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Published: Monday, Dec. 30 2013 4:50 p.m. MST

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Is not Peavler entitled to her educated opinion? Of course, compared to the expert commentators herein I suppose we all ought to keep our yappers shut. As an acknowledged spectator and knowing little about the inner workings of this team I, too, think she hit it on the head. Countless times, Hill was forced to scramble, and get the pass off to avoid a sack,
throw it away or eat it resulting in being sacked way too many times. That, my friends, has nothing to do with special teams, defense, lack of reading defenses, or myraid other factors that happen in every ball game played across this great land.

North Salt Lake, UT

Saying BYU is a few adjustments and an offensive line away from being a big time player is like saying a Toyota Corolla is a few adjustments and a new engine away from being a Ferrari. There is much more that needs to happen to make the jump to big-time college football. Being "big-time" is not only a question of wins and losses. It's also about the quality of the opponents you beat. I doubt anyone considers Northern Illinois to be a big-time program even though they they won a lot this past season. BYU will be "big-time" again when they start winning big games and they won't do that anytime soon until the coaches learn to prepare and coach their team in big games. This past season was a major dissapointment in that regard in my opinion.

Frisco, TX

This is one of the few times I agree with Ute trolls. "Prime time" to me is a consistent Top 10 performer for a couple of years. Alabama, Oregon, Stanford, Ohio State are Prime Time; BYU is not.

However, I do believe BYU will improve next year. The schedule is easier than this year, and only slightly tougher than a MWC schedule. This years schedule was comparable to most BCS schedules.

On a scale of 1 to 10, here's how I would evaluate BYU the past two seasons and next.

Offense: 2012: 4, 2013: 5 (6 in Oct and Nov), 2014: 7 (Hill will be much improved.)
Defense: 2012: 9, 2013: 8, 2014: 6 (DBs will be better, D line and LB will not)
Special Teams: 2012: 3, 2013: 5, 2014: 5 (Hine is the only bright spot I see)

We need to be 8 - 10 for a couple of years in each category to be Prime Time.

With that said, 9 or 10 wins is likely in 2014. 11 or 12 would be a good season. 8 or less wins and it's time to shake up more than the coaches on offense.

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

Of course you have the steady stream of Ute fans that read EVERYTHING about the Cougars…Come on guys, it wasn't that long ago you had winning seasons. You remember what that felt like? We have had a few weak years, but our seasons haven't been total busts. Do you really feel good about a tough schedule and a nice long series of losing seasons? what is your PAC12 record so far? Point to BYU and Stanford again and everyone will puke. At best you will be a "spoiler" to better teams, year in and year out.

Provo, UT

BYU has a decent chance to run the table in the regular season. They have picked a good time to play UConn, Cal and Boise on the road. They have avoided the Utes and got the Aggies at home. I really don't see anyone they shouldn't beat. They'll probably mess up a time or two but on paper BYU should go 12-0, maybe 11-1 worst case with that schedule. The bigger question is how good will the Cougars be when it comes to the bowl game?

Max for President
Brighton, MA

There are a couple of other adjustments I'd make:
1: Bring back receiver coach Ben Cahoon. His receivers were mentally strong with soft hands. Drops were extremely rare.
2: Bring in a true quarterback development coach for Hill. Hill could be phenomenal, but his passing accuracy and vision still need much polishing. Drain the coffers to get Ty Detmer here...even if it's just a one-on-one camp with the guy over the Spring and Summer.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

It all depends on what Mr. Peavler means by Prime Time. With the playoff starting next year, this is a bad time of have a soft schedule. While I agree BYU is primed to have another 10 win season with the opponents on the schedule in 2014, strength of schedule will keep them from even sniffing the playoffs and will make it hard to even get into the top 15.

Keller, TX

Check your facts, Yeck played no more than 2 series, So how could they constantly get around him when he wasn't even in the game. Next, over the course of the season, how many of those sacks were because a scrambling Hill couldn't read a defense, or make a decision to throw the ball, got caught behind the line when he scrambled. It wasn't till late in the season when Hill actually learned to step into the pocket to buy time. even still, if you hold the ball all day you're bound to get sacked. Sure the O-line needs some consistency, but you're drinking cool-aid if you try to place this at the O-lines feet

West Jordan, UT

Truth is truth, BYU does not have the athletes to be a top team and they are not going to get the athletes to be a top team. That type of player does not want to come to BYU.

The same can be said about Utah, they are not going to get the athletes needed to be a top team. Top athletes do not want to come to Utah. Both teams will be able to come up with a good year occasionally but they will never be able to compete at a consistent high level. If you were a true blue chip player and have a choice between Utah or USC which one would you chose? BYU's only hope in that case is if the kid is Mormon but even then chances are good that the kid would chose USC because USC brings the greater exposure. And if the SEC came calling...


I thought this was a great assessment. The years BYU has been great have been when they have dominant 0-line play. Easier said than done and it's difficult to turn around in one yr. One improvement would be to bench Yeck. I'd be curious how many of those sacks were given up by him alone. 2J as a coach will be great. The fact that one of the best O-line recruits has BYU in his top 3 is a good sign.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: Objectified
the Y did play a tougher schedule than any Utah has ever had prior to this season. Ever!

This is not true at all. It was very over-hyped. BYU played a few decent teams, but they will be lucky if any of them end up in the top 25.
Who on BYU's schedule was really that good. Wisconsin was ok, but they played a very easy schedule and didn't beat anyone good.

In 2008 Utah beat 4 teams that FINISHED the season in the top 25 (2 teams that ended in the top 10 (TCU and Alabama).

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: Objectified
Trying so hard to trash BYU also minimizes the Utes single score win over them.

BYU hasn't beaten Utah by more than a single score since 1996.

Draper, UT

This article is a joke. I am a BYU fan, but even the bluest of us can see this is wishful thinking. Coach Anae still doesn't know how to run an offense. It's just a different version of the ineffective offense he had before. Go fast, go hard. Run a play ever 19 seconds. Who cares if it doesn't put points on the board? There is a lack of creativity offensively. The O-line is very poor. Receivers aren't open because the scheme doesn't get them open.

Bottom line, after 9 years of Coach Mendenhall, we know what we're going to get. 1-2 starts, always losing to a team they shouldn't (Virginia this year), generally beating who you should, losing to good teams, always losing to Utah. If anyone thinks it will be different, you're dreaming. On a positive note, the program is clean. Beyond that, it's not that fun to watch as it's become a very boring brand of football. Sure would be fun to believe the Cougs always had a chance like the days when Lavell was there.

St Louis, MO

As a life-long Y fan, these articles ceased to excite me a long time ago. It's always "IF we had this," or "IF we had that." Saying "If we had a dominant offensive line, we'd be really good" is almost like saying "If Tim Tebow had elite arm-strength and accuracy, he might land a starting job in the NFL." Hey, if I were 6' 9" and had a 45" vertical, I might have a shot at playing pro hoops.

I hope we can catch lightning in a bottle one of these years, and it will eventually happen, but to expect consistent elite play from a school with the unique environment and requirements of BYU is naive.

California Cougar
Anaheim, CA

We only need one "adjustment" to become prime time.....

Not O-line improvement, not coaching changes, not creative offensive. The only adjustment needed is to move to the FCS!

Look out Montana, South Dakota State and Sam Houston State, the Prime Time Cougars are coming!

Anchorage, AK

Slight adjustments???

Lets see: 1) Where is this new offensive line coming from? 2) Play calling - Anae was very predictable, especially on first down...is he gonna make adjustments? 3) Will Hill magically learn how to hit an open receiver?, 4) Will that open receiver hold on to the ball?, 5) As big as the church is in Central America, you would think BYU could find a soccer play that kick a football thru some uprights and deep into the end zone, 6) I don't care how good Bronco is with a defense, you have to have the personnel...who will replace the excellence of the departing seniors?

The writer is hallucinating if he thinks it's only a 'slight' adjustment that's needed. Counting your chickens before they're hatched (easy schedule) doesn't work - just ask Alabama.

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