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Published: Friday, Dec. 27 2013 7:40 p.m. MST

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Vince here
San Diego, CA

Mom of Six

The problem is that as well-meaning as people are about granting equal rights, as you deed them, civil unions, are in and of themselves not equal.

What's in a name?

No one ever proposed to civil union someone else.

Salt Lake City, UT

Marriage reflects the natural moral and social law evidenced the world over. As the late British social anthropologist Joseph Daniel Unwin noted in his study of world civilizations, any society that devalued the nuclear family soon lost what he called "expansive energy," which might best be summarized as society's will to make things better for the next generation. In fact, no society that has loosened sexual morality outside of man-woman marriage has survived.

Analyzing studies of cultures spanning several thousands of years on several continents, Chairman of Harvard University’s sociology department, Pitirim Sorokin. found that virtually all political revolutions that brought about societal collapse were preceded by a sexual revolution in which marriage and family were devalued by the culture’s acceptance of homosexuality.

When marriage loses its unique status, women and children most frequently are the direct victims. Giving same-sex relationships or out-of-wedlock heterosexual couples the same special status and benefits as the marital bond would not be the expansion of a right but the destruction of a principle. .

Karen R.
Houston, TX

I wonder what the result would be if Amendment 3 was put to a vote today. Wouldn't this be a good thing to know before you move forward? This decision to appeal is (ostensibly) relying upon data that is 10 years old.

Los Angeles, CA

This is about what the voters voted for. People can couple and no one has attempted to stop that. Marriage on the other hand is a religious tenant to most, and only attempting to protect the sanctity of a religious tenant. So no matter what the out come is, they fought for what they believed to be right. Therefore, they win no matter what.

Salt Lake City, UT

The US Supreme Court declared in 1885 that states' marriage laws must be based on "the idea of the family, as consisting in and springing from the union for life of one man and one woman in the holy estate of matrimony; the sure foundation of all that is stable and noble in our civilization, the best guaranty of that reverent morality which is the source of all beneficent progress in social and political improvement."

Los Angeles, CA

jp3- Blame parents for not taking responsibility to help their own children. Also, why aren't the teachers seeking volunteers to help in the classroom? As a teacher, we do these things to enable us to fulfill our responsibilities in over crowded classrooms. Gosh and we seem to be able to help a wide variety of students that need extra help. An aide would be great, but there are ways around it. But the reality is that, aside from learning disabilities, the number one reason for student failure would fall into the laps of unsupportive parents.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sasha says: "I support traditional marriage and am willing to do whatever it takes, including financial contributions, to allow Utah to preserve traditional marriage."

I don't agree with that sentiment, but I can understand it. The insurmountable problem is that the chances of Utah's prevailing on appeal are extremely slim, and we have other, more pressing, issues to spend our taxpayer dollars on. If there were strong legal arguments against same-sex marriages, they would have been marshalled in both the DOMA case and the Amendment 3 case. Under the both our federal and state constitutions, however, a discriminatory law is unconstitutional unless there's a strong "rational" basis (i.e., a non-religious reason) for the discrimination. So far, the opponents of same-sex marriages have not been able to come up with any scientific reasons for their animus toward gays or gay marriage. Spending more money on this case will not magically change that.

Liberty For All
Cedar, UT

re: "….Dad there is no place for me in the mormon church" What could I say??" Man or Woman Up to the hard job of parenting AND teach your daughter that being an adult is making correct life style choices.

Cedar City, UT

Save the states money. The only ones who benefit from this is Attorney's. God will be the final judge of marriage in the end.

get her done
Bountiful, UT

Just announced, Mormons church accepting openly gay scouts Jan. 1, 2014. We can love and accept these young men, and train them to be better persons, but we can not accept their gay parents. What does that say about us????

Clearwater, FL

RE: OnlyinUtah

Since you are a supporter of state's individual rights, how do you feel about states deciding that black people weren't in fact people? Or that some states thought it was ok to kill a Mormon on site? They certainly didn't think they were on the wrong side of history on those issues.

Just because a majority feels strongly about something, doesn't make it right. Stripping away the rights of citizens is one of those circumstances.

Re: SomeClarity

sure, why not? Its none of my business what grown, consenting adults do in their homes and bedrooms as long as they're not harming anyone.

I think what people tend to forget that just making something illegal doesn't make it go away. Gay people will still be gay and having homosexual relationships. People who want more than one partner will still engage in that behavior.

Cedar City, UT

This fight will go on far ever. Who knows what is traditionally now a days. I am personally feel that marriage should be between a man and a woman but, I am not willing to contribute my hard money to fight a never ending battle. We have already voted on this and California has proven that it does not matter what the majority wants. Judge override there choice any way. Let them marry and save the time and resources. Chances are they one like once the have anyway.

Los Angeles, CA

From todays Washington Post, Who had the worst week......".Social conservatives, for losing almost every battle over same-sex marriage and then losing the will to even fight back, you had the worst week ."
Save your 2 million and give it to your poorly rated schools.

Salt Lake, UT

The state is paying to support the church and not the economy and health of the state. That sounds very interesting to me.

Billy Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

The taxpayers and voters in Utah voted for that amendment. It is the state's responsibility to defend it. If the courts would not have acted outside of their bounds, the state would not need to be spending money to defend an amendment that was approved by its voters. It is a huge stretch of the 14th Amendment to the US constitution to claim that it supports gay marriage. Especially for a lone judge to make that decision and eliminate the voice of the people. If the voice of the people want to allow gay marriage in certain states, then that is fine. But a single judge should not be able to override the voice of the people with a creative (at best) interpretation of the constitution.

San Jose, CA

So the taxpayers take another hit. This would not have happened if the will of the people was respected.

Salt Lake City, UT


Hey trekker this is only partly about defending amendment 3. It is also about having the voice of people who oppose SSM heard. Remember, because a small minority of Americans (the gay community) constantly has kept their voice in the public square, now they are being heard above the voice of the majority. Hence, like the gays and their cause, it may take many years to succeed in our cause to reclaim the traditional definition of marriage. Do not allow the gay community to silence your voice. You have every much a right to be heard as they do. We must respect our gay friends, but we must demand that they show some respect for our views as well - that is called tolerance! Stand up and have your voice heard too.

Alexandria, VA

Issue a few more marriage licenses to Same Sex Couples and you may come up with the dollars to pay the attorneys defending traditional marriage.

Now that would be ironic.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mayfair: well said fellow citizen. We must be concerned for what is taught to our children. The beliefs of the majority of Americans, must be represented fairly and substantially, especially when we stand for morality and healthy behavior. We must not be hateful, bigoted, or intolerant to the views of the minority, but we must stand up and make our voice heard too. Our children's future will be impacted negatively if we stand around and do nothing!

Leesburg, VA

I heard many years ago and recently, may be a day or two ago, that somebody had prophetized that Salt Lake City would become a city of sin. For many of those who oppose SSM this may becoming the fulfillment of this belief.

On the other hand, if such prophesy were to be true, wouldn't it make more sense that the sin is the hardness of heart, the selfishness, the denying of benefits that you enjoy to your brothers and sisters, the harm that is being done to the children of LGBT couples and their family structure.

Do I know this as a fact. No! on the contrary, this is simply speculation But perhaps it merits some self analysis and objectivity from those who are so concern about living in a just and godly society.

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