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Published: Friday, Dec. 27 2013 2:35 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Whether it be 73 or 99 weeks, that is MORE than enough time that can be justified in taking taxpayer money to allow people to get people back on their feet.

After more than a year of living off the taxpayers backs, its time to take responsibility.

This is good news.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Barack says Congress needs to fix it....yet he signed the bill along with democrats in the Senate and Congress. He just can't come to grips that we are spending more than we have.

Many things have to be scaled back....Where do you cut without hurting a single person? No matter what you cut someone is going to feel the pain.

Maybe we just need to be more compassionate towards our neighbors and help them out, encourage job creation and get America back to work.


Most people go through life in the United States never realizing that the benefits they enjoy after loosing a job are paid for by employers with no cost to the employee.

This money is forcibly taken from the employer at the threat of jail time or worse. If it was not forcibly taken by the "government" but by enterprising mobsters, it would be called extortion and the mobsters, not the employer would be looking over their shoulder.

I have been an employee and an employer and I despise the forcible redistribution of wealth that promotes indolence in many cases and I repeat many cases but not all.

I know some of you will think of me as a cold hearted Scrooge, but I assure you I'm not, I do all I can to voluntarily contribute to any one who has needs to provide for their family.

I will tell you that as an employer now, I am prohibited by some laws of employing anyone under the age of eighteen and with the continued "government" pilfering of my bank account, I am forced to reduce my workforce lest I become unemployed myself.

South Jordan, UT

There are many families earnestly looking for work to support their families who will be critically hurt by this. Others have ridden the system for so long that they deserve to be dumped. I hope that jobs will be forthcoming for the former.

God bless America!

Salt Lake City, UT

Now don't you feel better that America spent $4 trillion dollars in Iraq?

Happy New Year!

(Note: Sarcasm)



We must begin as a nation to rethink our entailment mentality and go back to the day when work was noble and enterprise was rewarding. We cannot continue to create dependence but rather we must promote the virtue of independence and the reward of self government.

We can do this by getting government out of the way and letting true enterprise and commerce coupled with virtue and the nobility of work be our motivation.

Do not just give me a handout with no requirement of my sweat but hand me the plow and allow me eat the harvest unmolested.

Salt Lake City, UT

So, are we not allowed to talk about the $4 trillion dollars America has spent on pointless wars, the doubling of the US debt.

The Wall Street bailouts, and the Tax cuts we give millionaires…

while Utahns starve?


I know a couple of people who really abuse this system. They live better than I do and both me and my wife work.

San Antonio, TX

Let me see if I've got this straight...Lose your job and the state pays 6 months unemployment then the feds have been covering an additional 11 months, but now it's back to 6 months. Average benefit is $340/month. Seems like 6 months is a reasonable amount of time to find a job that could make more than $340/month.

Mount Pleasant, UT

The thing I think is sad is these people will suffer for lack of financial support while these political controllers go on enjoying life and having all the money they need to survive. There is something wrong with that picture and we all know who caused this.


Let's get real.

We don't really know how many people are out of work. The unemployment benefits were far less than 99 weeks in many states, including Utah, and they are not ultimately the answer.

Many people have given up looking for work and are not statistics of unemployment any more. They may have nothing at all to live on except by the assistance of family members, churches or other sources of private benevolence.

Many, otoh, have had to retire early. Some have claimed disability. The extension of unemployment benefits to some have further added to rampant inflation, which impoverishes the employed as well as the retired and everyone else.

The government has no answers except to do that which they refuse to do;

SPEND MUCH LESS on non-mandatory programs.

Have a freeze on tax-supported hiring of government employees. The guv has already categorized many agencies as such.

Let guv, local and federal ease up on all restrictions on businesses.

Levy a healthy import duty on foreign products, and lower markedly the corporate tax.

End the hiring of illegal aliens; stop assisting existing illegal residents.

Let those who have money to invest open factories and hire people!

Huntsville, UT

Thank you heavenly father for giving us the Republicans.

MemoFromA Demo

I sympathize with anyone who is out of a job and wants to work. My heart truly goes out to them and their families. 

The problem I have with the year and a half to almost two years of welfare unemployment benefits is that I know of people who are scamming the system, -- people who say they want to work but aren’t really trying to find a job. I believe there’s a way to weed out the freeloaders while still providing relief for those who are sincere in finding a job. Consider this:

Under the system, EVERYONE filing for unemployment would be required to work. Every Federal, State, county, and city agency would make a long and extensive list of things that aren’t getting done, -- services that need attention but are being neglected because of lack of funds or manpower. Based upon the amount of unemployment someone qualifies for, they will be required to report to work a day or two a week to perform public service. The number of hours they work each month will depend on the amount of unemployment funds they receive. I hope to see such a plan implemented in the future.

Sandy, UT

"The Obama administration says those payments have kept 11.4 million people out of poverty.." Even if the average Utah payment was $340 per week (rather than per month)the yearly total would be just over $17,000.I hardly think that would qualify as "out of poverty" for most families. And remember, the government taxes those benefits, so either you take lass per month or owe taxes at the end of the year. And how much is actually spent on all those items listed in the article that would have such a big effect on the economy? I was on unemployment for a short time in 2012 and I used the money for rent and some transportation. I don't know how I would have bought food without help from my church. For those people capable of working, misery is a great incentive to finding a job and getting out of poverty.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, this is Utah, at least that means most of these unemployed people are Republicans and are getting what they voted for.

blue springs, MO

welcome to more obama destruction

Medical Lake, Washington

These are difficult issues and no one explanation nor remedy solves the problem for each individual --- another reason why the Federal Government should not be in charge. It's difficult enough for a smaller geographical region to be aware of situations of concern.

Either way and any way, it never pays to become dependent upon anyone else. It is one thing to share responsibilities, or to share emotional support, but when government; who I seriously doubt has citizens complete well being in mind, takes over - there is rarely a happy outcome.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Love your comments. Don't you know the people here view the three trillion borrowed and spent in Iraq as "Old News" and do not want to be reminded of it.

With sequester across the board cuts coming down the line. Guess what one thing will be not cut?
Foreign Aid to Israel. Am I wrong?

Americans can suffer with the cuts and we refuse to cut foreign aid. Why?

Delta, PA

It would be nice if we could get back that 24 billion that the GOP-Tea Party wasted when they held America hostage during the GOP shutdown because of their futile attempt to defund the ACA.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Foreign Aid to Israel. Am I wrong?

Americans can suffer with the cuts and we refuse to cut foreign aid. Why?'

I cannot speak for Israel, however…

*'U.S. suspending $800 million in Pakistan aid' - By Douglas Birch - AP - Published by DSNews - 07/10/11

'WASHINGTON — The Obama administration's decision to suspend $800 million in aid to the Pakistan's military signals a tougher U.S. line with a critical but sometimes unreliable partner in the fight against terrorism.'


that did not happen when George W. Bush doubled the debt.

Or, when Reagan tripled the debt.

Can't say either about Obama.


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