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Published: Sunday, Dec. 29 2013 11:35 a.m. MST

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Unfortunately, this study only confirms what we know about the absence of male role models in many inner cities. There is a partial solution to the problem that has also proved productive however, and that is to bring in male tutors in the public schools to fill the void. It works, but its implementation is hampered by federal laws that suggest that this is a form of discrimination, because the schools aren't hiring an equal number of female tutors.

Maybe this is one case where Justices Kennedy and Scalia can work together to find a constitutional solution.

Durham, NC

I sometimes wonder about the usefulness of studies like this. Anytime you take a complex subject, oh say like youth violence, and you try to attribute to a single variant, you really wonder about the researchers. Had the author done a study that looked at single parenthood, then correlated it to economic status, you start having something that is targetable. But to have a study that doesn't look at the same condition married in poverty, or single but stable economically, creating any useful corollary is near impossible.

Possibly the research has that data, but it surely wasn't discussed here. Absentee parents has always been acknowledged problem. But not all kids with this issue end up having issues. What this study didn't explore is what is the difference between these population.

Salt Lake City, UT

If this is truly the case…

why isn't Utah spending $2 million dollars against mothers like Octo-mom.?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Since when do we believe anything coming out of a liberal university?

Sugar City, ID

When we start messing with the traditional family of husband, wife and children, things get messed up because of unanticipated consequences. Men stop being responsible husbands and fathers and kids grow up to be criminals. Abortion resulted in a skewing of the ratios between the sexes in China and other places and they have a terrible mess. Birth rates are below replacement rates in many countries the results of which will be economic disaster. Discouraging stay at home moms so women can have a career impacts the work force and diminishes the quality of parental child care and nurturing. It's the unanticipated consequences of these social experiments that can be so devastating to our society (consider Rome). Who can predict what will happen with gay marriage? Multiple partner homosexual marriages are a real possibility. Also, "families" with two or more people of different sexes (e.g. two women and three men) are becoming more common and are agitating for legal recognition. The social impact of these arrangements is frightening (increases in the spread of STDs, child neglect, crime, social chaos, violence, disease, etc.) What will things look like in a couple generations?

Wasatch Front, UT

Where are all of the typical liberal posters, who constantly put links to studies that support their positions. Yep, they are ignoring evidence that degrades their arguments. The "missing links" are stark in their absence on this story.

Saint George, UT

Of course, many here, if they read this article at all, will be the same ones that support Gay marriage, as if men marrying men is going to stabilize these areas, or any other area. But, alas, the answers are too simple and understandable for the intellectual or academic to admit. We must spend our time defending foolish notions just because someone had a notion, as if that is a reason to support it. Come on guys, be a man-you know the kind that takes on the responsibility of marriage, family life, and community! Gay marriage is a cop out! Stop supporting it!

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

In tact families (husband and wife) would do more to solve crime, poverty and violence than all the welfare programs in the world!

slc, UT

Might I suggest the above posters actuay read the article before commenting? No were in this research does it mention any effect caused by gay marriage or the homosexuality, the study does discuss the absence of men due to men leaving to find work, incarcaration and violence none of which they link to gay marriage or homosexuality neither of which would effect ratios of men to women.

Centerville, UT

Interesting article. Pretty straight forward. Be a good Dad and a good male authority figure in the neighborhood and the whole community benefits. Odd that we somehow got away from this wisdom and have to rediscover it.

slc, UT

Actually not actuay

slc, UT


Please do quote for us were or that gay marriage has anything to do with it. the study shows the men must be heterosexual, the study only addresses male to female ratios and does not address orientation at all. You are upset that those that support gay rights are not commenting on the article but did you read the article?

Salt Lake City, UT

This reminds me of the classic story of the elephants. In a population of elephants in Africa, the large males were removed. When this happened, the "teenage" elephants got way out of control. It seems like a similar thing happens with people. One of these days (maybe), society will wake up and see that the normal intact family of a married man and woman really is the unit that stabilizes society (if we don't destroy our civilization first).

West Valley City, UT

Never have men fought against men who are fathers like they do today. Therefore a woman, seeing an opportunity to make more money, marry a new flame and "find their soul mate", casts aside all marriage vows at first sign of trouble for "better". Laws are terribly skewed and I think this is the story that should be reported. But wait, that is the way most of us male voters vote? Now a woman can go to court and say something akin to abuse and without proof get a new man, more money and sad kids. Imagine a male teacher aid in an elementary school. Why don't we trust them? Better yet, what man dares to have such a job when an un-cooperating kid can say something bad about him and have him thrown in jail without proof unless he has an expensive lawyer that he can't afford? This possibility is not mentioned in the article. We as a society don't like father figures (except our own father).

Saint George, UT

p.s. Mr. Drummond, not to underscore the obvious, but if your comment doesn't validate the whole concept of government futility in solving problems, I really don't know what more to say. allowing the human heart, liberated from the grasp of government, to have full sway in answering the call of humanity is the way to solve most of the social ills this article talks about.

Bountiful, UT

Many men want to be in the lives of their children but are beat up by misguided judges and ex-wives who will do anything to drive a wedge between the kids and dad.

Saint George, UT

I thought perhaps someone, academic, progressive, or whomever, would take issue with the gay marriage comment. The implications of what was said in this article are obvious; marriage between a man and a women stabilizes society. If you want to make excuses for those that won't live up to God's standard, in this case gay men, then be my guest, but don't nod your head about how the absence of men in children's lives is a reason for the problems and then excuse your own little special interest group! No, you can't do that without also admitting that you don't have a clue as how to solve it. I am sure some of the more enlightened, so called, thinkers will postulate a government mandate of sorts, with the appropriate money expunged from the honest taxpayer, that will solve it. Fortunately, fewer people are buying into the argument that government has all the answers if we can just compel enough people to oblige.

DN Subscriber 2

This confirms the obvious, that the lack of fathers/husbands in so many families is destroying society.

Now, take one step further back and identify the reason for the disintegration of the family.
Throw out these hypotheses:
1. Liberal policies rewarding single mothers.
2. Liberal promotion of an urban culture where families and fathers are denigrated.
3. Hollywood "entertainment" mocking religion, families, fathers, work, and traditional values.
4. The elimination of the former stigma attached to unwed pregnancies, promiscuity, and males who failed to support their children (legitimate or otherwise).

These factors have been a major shift in our society, applauded by liberals and appalling to conservatives, which may be irreversible.

Durham, NC

@bandersen - where did the gay sub-topic come into play? You completely lost me there. Also, the anti-government thread is a bit bizarre. If you really want to look at why the african-american community has issues with family, one only needs to look at what happened to the black family in America from 1621 until 1865 when families were torn apart - fathers sold off - and children taken from their mothers and sold to the highest bidder. It was not the government who did this - but free enterprisers who claimed the government had no right to regulate the free trade of property.

This by no means justifies current behavior, but does explain some of its origins, where for 240 years, there was no concept of a black family. In many parts of the country black marriages were actually illegal. This included Utah. It was only the federal government stepping in that changed this dynamic.

It is a complex issue with a long history - with many dirty hands. Excess poverty and wealth are both great indicators of problems from families.

slc, UT


Thanks for telling us what you read into tbe article but I am not interested in your special interest spin on the research, I very clearly asked you to please quote from tbe article or the study anything about homosexuality or "thraditional marriage." The arricle and the research both very clearly state the two largest factor are men leaving the area to find work and incarcaration, if you want to solve the problem maybe we should start with bringing jobs back and fixing a broken criminal justice system.

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