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Appellate attorney predicts resolution could be reached by spring

Published: Monday, Dec. 30 2013 5:55 p.m. MST

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Martha Newman
Utah, UT


The constitution doesn't apply to everyone. Ever hear of regulating who can own guns?

Martha Newman
Utah, UT

The issue really comes down to the 10th Amendment, not the 14th. Saying marriage is a fundamental right is not enough to overturn state definitions of marriage. Why because the SCOTUS ruled this past summer that states define marriage. Now it can be hollered all day long that banning same sex marriage has to be done on the basis of legitimate reason, there is one. The voters accepted the state's definition of marriage. How does the SCOTUS defend Heller (gun case) that says you can't ban an entire class of guns because people like to use them (handguns) while saying you can ban an entire class of guns (sawed off shotguns). The SCOTUS is setting themselves as the definer of marriage while saying that is the state's duty. Sexual Orientation is not a basis to ban marriage, really, what about pedophiles (not comparing gays to pedophiles). Sexual orientation is allowed if it is merely consenting adults? So if you are sexually attracted to your sister and you are an adult, marry away? Either states define marriage or they don't, period.

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