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Published: Sunday, Dec. 29 2013 9:50 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

This would be money well spent! I'm happy to contribute. If some people don't want their taxes going towards it, tough.

I don't like my taxes going to many things they do

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Let's see? $2 million can be spent fighting a losing battle to dictate to adults how to live, who they can love and if they can marry or maybe it could be spent on schools, clean air projects or public safety?

I guess that part of the Declaration of Independence that says "all men are created equal
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that are among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness " doesn't apply to Gay and Lesbian couples. It used to apply to a black person who wanted to marry a white so why not to a man who wants to marry a man.

Bigotry is bigotry no matter what religion you try to hide behind. Marriage licenses are not issued by any church they're issued by the government, just like drivers licenses and dog licenses. Creating a class of people who somehow don't merit the same rights as the rest of the nation is simply wrong. It's not up to the federal government to enforce your religious beliefs.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I remember once seeing a booth for the ACLU at the neighborhood party at Liberty Park on July 24th. They had a bumper sticker which expresses a view that the Utah legislature, attorney general and Governor Herbert seem to be following: "The price for liberty is eternal vigilance".

If we can make the argument that the states requirements for getting a married are preventing people who don't meet those requirements from getting married then we can apply that argument to anything.

I am not a veteran, it is a violation of my due process and 14th amendment rights to not be able to receive veterans benefits.

I am not a retiree, I am being discriminated against because I cannot receive social security.

We should ger rid of a progressive income tax because it discriminates against people who make more money. We need to have a flat tax.

Equality under the law.


Well who are the rockstar attorneys UT will hire to defend Amendment 3? One would think they would've hired them to begin with. Have any states successfully defended similar legislation?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

As soon as liberals fight for polygamists right to marry then I will be a little more open to their claims they are fighting discrimination and not just changing the line of who it's ok to discriminate against.

Wilf 55

How will Utah and the Mormon Church continue to be portrayed in news around the world? Shelby's decision was world news in a mixed sense: delight that Utah made a big step forward in tolerance, but also the concern that the Mormon Church and its political influence would fight it. It would do much good for the image of Utah and the Church if the matter would not be pursued. In the long run, same-sex marriage will become a non-issue, accepted by all. Spare us a long and painful fight that will only negatively reflect on the state and the church.

get her done
Bountiful, UT

It appears that as time passes and the gays that got married are not disrupting anything in our society, and that pursuing this appeal to the highest court for 2-10 million dollars is a waste of time. It appears that vengeance and hate are the motivations for those that want this appeal. Utah is going to become, in the history books, the gay marriage capital of the world. How could anyone ever again take the church serious. First BY and race, then polygamy, ERA, blacks, prop 8, and now the gay marriage. How silly we look to the real world. We are going to loose this appeal, and have additional egg on our face. Gay marriage is equal protection and civil rights, and is coming to all the United States and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Bob K
porland, OR

Most of the commentters have got it right.

By forcing it to the Supreme Court, the likely outcomes are:

1- Utans will look petty, unprogressive, and ruled by the church, even more than now.

2- If the Court decides to hear the case, there is NO evidence to make them overturn the Amendment, and they might well go ahead and declare marriage equality for all 50 States.
This would produce for Utah and the lds a tremendous amount of criticism from the evangelicals and Bible Belters.

As for the cost, good attorneys are worth it, but good attorneys were paid to defend Prop 8 and DOMA. Perhaps some of you think that there is magic to be worked by crafty lawyers, but, in this case, only waste and creation of more division in the country can ensue.

I have been saying all week that the lds church ought to suggest to the Governor to let this go. No one is going to sue to be married in the temples, you know, and the showing of grace and acceptance by the church in a civil matter will be good for all concerned.

Miss Piggie
Phoenix, AZ

"I guess that part of the Declaration of Independence that says 'all men are created equal
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that are among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness' doesn't apply to Gay and Lesbian couples."

Why just limit your 'pursuit of happiness' to gay and lesbian couples? Why aren't you supporting all other marriage arrangements such as polygamy and incest? Don't they have a right to be happy and fulfilled? Shouldn't they have your support as well?


The LDS and Catholic churches and individual contributions that should foot the bill because whatever secular guise the state of Utah tries to apply we all know that it's really a matter of religion and trying to impose certain religious standards on all of society.

And we also know up front that it's a total waste of money and effort.

This state and this country has huge problems. Gay marriage is not one of them. If gay marriage offends God then I'm more than happy to leave the remedy up to Her.

Wilson, WY

Joseph Smith, Jr. said "the truth will cut its own way" and so it will. Utah once again will be on the wrong side of history. Idaho & Nevada are two states which will soon be seeing marriage equality. Oregon is another state in the works. Marriage Equality will be the law of the land & the rising generations will wonder what in the world all the fuss was about and look back at the mean, bigoted, hurtful, holier than thou statements that have been thrown at the LGBT community with shock and dismay. They will ask why in the world previous generations could be filled with such hate toward a portion of God's children who are different. This too shall pass and "we will be citizens" (a quote from Prior Walter the star of Angels in America) and we are taking our place as full and responsible citizens of our nation. We belong to your wards, your stakes, we teach your children, we cook your food, fly your planes, police your streets. There are hundreds of thousands of us raising incredible families too.

New York, NY

Please don't waste taxpayer money on this (and yes, though I live out of state I am a Utah taxpayer too). Let the Sutherland Institute foot the bill for what will surely be a losing fight. There may be some back and forth on appeal based on the standard used to make the decision at the district court level, but ultimately Windsor is the writing on the wall and I don't see Utah winning this fight. Agree that the AG's handling of it so far has been pretty bad, but it's also a very hard law to justify or defend from a legal/constitutional standpoint given the precedent).

Provo, UT

Appalling that many Utahans thought they could create an amendment that ignores the 14th Amendment and "the Full Faith and Credit" Clause. We cannot get around them. I hope someone in the attorney general's office informs the governor that the state can spend a lot of its money defending this amendment in courts -- and they will lose.

Those who consider a traditional marriage amendment so important should have worked to amend the federal constitution -- not the state constitution.

Long live A 14.

Glendale, AZ

I am not a resident of UT, but if I was, I would be all for this fight and urging the governor to sign off on it. I totally disagree with some of you who are members of the church who say to roll over, play dead, don't fight it, and even agreeing with those who are for SSM, saying that it "doesn't hurt anybody." It does, and you and others are blind to the truth, but such are the latter days. And as a side note, the Church is not concerned with how it is perceived in defending traditional marriage, nor should it be.

Lord Avenue
Ilford, UK, 00

As an outsider from England, a country where gay marriage has already passed in law, this is how I predict it will develop. Steadily, homosexual couples will become a rich and powerful elite. As they cannot have children except by artificial means, few will have children and, as children are expensive and time-consumimg to raise, homosexual couples will be better off and have more time to lobby for their interests. How will a homosexual-influenced society develop? It will promote the idea that the difference between the sexes is minor (and will ignore the fact that we differ by one whole chromosome). Normal couples struggling to raise children will look to those organizations that support the traditional family for support. The Mormon Church and other religious groups that have firm beliefs will prosper. In time, a deep resentment will develop against privileged homosexuals who have insisted on the redefinition of marriage. Conflict will develop and, to everyone's surprise, the Mormon Church will defend homosexuals from persecution because they see every human being as a Child of God. That is my prediction.

Salt Lake, UT

Chris says it's okay for tax dollars to go to this.

If I were a business owner looking to relocate to Utah, I would pause to consider other states after this action. Why?

1. Utah doesn't believe in it's own people: Utah government is hiring OUTSIDE council from another state to fight for the state of Utah. Thats 2 Million Dollars that could be used for improving the community I want to relocate my business to, or improve high school graduation scores or retention, and the list goes on.

2. Utah is looking to protect a bigoted law that could harm my business from hiring the right people. If I look at a really qualified candidate and it comes down to hiring the best, and he or she happens to be gay and married in another state, I have to go to the next person who isn't as qualified. So I am downgrading my quality to protect a bigoted law?

Consider the business culture in Utah. Consider supporting your people instead of throwing money out of the state.

Ogden, UT

Chris B - I'm curious. If you prevail in the fight to deny civil rights to the LGBT community, to whom will you want to deny rights next? Whose rights will you want to take away?

This decision does not in fact take away anything from you -- why do you want to do that to anyone else?

Los Angeles, CA

How stupid to fight a lost cause when there are so many needy people in de state of Utah. I bet the authors of the big broadway hit "the book of Mormon" are already writing an update! Lets hope your prophet has a revelation soon just like years ago when AfricanAmericans became at last acceptable to your church.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Good for you Governor Herbert. To throw good taxpayer money after what is a loss cause seems to me to a waste. On that grounds alone, we should avoid hiring outside counsel. On moral grounds, I understand that many citizens see this issue differently. I am one who feels that all should have the right to marry despite gender, race, or even numbers. I get that others don't feel that way. In the end, I think this is a decision that has already been made in this country and, Utah should simply avoid the losing battle.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

The GOP is made up of two conflicting groups -- social conservatives and business. Sadly, the gay marriage issue will now dominate Utah and its GOP, sidelining the more critical need for kickstarting Utah's economy, creating jobs, and attracting business to our fair state. Instead, the ongoing negative news stories out of Utah will center on the state's fight against a tiny minority of people's right to love and marry one another -- which will chase industry and economic opportunity away.

The GOP needs to split up so that its more moderate, pro-business wing can pursue its economic prosperity agenda and not get mired into the bigoted, anti-business agenda of social conservatives.

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