance and age... I wondered if they were global warming groupies.

I suspect they will get back and write all about their dramatic experiences in the rapidly melting ice in the Antarctic.

Somehow they will find a way to make this experience only CONFIRM their suspicions and predictions of Global Warming. That's the way it always works. No matter what happens... it's evidence of Global Warming to them.

Centerville, UT

Just a simple correction, the record temperature recorded in the Antarctic was in August of last year. It was reported one month ago. But the letter writer is commenting on the irony of a ship investigating global warming gets stuck in ice during the warmest period in the Antarctic. More irony, the ice breaker Snow Dragon from China is also stuck in the ice. The Australian ice breaker has been ordered to standby for rescue of the Snow Dragon. In the seventies scientists warned that global cooling would result in extreme weather. Now scientists warn global warming will result in extreme weather. It appears to me extreme weather is not based on global climate. And as all the AGW advocates point out extreme cold does not equate with cooling climate. The same argument applies extreme hot temperatures in localized climates does not equate to global warming. Utah's own climate history was warmer and drier than it now is. Just once would someone tell us the ideal global temperature and why it should have more relevance than any other period in the history of the planet?

Salt Lake City, UT

The willful ignorance and gullibility expressed by this letter is appalling.

Yes, ships can get stuck in the ice in antarctic waters. That has zero to do with global warming.

It's snowing hard back east. That's because this is January. This phenomenon is called "winter."

Rightwing talking heads yukking it up about "so much for global warming!" are just making fools of themselves and their viewers.

Warming oceans pump more energy into the atmosphere, creating more extreme weather. That's a fact.

Meanwhile, Australia is undergoing yet another record hot summer season, glaciers continue to retreat globally, the arctic ice pack is rapidly shrinking, and arctic permafrost is thawing. That's also a fact.

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT

Come on, all you gullible liberals, can't you see that it's all a giant conspiracy. This global warming thing is actually caused by Obamacare. And so is Common Core, and the national debt, and same-sex marriage, and mass shootings. If we just repeal Obamacare, all these evils will go away.

Salt Lake City, UT

Around 40 years for the satellite datasets, 100+ years for the observational ones.

We know that the Earth's tilt and other similar astronomical cycles are on the order of 10,000, 40,000, and 100,000 year cycles, too long to show what we're seeing over 100 years. Likewise CO2 does cycle but over the past half a million years it's gone back and forth from around 200 to 300ppm and that also is a cycle over tens of thousands of years. We're at 400ppm and did that in 200 years.

It's a little difficulty to reject global warming when we are just had a (presumably, since it's 3rd or 4th for Jan-Nov) a top 5 warmest year on record. I do wonder why you'd use one satellite observation (at a location noted by others that has next to no historical record so it may have been colder before and we just didn't know of it) and reject the rest of the dataset.

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . 100 million Americans are dealing with record lows, record snowfall and freezing rain. These are all phenomena that have been predicted for decades by climate scientists."

Yeah, yeah. After predicting for decades that we would all be dead of heat frustration by now.

It's amazing that real scientists let "climate scientists" get away with torqueing their theories. models, and predictions to now assert that validity of their global warming alarmism is proven by widespread global cooling.

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