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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 1 2014 4:00 a.m. MST

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Heber City, UT

"The Blaze and Breitbart are newsworthy sources that I look at and trust every day. Why not quote them?" They are "newsworthy" sources -- meaning they are the subject of real news stories. Usually for providing non-credible "news." Real news sources are not "newsworthy."

Confirmation bias is the #1 problem with news media today. With this "story" the DNews comes close, along with the Blaze, to becoming part of the problem. This story (electronic as it is) is easily updated to include the information about Reagan, or especially a comment about Romney not ever attending a non-Sunday Christmas meeting. But go ahead and keep confirming your readers' biases.

clearfield, UT


I don't think it is a coincidence that the economy under Bush from 2001 to 2008 was doing pretty well. What caused the big downturn of 2008? In my view two things. First it was the result of the unregulated housing market that allowed many unqualified people to buy when they couldn't afford. That policy was begun prior to Bush with Clinton. Second. The Democrats became the money controllers of government starting in 2007, Pelosi and Reid holding the purse strings. Coupled with Obama becoming President in 2009, the Democrats have had much more influence and control than the Republicans during these last 7 years. As for job growth. Most of those jobs are not what one would call career type jobs. Most are low wage, keeping food on the table and rent paid jobs. Not the place we want our economy to be. And unemployment is still around 7%. I won't mention the ones who have quit looking for work.

Anchorage, AK

ute alumni,

In fact, I'd add that Mitt probably missed church less than 18 times in 5 years.

JoeBlow, your comment is irrelevant,
Mitt wouldn't attended church on Christmas day anyway, unless Christmas fell on a Sunday. As Kalinda point out, LDS don't hold Christmas day services unless it falls on Sunday. The Sunday prior, is a Christmas program however. To compare apples to apples, we'd need to know if Mitt attended the Sunday prior to Christmas or not.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@SCfan – “… the economy under Bush from 2001 to 2008 was doing pretty well.

Other than a relatively stagnant stock market and exploding debt… employment rate was good though.

@SCfan - “What caused the big downturn of 2008?... unregulated housing market that allowed many unqualified people to buy when they couldn't afford.”

This is the standard Fox talking point but does nothing to explain why the downturn was global.

The major reason for the downturn is Republican policies (and their cumulative, growing effect) over the last few decades of deregulating Wall Street such that banks, by 2008, were run like casinos.

I would suggest the following reading list to help fill in some of the gaps in your view:

The Myth of the Rational Market
Zombie Economics
The Quants
The Big Short
Bailout Nation
Slapped by the Invisible Hand
House of Cards
Too Big to Fail

And Alan Greenspan’s latest book, if only for his recommendation that we need to drastically increase the capital requirements of investment banks (since they will always by three steps ahead of regulators).

sandy, ut

Mike Richards

He probably likes golf much more then church. Can you blame him? So do I and many others. Shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Nobody is required to go. I'll think of you when I'm out on the course.

sandy, ut


How in the world would you know how many times Mitt Romney attended church? And why would you or anybody else care? What business is it of anybody but him? Should we speculate if he goes to all 3 hours of church, or if he travels on sundays or breaks the word of wisdom too? People need to find something else to occupy their time then worry about the amount of times somebody else went to church.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The Democrats became the money controllers of government starting in 2007, Pelosi and Reid holding the purse strings."

You don't get a crashed economy just because Democrats increased gov't research spending and other little differences in budgetary policy.

"First it was the result of the unregulated housing market that allowed many unqualified people to buy when they couldn't afford. "

And the unregulated banking sector which is largely connected to that housing market. Now... which party is the one that likes having as few regulations as possible on such entities?

Woods Cross, UT

First, the numbers are within the normal range. 4 out of 10 attending church in the last week... it reflects the attendance in my (typical) LDS ward, and the rest of the country over the last 50 years.

Second, meeting attendance in not necessarily a reflection of religiosity. There are differences in attitudes towards attendance/non-attendance between various faiths. Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are big on meetings, Catholics are a bit easier going. Church attendance declined most after the advent of T.V. broadcasts of sporting events on Sunday.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"....Jesus did not call his disciples to be secret service agents."

Jesus instructed his followers to not make his identity known to others. He cautioned them to be discreet, reminding them to be like sheep among wolves. He focused his message on how we humans should behave to each other.

Along came Paul who felt free of restraint in putting his own spin on Jesus. Christianity would soon begin projecting Paul onto Jesus rather than vice versa. The simple integrity of Jesus got lost by the rising Church. We still struggle to get it back.

Ogden, UT

Murray, UT

Why quote The Blaze and Breitbart?

Only reason I can think of is you can find what the Main Stream is not saying and it is the truth.

Whats left NBC who routinely doctors the news?

Harwich, MA

Good for Obama. Not faking religious inclination for the point of political gain is noteworthy.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

There’s nothing particularly commendable about being a regular churchgoer. There's nothing bad about it either. People attend church for reasons that might be sincere or false. They may be among the whited sepulchers Jesus spoke against or among the pure in heart whom he promised would see God. It’s both kind and prudent to not make stereotypical assumptions about people who go to church....or about those who don’t.

Houston, TX

Obviously, Prees. Obama doesn't want to inconvenience the other church-goers with the massive secret service presence that church attendance entails for a President's family. I imagine that it is quite intrusive. No big deal on a golf course, and a real problem if the other church attendees must be screened.

Trumbull, CT

Obama does not attend church because he believes the false hype that he "is the ONE we have been waiting for."

In short, he worships himself!

Provo, UT

I thought we needed to separate politics from religion?

At least, that's what the pro-mitt camp was telling us when anybody brought up his religion.

Now that we're not talking about Mitt, it's all fair game to question and talk about Obama's religion.

What hypocrites.

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