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Published: Friday, Dec. 27 2013 7:40 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

@get her done
Bountiful, UT

As an active Mormon, I say to you and your daughter - there is a place for her in the Mormon church!. Many members like myself do not hate our gay friends and family members. We defend their right to be different and to not be persecuted by anyone. If would fight anyone who seeks to deny equal benefits (hospital visitation, inheritance, etc) in society for our gay community members. I would fight anyone who tries to discriminate against my gay co-workers who are excellent employees and contributors to society. I believe legal same sex unions is a better option than changing the legal definition of marriage. I think we are only asking that the gay community respect our point of view and the hundreds of years of traditional family values that have defined marriage as between a man and a women. Shoving this down our throats via the courts will only result in resentment and never acceptance. I am dismayed by some of the rhetoric by some in the gay community in this forum. It feels disrespectful and hateful to me.

get her done
Bountiful, UT

If Utah continues this appeal on gay marriage, if the final court rules against Utah, 33 other states that have the same ban will be forced to allow gay marriage. We already lost concerning plural marriage, ERA, Blacks, prop 8, and Mitt Romney. How much more egg do we want on our faces. Do we really want to go down in the history books like this. 2-10 million dollars for what. It is coming anyway.

Up North, WI

It would seem to me that if the issue was important to enough people (the majority) it may be money well spent.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mom of Six,

Gay marriage is not a social experiment. Legal same-sex partnerships have existed since the late 1980's (starting in Denmark). Gay partnerships (and gay parents) have existed since humans have.

Civil Unions are off the table...separate but equal doesn't hold up.

And, do you realize how bigoted you sound in your apple/orange analogy? "Many in this community would also like to force [interracial] marriage as a so called right making it 'equal' to [white-only] marriage." Do you really think that? Is orientation different than race, sex or hair color? Is there anything that will change your mind?

Finally, despite your insistence that there are "other studies" that don't favor gay parents, no one has been able to produce them. The Prop 8 case centered on this very detail. If you've seen credible studies, please share. But, pro-Prop 8 lawyers found they really don't exist!

Think thru this a bit harder, please.

salt lake city, UT

$2 million is money well spent, as this meritless pursuit will lead to overturning state bans first in the 10th District and then nationwide. Utah will be instrumental in bringing equality to all. Full steam ahead, Utah (and thank you in advance).

Provo, UT


Kudos to your support of your gay friends, but unfortunately, telling your gay friends that they must be treated as second class citizens by the IRS is no more sad than anything else you claim to not be doing to your gay friends. There is a HUGE tax incentive to people who are lucky enough in this life to file taxes as "Married Filing Jointly." HUGE tax breaks to the married couple are granted by this new privilege the IRS has bestowed upon people in this country who have been so fortunate enough not to have to deal with same-sex attractions and risking everything in order to find some substance of happiness in this life. Do gay civil unions get these same luxuries? No. They do not. Which is why Utah's majority is wrong to deny gay people the right to marry just like the South during its pre-Civil War era in its majority was wrong to legalize slavery, and I am a born Southerner and I can admit where I my heritage went wrong. Sometimes, the majority is wrong like in utah with this case.

Dietrich, ID

To those that say Utah should give up the fight is it because they are afraid they will lose and the will of the people that support Godly morals will prevail?

Mrs T
Coalville, UT

We've reached a sad state when the federal government uses judicial activism to take down the will of the people and the sanctity of marriage. We the people have and will spend trillions and will effect millions of lives by promoting sexual deviancy. We are fighting a greater battle. Elections have ramifications, we're not playing a game where one side wins. With these actions we have all lost. Christ said if ye love me keep my commandments! And to the woman caught in adultery, go thy way and sin no more.

Vancouver, WA

None of the money devoted to defending Amendment 3 is earmarked for public schools, job creation initiatives, homeless services or public safety. So its expenditure does not diminish any state funded support for those items.

$2 million is a lot of money to you and me, but to the State, it's a small price to pay for defending the community's economic and moral welfare.

Vancouver, WA

Many commenters have raised the "equality" argument that is very much misused and misunderstood.

Under Amendment 3, marriage is between a man and a woman. There is no exclusion or carve out for those dealing with same gender attraction.

A gay man has just as much right to marry a woman as anyone else. That there may not be a woman he want to marry is immaterial. For a marriage to be recognized under Amendment 3, it needs only to be between a man and woman, whether they be gay, straight or other.

Clearly I could explain much more on this, but when limited to 200 words, this will have to do. Still, equality is a subject many struggle to understand and I fear that a few false ideas have taken root that are in desperate need of weed killer.


Idaho is watching Utah because we know it's coming here next.

Fight the good fight! We must defend traditional marriage before
the word has no meaning, and becomes meaning-less!

Sandy, UT

Somebody explain to me how allowing same sex marriage damages me or my family? Is making gay marriage illegal going to some how make this lifestyle disappear for the landscape? I am a hetrosexual, card carrying member of the Utah majority and I just don't get it. How can we deprive a minority which is clearly being discriminated against the right to be "married". Frankly I feel the government has no business begin in the marriage business. I believe all unions should be civil unions as far as the government is concerned and if two people want to be "married" they should go to their Church, Temple, Synagogue, field, barn, friends house or where ever and be married by who ever bests suits them as a couple.
The reality is, the large majority of gay individuals do not want to be married but they do want equality. Once the dust settles and the flood of gay couples we have seen in the news coverage are married, there will be relatively few that continue to come forward.

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

@Trouble of Vancouver: Which woman would you suggest a gay man marry? Your sister? Your daughter? It's not enough to prevent that gay man from settling down with his own kind, you want to ruin some heterosexual woman's chance for happiness as well? And what about the children that may result from that union, should they manage to make any? And the broken home almost assuredly in the making?

Letting gays and lesbians who manage to form pair-bonded relationships marry is not a "special favor" to some little faction. It's a favor to everyone, especially straight people who won't end up in doomed marriages to tormented closet cases.

Gays and lesbians are about 5% of our population, about 1 in 20, a fairly constant ratio, and they're all from straight families. The other 19 of 20 of us who are straight, and our society, is in absolutely no danger from letting that little minority of our families, friends, coworkers and neighbors marry each other. We've tried the other thing for years and all we get is heartbreak.

Vancouver, WA

@A Quaker

I'm not advocating for gay men to marry women, just that they have an equal legal right to do so.

san antonio, TX

Ref: dn subscriber

A similar argument was used by supporters of Jim Crow laws and separate but equal education policies designed to discriminate against racial minorities.

Wilson, WY

I have watched up here in the high mountains of Wyoming as the people of Utah grapple with the sudden shock of having marriage equality in their state. It is very sad that Utah's governmental leaders feel such a need to continue fighting Judge Shelby's ruling, a ruling that is just, a ruling that gives LGBT people the blessed and God given right to have their loving unions recognized through civil marriage. I know that many people in Utah have a very difficult time understanding or accepting gay people, probably because of religious upbringing and cultural mores. When they step outside their comfort zone and transcend their prejudices they will find they are far better and happier people as a result. I have great faith in the people of Utah, that they will grow and be more unified and happier as a result of this ruling. Far too many LGBT people are harmed because of prejudice and bigotry and by extension their families are harmed as well. This ruling will also help bring stability and strength to LGBT people and their extended families in ways never realized before. God works in mysterious ways that humble us all.

New to Utah

The Crudading fifty liberals who frequently post on this site skew the numbers making it seem
that the majority opinion is gay marriage is fine in Utah. This is completely opposite of the actual vote taken on Ammendment 3. It also flies in the face of the reality I see every day as I
mingle with voters who so far have been 100% opposed to legislating from the bench like Obama
appointed judge Shelby did. Something has to give so the legislature is completely correct in
spending whatever it takes to preserve the sovereignty of the state of Utah.

Disgusted American
deptford, NJ

hmmm, 2 million could fill a lot of FOOD PANTRYS, Help a Homeless person(s) get OFF the street......2 Million could help Public education.....but alas, those are More important then fighting to keep consenting adults from marrying, huh? WWJD?



Disagreeing with your opinion is not hateful or disrespectful.

grand junction, CO

That's 2 million dollars that could feed the homeless, house the needy, maybe make a few civic improvements. Yet the state would rather waste it on what is surely a lost cause for them. It's time to move into the 21st Century, Utah. Wake up!

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