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Published: Monday, Dec. 30 2013 4:50 p.m. MST

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Herriman, UT

"Prime Time" HAHA... You mean 10:30 est vs Idaho State, on ESPN News Right?

Surfers Paradise, AU

Being able to throw the ball to open receivers is more than an adjustment. Either you have that skill, or you don't. TH can get the rock to a girl and have her catch it, but the football is an entirely different thing. Also, being able to run block is also more than an "adjustment". Lastly, what would you call untimely penalties?

Aberdeen, ID

yeah they should be good, but when they use 6 of the possible 19 practices that the NCAA allows, and then show up totally unprepared and with a big slow start, not impressed….; If you're tired, let someone take over who's not. Plus they totally change the kickoff team with players that couldn't tackle and it changed the game.. Hard work is hard to beat… most coaches in college football use those practices to prepare young talent for the following year, that tells you more about the direction of the program than anything else..

St George, Utah

Sorry, but nobody is buying this garbage anymore.

The problem is and always has been COACHING.
We could have a roster loaded with 5-star Blue chip athletes and it wouldn't matter with Bronco at the helm.

Phoenix, AZ

If the definition of 'prime time' is a top 25 ranking than I agree. I think an improved O-line would have gotten BYU 2 maybe 3 more wins this year and that would put BYU on the cusp of a top 25 ranking.

If 'prime time' is Top 10 (which I personally believe), then BYU is much further away. I think that would take the same improved O-line, more talented depth as a team, and at least two more outstanding skill players on both offense and defense (in addition to players like Cody Hoffman and KVN).

Reality Bites
Stansbury Park, UT

Success is always just around the corner, right? Or next year, or when these guys get back from missions, or when this recruit comes, or when this or that happens. Well, the problem is that when you keep going around corners, you're really just going in circles. Recruiting will continue to be a problem, and that's where the issue lies. Takes more than a few adjustments and an offensive line to return to "Prime Time," whatever that means. Must be double-speak for National Championships, which won't happen this century.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Uteology
I agree that BYU is a long ways off but BYU has a pretty good recruiting class this year when compared you Utah. Check out ESPN
I think both Utah schools are way off.
Rumor has it Frison may flip his commitment to Oklahoma.

Phoenix, AZ

Sports Nutz

"OK, I will play along. The Jazz are just a few players away from winning the NBA Championship. Who has next?"

Alright, here's my attempt...The Arizona Cardinals are few games away from winning the Super Bowl.

Next up???

Central, UT


I noticed that you said 'top 25 ranking' and not top 25 team. Thank you for understanding the difference.

Layton, Utah

The writer forgot to add a new head coach to that list of adjustments.

Layton, Utah

Still better than 5-7 LOL and no bowl game

Phoenix, AZ

No more hype for me, thank you. I've had my fill from Utah schools saying they are going to do this or that. I cite Utah football is going to win the PAC 12 and go to the Rose Bowl. I cite BYU's winning a national championship. I cite BYU basketball insisting they are going to make it to the big dance. I would say that the only team that has at least talked some of the talk was Utah State. But even they couldn't beat a subpar Utah/BYU football program and has lost to both BYU and Utah in basketball. Oh wait, not Utah this year. This was the year Utah was too chicken to play Utah State in basketball and instead played the powerhouses of Grand Canyon University, Lamar, Savannah State, and Fresno State.

So no more hype. Start doing the talking on field and court or keep your mouth shut. Make goals for yourself and your team, but keep them to yourself and your team.

Just Smiling

Seriously? Bingham High would have a 10 game winning season with this 2014 schedule.Can we give it a rest talking about BYU and national championships. Washington showed what would happen if BYU were in the PAC-12.

Tooele, UT

What's more comical than the article itself is seeing how quickly any article on BYU brings out the anti-Y Ute fans throwing all their negative darts around... hoping to find anything that will stick. Why is it that such Ute fans spend more time and energy on BYU articles than on their own Ute articles?

@ Uncle Rico:

Trying so hard to trash BYU also minimizes the Utes single score win over them. But the truth is, the Y did play a tougher schedule than any Utah has ever had prior to this season. Ever! Even tougher than Utah's schedule last year that left them with a losing record. And BYU was literally just a few plays away from being 10-2 with that schedule. By your reasoning, the BYU "trash" schedule, as you put it, means that Utah has actually had nothing but trash schedules prior to this season.

To put a few things back into some perspective, Texas (whom BYU beat worse than any of their team did) was just one win away from being their conference runner-up.
Boise State, whom BYU handily beat, was the runner up in their division of their conference.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

The only trouble is that nobody will notice if BYU is an elite team based on next year's schedule which is frankly the easiest they have had in awhile. That's the trouble with being an independent.

Provo, UT

I hope it is more than a few adjustments.... BYU played horrible in all the "big" games. They HAVE to start scoring when they get to the red zone and start getting motivated to play tough.

Provo, UT

An O-line. Who needs one of those?

Syracuse, UT

This article makes me Lafe.

BeSmart, please try. I took your advice and checked out ESPN and found that BYU has 3 recruits rated 78 or better while Utah has 7. Actually, the only recruiting service that has BYU ahead of Utah is Scout: BYU 2.69 star average to Utah's 2.67. "BYU has a pretty good recruiting class this year when compared you Utah." LOL really? Check out 247, they rate BYU at 82.53 while rating Utah's class at 83.77.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

This guy is obviously completely objective, just like all Dnews writers, and spot on. byu is going to absolutely dominate next year.

Rifle, CO

How can everyone claim next year's schedule is weak before you even get to it. Everyone claimed this season's schedule was the toughest ever. It wasn't even close to last year's. The real measure of the schedule is how all the opponent's finish the season. This past season the only top 25 team that BYU will have played is probably going to be Wisconsin. Norte Dame might slip there after the season ends. That is only two top 25 opponents. Last year we faced 5 teams that finished in the top 25.

Don't start judging a schedule until at least hAlf way through the actual season. If we would have had UCF on the schedule this year no one would have thought of it as a great opponent but they ended up in a BCS game.

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