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Published: Monday, Dec. 30 2013 7:31 p.m. MST

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Cleveland, OH

We no Have enough a good patriot honest Lawyer, Guy must trike down, one time and forever, a solution is purge all judges State and federal, only judges who Obey and enforce very clear all laws can be in power, all another fired and quit his or her Law license. Very small minority of mental disturbing can have no right. We need start clean of any mental American take out street.
Voter have more power who any judge.

nampa, ID

Sorry, but you can't say where your tax money goes, on an individual basis. If that were the case, many of the U.S. Citizens would demand that certain things NOT be covered, out of personal beliefs: no abortions paid for by tax dollars, no benefits to illegal aliens, no welfare for those ABLE to work but just don't feel like it. Oh yes, and no tax dollars going to sex-change operations to prisoners.

Since the Constitution of the United States was founded on CHRISTIAN beliefs and principles, it would, therefore, be unconstitutional to support anything other than marriage between a man and a women, since that is the law of God.

Patchogue, NY

Jon Huntsman deserves some credit for this shift, having pushed for civil unions four years ago as Governor when a majority of Utahns were opposed to the idea. He, like few others, represents where the party needs to be to remain viable into the future.

Huntsman 2016.

San Diego, CA

@Ernest T Bass,

I agree with you that this is a lost cause and it will probably pass a SCOUS test.

The question for me though is why can two adults marry, hetero o homo, but not 4 or 5 or 20 in a polygamous or polyandrous marriage? Why is this definition of marriage changed to include gay men, for example, marrying but not Brady and his five wives.

It would appear that no one considers the banning of polygamy in all 50 states to be discriminatory because only some fundamentalist mormons, some muslims hindu or african families are affected but its OK to change the definition of marriage for two men or two women to marry.

If it's OK to allow two dudes to marry legally with a licence because they love each other and smile during their wedding photos then it should be OK for Brady (or others like him) to marry his five loving wives since they too can smile for the cameras during their polygamists marriage ceremony.

Coralville , IA

So, Utah, why is defeating gay marriage worth $2 million+ ?

Here's is a survey dug up from 2005 (and, btw., to the "55%" in that survey I say: You just outed yourselves!):

"In a 2005 paper in the Journal of GLBT Family Studies, University of Utah researchers Emma Gross and Edward Cahoon Byrnes suggest a uniquely Mormon reason Utahans are so nervous about gay people:

"Utahans appear to worry that homosexual youth will try to recruit heterosexual youth to homosexuality…For example, [of 521] respondents, 55.3 percent [believe] that “when gays and lesbians are involved in any organization there is a risk that they will influence youths to become gay or lesbian.” Significantly, Mormons grow their religion by extensive, aggressive proselyting. Mormon youth serve two years as missionaries whose primary function is to convert others to Mormonism. Interestingly, focus group discussions indicate that there is a connection that exists between the society’s religious preoccupation with conversion, to which Mormon youth are socialized, and the widespread perception that homosexual youth are somehow similarly committed to recruiting."

Italy, 00

This is a real battle and they will need the best fighters! This vile attack against democracy must be defeated to give a precedent and an example to every one! Moreover, the definition of marriage must be defended to the very last moment! Marriage is between a man and a woman!

Disgusted American
deptford, NJ

awe you poor dears...all verklempt, do you need "fainting couches"??? Guess what - how has anyone whose MARRIED Affected YOU????? HINT: They HAVEN'T!

Salt Lake City, UT

These tired old talking points "Utah's voter-approved constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman", Let's be truthful "Utah's voter-approved constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman as being unconstitutional, unfair, discriminatory, hateful and bigoted." They seem to think that "voter approved" makes it right. It doesn't, it just makes the voters look bad. Stop making the voters look like twisted bigoted hateful people, stop reminding us of this tragic mistake of 2004 and let's move forward.

Springville, UT

So the new AG wants to spend who knows how much to fight what has to be a losing battle, and he refuses to tell us who is representing the state? What is going on? The veil of secrecy must come to an end in that office. Haven't we suffered enough?

W Jordan, UT

A hispanic brother huh?
Finally a hispanic conservative man who thinks for himself and chooses how to think politicallly instead of being told what to think politically based on his race.
Before you call me a racist be advise that I'm hispanic my self.

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

By appealing to the Supreme Court I firmly believe this will make it a State's right to decide the future of homosexual marriage.

John 3:16
West Jordan, UT

A SIN will ALWAYS be a SIN even if the laws of the land legalize gay marriage.

Federal Way, WA

This is going to be a $2 million waste of tax payers money. And some of the comments here show how little people understand the US Constitution and how it currently protects them as US citizens in a state. It was not written with only Christian values in mind but written to protect the minority and people from a government tyranny that would make religion the reason for policy and thereby harming a class of people.

The allowing of Gay marriage has not hurt anyone in the state. Show me someone that's been hurt from this. You won't find any. The only people you're wanting to hurt are the gay people who marry because they have great love for their spouse partner.

Kaysville, UT

I applaud Mr. Reye's actions in bringing in "experts". There are so many facets of law, an attorney is not expected to be at the top of every game. Come on people, if you need brain surgery, you probably won't have your GP perform it. And good luck to those fighting this battle to preserve the quality of life in Utah as defined by the majority that believes God defined marriage as a contract between one man and one woman. We are bound to fight this battle to uphold His will.

Kearns, UT

I would recommend that we all stop worrying about other people's sins and focus on how we can improve ourselves. Perhaps it's more love and charity that we need. Maybe we need to be more forgiving of others. On this day when we put our old faults behind and set goals for improvement, I suggest we all work on ways how we can get along in this state in spite of our differences.

I suggest we all pray for understanding, empathy, and charity. We need to look out for and be kinder to everyone in this state.

Glendale, CA

I am disappointed the conservative legislators just dont stick to their values and reduce government waste. But I am glad this very important question is finally going to be brought to the SCOTUS. Then maybe Utah can take credit and is doing a favor for the remaining 32 states which will finally be told they cannot discriminate against gays and lesbians. I guess it has to happen somewhere.

Here, UT

@I know it. I Live it. I Love it;

You can vote on my marriage the day I get to vote on yours. Otherwise, you should MYOB. God didn't give you the right to discriminate against your fellow citizens; Jesus TOLD you to treat others are you want to be treated.


Your god doesn't get to say who marries in this country and who doesn't.

@Hank Jr;

Appealing to the SCOTUS could backfire on the LDS church run Utah legislature and make same-sex marriage the law of the land. That'll really suck for you, having to marry a gay guy.

@John 3:16;

Blah, blah, blah. Haven't we heard enough about *sin* to turn our stomachs yet?

Apollo Beach, FL

Here you are wrong. I am not for or against gay marriage, but the LGBT community has hurt a number of people and continue to hurt and sue individual business owners who would like to be able to run their business by the way that they believe. Why is it not okay for a person of any faith or religion or race or color to say that in their store they will not service a particular person. This should be their right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Yet the LGBT community is not willing to be told no and go to another person. I could understand if they had no other choices, but a cake decorator or a flower shop please. Go to one of your LGBT friends who own a shop and leave the Christians alone.

Salt Lake City, UT

PhotoSponge: "Since the Constitution of the United States was founded on CHRISTIAN beliefs and principles, it would, therefore, be unconstitutional to support anything other than marriage between a man and a women, since that is the law of God."

Faulty premise, meet faulty conclusion.

Scottsdale, AZ

Here in Arizona we have an elected Attorney General who has personally argued cases before a federal Circuit Court of Appeals. But then, appellate practice experience should not be a mandatory requirement for the job. The AG supervises other lawyers who represent the state. And of course, he or she tries to recruit the best lawyers who have chosen public service.

Let's consider how that recruiting will work. "We need you to work in local courts for convictions in misdemeanor crimes, and civil cases involving tax controversies," the AG might say. "You won't have to worry about career advancement, because if anything difficult comes up, we'll trust it to outside law firms whose partners make much more money than you ever will."

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