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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 31 2013 11:30 a.m. MST

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I have to admit that I'm not only tired of Fox News' hyper-partisanship, but MSNBC hyper-partisanship as well. Give it a rest everyone.

Everett, 00

pretty tackless.

Meanwhile --
5 years and counting---
I'm still waiting for apologizes for all those "mocking" comments FoxNews and AM radio have made towards our "black" President.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe if she were a conservative christian white duckhunter instead of a liberal from an interracial family it'd be okay.

Springville, UT

Now if we could only get some folks on Fox to apologize for their statements. Never happens. MSNBC apologizes. CNN apologizes. Fox?

salt lake city, utah

Agreed, not only tackles but very disappointing from someone who should not only know better, but who by instinct should never react that way.

It will be interesting to see what MSNBC does.

Santa Fe, NM

Well, from an objective perspective. 1) It seems the show's moderator did NOT attack the child but that guests made the comments. 2) It is rather cavalier for the Romneys to adopt a black child when their entire family background has no relevance of the needs of that community. I really do not think adoption of a child is like adopting a pet. Of course, there are probably practical motives and considerations behind this adoption, especially if they want to create a political dynasty.

Santa Fe, NM

You do have to admit however. the adoption is pretty bizarre. No? We're not talk pets here, we're talking HUMAN beings. Cultural backgrounds and involvement in a child's life on a deeper level. having money does not make an adoption credible, plausible, or ultimately, do-able. How is this child going to adapt to a lilly-white environ? Sounds weird to me.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Where is Jesse Jackson or that other guy that are always trying to get on tv for issues regarding race? Why aren't they all over this one?

The news anchors would be fired and there would be protests in the streets if the tables were turned.

wj, UT

@ Henry what does this story has anything to do with Fox News?

@ airnaut
"I'm still waiting for apologizes for all those "mocking" comments FoxNews and AM radio have made towards our "black" President." Can you list the examples of what you're referring?

Here are my examples:
1. The libs accused teaparty of being racist but failed to provide any evidence even with $100,000 reward for anyone to produce evidence
2. Obama said if he had a son he will look like Trayvon Martin, but a few months ago 3 black teens were bored and decided to gun down an Australian baseball player in Oklahoma for the heck of it... Obama was no where to be found to claim the likeness of his "if he had a son" to those 3 black teens...

Salt Lake City, UT

This is strange. Yeah, it was a dumb thing to comment on. Martin Bashir made a very bad comment, and he's gone.

But I head every day horrendous comments coming from those on the right. Terrible personal attacks on individuals and groups. Attacks from the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Gutfeld, Palin, duck dynasty dude, etc, and various conservative politicians on the right.

And yet I hear very little blowback against these right wing people. Is it because their nasty comments are so constant, so consistant, that they are just ignored for the most part by the press? The press just figures it for being what it is?

Tooele, UT

Re: "I'm still waiting for apologizes for all those "mocking" comments FoxNews and AM radio have made towards our "black" President."

Which ones, in particular?

I can't think of a one, but then, I'm not as laser focused on race-baiting as are liberals.

It'd be interesting to see if liberals can actually come up with something. Even more interesting if they could come up with something as disgusting as the vile, race, sex and religion-based mockery of Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Artur Davis, Allen West, Mr. Justice Thomas, and nearly every conservative "FoxNews and AM radio" host.

And, BTW, President Obama really is Black. You don't need to place a lower-case description in quotes, as if it's a secret or not really true.

Tooele, UT

Re: "It is rather cavalier for the Romneys to adopt a black child when their entire family background has no relevance of the needs of that community."

-- sigh --

Have liberals really come to that?

Provo, UT

Some of the comments here are way out of line to the ones I read on liberal sites like Yahoo. Almost no one elsewhere is defending MSNBC in any way nor criticizing the Romney's in any way for this innocent Christmas card photo that the press got a hold of. Just sad.


The left has a hard time apologizing. They are not offended by anything they say because it's normal and accepted.

Puyallup, WA

@eisenhower I'm not sure the race of adoptive parents matters. If it did there would be far fewer adoptions in the world. Should we also leave all the girls in China to sit in orphanages unless they can be adopted by Asian parents? What about all the babies in Russia? Do they need to stay they and be raised in their mother country?

If you are an adoptive parent then I don't think you care about the race of the child. I certainly didn't when going through the adoption process. When filling out the adpoption papers you have the chance choose by race.

The love of a parent should be able to transcend the differences of race and cultures.

Phoenix, AZ

"I'm still waiting for apologizes for all those 'mocking' comments FoxNews and AM radio have made towards our 'black' President."

Harry Reid is the only person that I know of who has mocked Barrack Hussein Obama when he said what he said about him... something about being 'light skinned' and 'with no Negro dialect' in private conversations during the 2008 presidential campaign... and for which he later, to his credit, apologized.

Salt Lake City, UT

You want liberals to come up with Fox statements that can be considered offensive towards particular demographics or people? Hmm, I'm going to pick this one since it was at the expense of one of their own employees which is rather unique for Fox offensive statements:

Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade joked that their meteorologist Maria Molina grew up on tacos (it was National Taco Day). Steve Doocy tried to note that she was Columbian. Molina had to correct both because she was born in Nicaragua and tacos aren't a Nicaraguan food.


Interesting that the Romney's adoption of a black child would be anything other than praised by lib's. Isn't it evidence of multicultural success? Even more interesting are comments like the ones made by eisenhower. It appears it is now a sign of racism to be a conservative seeking to breakdown racial barriers by adopting children of other races and providing them with loving, stable homes. Hmmm......

Provo, UT

Another example of the "tolerant" left showing just how intolerant they actually are. They love to scream racism at every turn and display their own racism daily.

Cottonwood, CA

They should yank her off the show,but they are afraid of both her viewers.

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