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Published: Saturday, Dec. 28 2013 12:35 p.m. MST

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Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Sorry Coach, I am getting mighty tired of waiting until next season.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Please get a new punter as well. That 8 yard bomb yesterday was special.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Don't change your recruiting methods, get 75% of your players from the Wasatch front and then scatter the rest of your picks from the other 49 states. Works well for Utah so why not the Y?

The Ghost
salem, UT

Getting rid of Bronco and Anae would be a great start!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Need a change on special team coach and how about getting those O-Lines work hard through out the off season! Taysom Hill will be ready once those guys up front get their homework done. T.H. can't do all the work on his own like he tried on that SF bowl game.

Salt Lake City, UT

“I’m optimistic about where we go from here. I’m not discouraged. I’m not worried,” Mendenhall said. “We’re launching from a really good place."

Really? Plenty of yards, not enough points. BYU would be better off finding a head coach who genuinely wants to win. Bronco doesn't even sound upset about this loss.

Bloomington, IN

It's called not bringing back an offensive coordinator who bombed out the last time he was here to begin with! Up the middle, up the middle, easily defended pass, punt...who would've guessed my same complaint from a few years ago would resurface again this year?

west jordan , UT

There was notice able improvement this year and against some good teams. The thing that we BYU fan need to remember is that this is still a young team and for them to do has well has they did this season was a step in the right direction, so quiet being all negative and acting like soiled brats. Next year BYU will have a great season and will turn some heads.

Hill thanks for showing so much grit this season, I can only hope that the other players will follow your example.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

The Cougars played good football in the middle of the field and could do nothing once inside the 20 yrd line. The writing is on the wall, this team needs a new coach and a new focus. BYU was out-coached by Washington. Special teams were a big difference and team speed killed the Cougars. Its time to make the hard decision and get this program back on the right track or conitnue to settle for the same type of season we saw this year going forward. There was alot of talk in the stands wanting a new direction.

The Ref

The commentary was pretty funny last night. "Washington has no respect for BYU's speed" I rolled over in my bed and laughed in my pillow! That was awesome.

meridian, idaho

Nothing will change until BYU gets an offensive coordinator that knows what he's doing. Worst offense in the country. If they didn't have HILL, to run the ball once in a while they would be in a world of hurt. Also, BYU needs a special teams coach, but on the other hand I'm not to sure they spend much time working on punting the ball inside the 50. BYU needs to take a page out of Utah State book. P.S. It would help if they had an offensive line that could block someone once in awhile.

Centennial, CO

Bronco, being a defensive guy himself, is like John Fox here in Denver: when the chips are down, he trusts his defense more than his offense. We're all hoping Fox has learned his lesson on that after last year, or we'll lose our first playoff game again.

So since Bronco is that way, keep him running the defense and just put someone in as offensive coordinator with a spark of creativity. Judging by the bowl game, at least half the commenters on here would be better at that than Anae. I know Gifford Nielsen is a 70 now and Sarkisian is at USC, but what are Kozlowski and some of those great receivers of old doing these days ? Heck, if Cody Hoffman is graduating, offer him the job.

Idaho Falls, ID

Bronco: "there are things to work on, but it’s not even close to the same team it was from a year ago. I think we all know that.”
I beg to differ. The defense was much better last year and the offense this year got a lot of yards but not very many TDs.

I think Hill's assessment is pretty accurate. Timing has been a real problem for him, and I think it has affected his accuracy.

The only way I see this offense making a BIG improvement in the offseason is with a coaching change. I am willing to give Anae another year to develop this offense. I am not holding my breath though because they are losing 2 very good receivers (Hoffman and Faslev) and all their best defensive players.

Chubbuck, ID

It was a hard loss against Washington but I am looking forward to next year with a junior quarterback and the guys used to Anae's offense. Bronco is a great head coach and I am glad he is at BYU!

Lehi, UT

First: Hill pass the ball. Second: Hill do not run the ball, pass the ball. And stop blaming the line for lack of protection, Hill just takes off right away when the first option/receiver is not open. So let's have a real quarterback next year who can and will pass - not RUN - the ball. Hill can join Brown and Williams as running backs. Period! And if Anae and Bronco cannot make that change, then 2014 will be the same as this year, if not worse.

Provo, UT

@ Lone Star
Same here. I am sick of next year. So next year they'll play for the next year after next year.

hi, UT

A predominance of slow-twitch muscle players simply cannot be champions in a fast-twitch muscle game. Decade after decade we recruit in the 40-60 range, and yet many expect the Cougs to be in the top 10.

Whiners, please just learn to realistically enjoy the game, and quit calling for the Coaches heads.

Danbury, CT

BYU will be the same as it has been the last 4 years...unless they fire Anae and get a real offensive coach who can mix it up and get our guys to play at another level of intensity. I'm tired of hearing how this is as good as we can get with our talent. Boise, Utah and TCU all went to 2 BCS bowls and won with the same level of talent. We have not risen to that level. Our only quality bowl win in 45 years was in the Cotton Bowl vs. Kansas State 15 years ago.


We will not get better so long as Bronco is "excited" about where we are now.

Monterey, CA

It was a poor performance, particularly by the O-line. Hill had absolutely no time to pass the ball. Another point that needs to be discussed is that the Y performed much better at LES than on the road. The road performance has to improve somehow. Next year's slate of more softies on the road gives ample chance for improvement.

Loomis, CA

@ Kouger - I couldn't agree more. I was sitting in Section 106 in the end zone last night. Hill doesn't seem to be able to get a good pre-snap read and doesn't read coverages well. He holds the ball too long and does not throw when the receiver is open. Then he pulls it down at the first hint of pressure. The eighth grade QB that was sitting next to me would yell "throw it now" at the precise time Hill should have thrown it. If Hill could read the coverages and throw on time, he would have many more completions. Then again, maybe not. His inaccurate throws cost him a lot of completions too.

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