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Published: Monday, Dec. 30 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

you forgot the Benghazi lie + the IRS audit lie + all the rest.... The health care lie was just the latest of a long long list ..... Barack Obama has been a lie ...his entire presidency and the expected thing now is that whatever the man says or does IS a lie. Sorry Bob Bennett but you don't recover from that by offering some half hearted politically lame half truth. The integrity and honor of the man are long long gone and you would be hard pressed to find even a Democrat who would believe the man on anything. His tactics are all so familiar now ...lie then blame others then go on MSNBC and offer some excuse ....but NO admittance of guilt and no come-clean moment. Never.

Springville, UT

Bob, your party should not be obstructionists. Allow the President to not have to fight so hard just to get even the simple things, some of which are the ideas of the GOP. I remember dealing with you directly where I asked you to oppose the Clinton Adminstration on a matter. You declined, even though you could have scored some political points. Your honor, allowing the President of the opposing party to lead and govern, took priority. Sadly, your political party has refused to follow your honorable example during the entire Obama Administration, from the very beginning. They have refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of this President, and refused him even a honeymoon period. The Republicans squandered the chance to allow America the opportunity to move forward more than it has. Despite, this, the economy is doing pretty good - the financial markets have had their best year in 15 years, which, incidentally, is when Clinton was President. Yes, there have been some stumbles by the Obama Administration, but overall, it has beed doing a good job, and it would be nice if the GOP would put America ahead of their own political interests.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

@ Esquire. Obstructionists? What has the GOP stopped Obama from doing? Bailouts, tax increases, Obamacare (numerous versions), defeat of the DOMA, "stimulus packages", denial, stonewalling and cover-ups of numerous scandals, increases of the national debt ceilings, nuclear option in the Senate. The GOP is the opposition party, their job is to oppose, its the way we do government in a free country, not in a dictatorship! But the GOP has failed to stop anything Obama has desired! Incidentally, have you checked Obama's approval numbers from several recent polls? Americans are not liking the results of Obama's "successes".

Mark l

Interesting that these days there is a call for a President to apologize and earn back the trust of the people. About forty years ago the call was to impeach the President and force him from office over lies.

Murray, UT

Yes but Mark, no one wants to be labeled a racist, which is what would happen to anyone who dared suggest this president should suffer equal ramifications for lying.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Is there anyone, Democrat or Republican, who will not admit that Obama has lied - repeatedly? Even some news media are beginning to report his lies.

I think that Bob Bennett is asking the wrong question. He assumes at a "liar" can somehow win back trust without repairing the damage that was caused by those lies. Has Obama sent a check to every family in America for $2,500 PER YEAR? That was a promise he made about ObamaCare's cost. He told us that we would save $2,500 per year. Has Obama found a way to insure that every America who wants to keep his existing health-care insurance can do that? I couldn't. My deductible went from $3,500 per year to $7,000 per year. The insurance company pays NOTHING until I hit that $7,000 limit.

Has Obama openly and fully apologized for Benghazi? For the IRS scandal? For NSA? For "Fast and Furious"? For tapping news sources? For anything?

Obama cannot regain trust until he fully admits and fully takes responsibility for each and every lie. After he has repaid all costs incurred by those lies, then, maybe, he could be trusted.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Bob is right and further, the Left has been critical of Obama on this as well (e.g., Jon Stewart show). And that is something worth pointing out, because we NEVER see the same sort of self-criticism on the Right (except to point out when someone is not “right” enough).

But this “lie of the year” is par for the course for any politician and the Right’s caterwauling sounds like the policeman in Casablanca being “shocked that there’s gambling going on in here!” And it was a “lie” that we all could (and should have) see through when it was uttered.

Once the ACA set a minimum standard for health plans, it did not take a rocket scientist to know that anyone currently with a sub-standard plan was not going to be able to keep it.

As for trust and how it will impact the 2014 elections, who knows. But based on the approval ratings of tea party conservatives I would count those chickens too early.
Might bode well for the non-crazy Republicans (if the Alabama special election last month is any indication).

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

I never recall any repub columnist asking for king Bush to regain our trust.

In fact, I haven't seen any repub columnist even admit that the GOP needs to regain the people's trust despite having a lower approval rating than President Obama.

I will admit that Obama has made mistakes when repubs admit that Iraq, tax cuts for the rich, the patriot act, trickle down economics, Medicare part D, and TARP were mistakes that they and they alone committed.

Springville, UT

@ Thid, the opposition is supposed to present an alternative vision. They have utterly failed, time after time. Do I need to remind you of the McConnell decree and all of the obstructionism of the past five years? Is your memory so faulty, or are you in denial, or are you obfuscating? Which is it? As for your weak litany of issues: Bailouts? Bush. DOMA? Supreme Court. "Obamacare"? There's only one pacakage, and we have yet to see how it all sorts out (and again, the GOP fled when they were asked for their ideas at the time and have utterly failed to put any solutions on the table since). Nuke option? Senate rules, not President. Tax increases? Extension of "Bush" tax cuts. After reviewing the list, I don't think it's your memory, nor in denial. I think the list is based in obfuscation and deception. If Obama is to be blamed for everything under the sun, he should also get the credit for the good things, like the financial markets having its best year in 15 years (the last time a Democrat was in the White House).


"Esquire" The stock market is going up mainly because the fed. reserve has kept interest rates artificially low. They call it "quantitative easing". I know because I make a lot of money in the stock market due to the artificially low interest rates. The other main reason is that companies laid off as many employees as possible (or put them on part time status)in order to deal with Obamacare. Companies now are as "lean and mean" as they will ever be. Employees are working as hard as they can in order to retain their jobs.
At some point interest rates will begin to rise. Thats when the real problems will start. We've financed virtually the last 6 years on borrowed money.

I'm a little different from "bailout Bob" though, in that when I take a loss, I won't be expecting the government to bail me out!

Orem, UT

@Tyler D: '...And it was a “lie” that we all could (and should have) see through when it was uttered.'

Then why did all the liberals in government and in the press call every conservative who spoke out against this lie a racist bigot who just wanted to bring down Obama? Why did the majority of voters give that liar another term as president?


The GOP has offered a ton of alternatives to the abysmal failure that is Obamacare. But Harry Reid, Obama, and every other democrat has refused to consider any of them. Then people like you repeat the democratic talking-points about "where are the GOP's alternatives?". Open your eyes and you will see a ton of them.

If you don't like them (and I doubt you will) you can speak out against them. But quit pretending that they are not even there.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

JoeCapitalist. Your response to Esquire was spot on! Thank you but don't expect him or other liberals to agree. They have their hand clapped tightly over their ears and constantly chant, "No alternative, no alternative.... incessantly!

Tyler D
Meridian, ID


RE: 1st question - I cannot recall one instance of a responsible journalist (vs. a bloviating opinion maker) labeling anyone with a real counter-argument (see earlier caveat) to the ACA as a racist bigot. Can you provide some examples?

To your 2nd question – you mean instead of voting for the other liar (again, ALL politicians are liars).

Perhaps they didn’t see this “lie” as anything more than political spin – again, how could anyone with half a brain not know that when a standard is set people will lose any substandard plan? When the government beefed up vehicle safety standards in the 70’s, did you need then president to tell you that we weren’t going to still see millions of Ford Pintos on the road?

Again, the more relevant questions are “why is Tea Party support even lower than Obama’s and why is Congress in single digits?”

When you can answer those questions with facts & logic (as opposed to conservative spin – people just vote for free stuff) then you’ll have some real insight into the majority of voters and be able to answer your own question.


I find it humorous that a person like robert bennett or any of the conservative posters on this board for that mater would be calling out anyone about dishonesty.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Yes, earn our trust back ---

We wanted a Single-Payer Healthcare system,
MORE enviromental controls on Industry,
MORE Government over-sight on WallStreet and Banks,
MORE Eco-Friendly, Green, Renewable Energy, [including Nuclear],
NO Patriot Act, NSA, Bush spying,

Obama did get re-elected,
We are out of Iraq,
The Stock Market is no longer in free fall, [and higher than ever],
The Auto Industry is rebounding,
Housing is rebounding,
Un-Employment is rebounding,
Osama Bin Laden is still dead,

In all --
The facts are;
America is better now under Obama,
than the mess the GOP and GW Bush left it in.

Keep crying them crocadile tears...
2014, and 2016 can't come quick enough...

Bountiful, UT


I work in healthcare and have researched healthcare reform in great detail, I can claim much more extensively than you have.

Since the essentials of Obamacare *originated* with the conservative Heritage Foundation, and were adopted by a Republican governor (Romney) with substantial success, why have Republicans disavowed their own ideas?

Here are the current GOP counter proposals I can think of:

-Tort reform. I believe this proposal has the potential to cut *some* costs out of healthcare, but really, not a substantial amount. It should be considered, in my opinion.

-Health Savings Accounts. This is a decent idea, but what about the increasing numbers of people who are seeing a decline in their wages (while they try to raise families)?

There are other proposals out there, but really none that have been vetted to any great extent, and none that have been proven like the Heritage Foundation / RomneyCare model. Again, why has that model been abandoned?

Even Republicans recognize they're at risk on this issue, as people start to get the protection of ACA. Republicans in DC are admitting they need to have proposals, not just tear down ACA.

Centerville, UT

Tyler D,

You criticize Americans who are shocked and frustrated that Obama lied. You suggest that we all should have ignored Obama's promises, accepted these promises as lies…and then what? Vote for him anyway?


You are suggesting that Americans simply accept the fact that their president will lie.

Again, no. I find your vision for American leadership to be appalling. You are a true Obama apologist. A liberal cool-aid drinker. Look past your nose and demand the truth.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Mike Richards

Great post Mike. Very well said.

Cedar Hills, UT

After 5 miserable years we have all come to expect Barack Obama to lie - to mislead - to blame others. What a sad and terrible state the presidency of the United States has sunk to under this administration. The scandals are so numerous we tend to forget the early ones such as Fast n Furious. Barack Obama is a hardened political machine who always believes the ends justify the means and his narcissistic view of himself allows him to defect blame simply because he actually has become "past feeling" and has little or no conscious. His political enablers (staff and press) I think fuel his narcissistic views of himself and when he lets lose a bald faced lie such as "if you like your insurance you can keep it" his people remind him that the lie will be forgotten once the true grandeur of Obamacare begins to kick in and so he justifies himself once again. This pattern of deception becomes habitual and ingrained and before long is unnoticed by the man.

No Bob, wining back our trust would mean undoing most of the past 5 years.

Cedar Hills, UT

...to add insult to injury ....Hilary Clinton is just as bad if not worse. If the US is to avoid becoming a nation full of Detroit's then the people are going to have to make the change. Obviously this is a long shot since more than 50% like the new "Potterville". Can we ever become "Baily Park" again?? Where is Jimmy Stewart when you need him!!! Mr Smith Goes To Washington!!

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