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Published: Monday, Dec. 30 2013 11:25 p.m. MST

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

These game is really making me mad with bad fouls calls n'stuff.

Sweater In Rafters
Franklin, IN

Mark it down...

I'm not going to post any negative comments this year about our old rival. It's more sad...used to be fun...now just sad.

Good luck Cougars

Elk Grove, CA

One word describes how the Cougars are playing, "horrendous." The solution is to let the starters sit the bench and let the backups play until the former decide they want to do the job.

Highland, UT

what makes me mad is the undisciplined play.

Highland, UT

I liked what I saw from Halford in the second half.

Would like to see the guards play better defense. That is the most glaring problem.

I thought Austin & Mika played with great energy and worked hard. The last two fouls on Mika were unlucky- not much there.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

BYU is killing Utah's RPI!!

orem, UT

I wanna new coach. Perhaps Jeff Judkins?

This mess can be left at the coaches feet.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


BYU Forwards and Centers = 13 shots
BYU Guards = 54 shots

Believe me now?

Sorry but unless Rose starts implementing an actual offense instead of the run and chuck, he's going to waste some very good talent both now and in the future.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

If BYU hit one 3 pointer they actually might be heating up. This style of play is not the unexpected anylonger but rather their regular level of play.

Some tough decisions need to be made to get a point guard who can play the point guard position as well as players who can play defense. Which coach, by the way, is responsible for defense. Coach Rose cant do it all.

Omaha, NE

BYU had more rebounds, fewer fouls and fewer turnovers, what they don't have is anyone that can shoot anymore. I think the opponents have all figured out how to defense the Y and looks like a long season. BUT according to the other DN article they got what they wanted more fans that the other team showed up. The way they are playing maybe it is good that only 2700 saw the game.

Lincoln City, OR

Seems like each group of Refs look to see if they can be more shocking with some of their calls than the previous group.

Officiating aside, something really seems wrong with this team... Something much deeper than performance. Truth is that I have never seen a Coach Rose team play this poorly over so many games...

Seems to me that we need to get Kaufusi into a tank top and shorts tomorrow as we are just too thin inside and don't have the athleticism for our Bigs to last an entire game without fouling out...

We continue to shoot poorly from the charity stripe... 66% again... And Collinsworth and Mika chip in with their usual 50% while Bartley the 4th reaches a new low of 25%...

And I don't understand why we don't do something differently on Defense to shut down the 3 point shooting... They almost hit better than we did from outside the arch than we did from the free throw line...

I won't second guess the coach that I respect, but this is shaping up to be a horrible season. Time to do something about it. Even if it's drastic.


It's those PAC-12 refs, and the small gyms, and that every team only plays good against BYU, and.. and..

Stanford and Texas are kicking themselves for losing to an 8-7 last place WCC team.

Reno, NV

With Carlino on the bench in the second half, the frenetic, out of control tempo was kept in check for the most part. The technical on Mika at the end of the game was an indication of how undisciplined this team is. Beyond Tyler Haws, the ability to play on the offensive end in any structured set is questionable. Collinsworth is showing flashes of leadership by his example of composure and focus on the floor. Time will tell...

Kamas/United States, UT

5 individuals, no team. They all are just trying to hit their own shot. This is not the BYU team that we used to know. I think putting Halford in for Carlino would help. We are just like the Nets; 5 people who think they are the best thing since sliced bread. I think Abouo and Hartsock would be the two perfect players for this team. They were unselfish and let Jimmer do his thing. Unfortunately, we got 5 people on the court who THINK they are Jimmer.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

If a basketball player wants to have a fun Mormon college experience and maybe even be the big man on campus then I completely get whey he'd go to BYU.
If you're a shooting guard or a small forward, I totally get why you'd have fun playing in a Dave Rose coached offense.
If you're a point guard, power forward or center with basketball aspirations beyond college ball, I question why you'd have any desire to go to BYU. This offense won't develop skills for players in these positions and certainly won't display the skills that NBA scouts want to see.
Poor Mika ... this kid is a very good talent but most of his scoring opportunities seem to be coming on his own offensive rebounds.
And Frank Jackson, a talented high school sophomore point guard,may want to rethink his commitment. That kid has a lot of potential and I'm sure he'll have a lot of other suitors that could help him develop an NBA game if he gives one of them the chance.

South Jordan, UT

At this point, it seems certain that if the Cougs finish above .500, Dave Rose will have done his best coaching job thus far at BYU.

Idaho Falls, ID

Can you say UNRAVELLING?

WCC teams have BYU figured out and it is a bloody feeding frenzy.

This team has lots of problems but Rose was right about one of them--this team has lost all confidence.

South Jordan, UT



Can't make this up. Tide is changing in Provo?

Northern, UT

This team is so disappointing.

Can't shoot FT's
Can't play half-court offense
Can't play consistent defense

I know all my "true-blue" brethren will say I'm negative and comment on, "how hard the boys played". Or "how proud we are of the team" but the fact is, this team is being forced fed into something they are not. They should focus more on team, rotating defense than running and gunning, since it seems that every opponent has figured that out.

West Point , UT

This is all a head scratcher for me. It's not like this team lacks talent, but they have played with no heart or discipline these last 5-6 games. I've decided it's a lack of leadership. Who's the floor general on this team? Who do guys look to when the chips are down? Carlino has to be one of the least efficient and ineffective leaders I've ever seen at pg for BYU. This is shaping up to be a long season.

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