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Published: Thursday, Dec. 26 2013 6:20 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Dick Harmon sounded like a diplomat instead of a reporter!

Go Cougars!

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Thomas Jefferson

"A win gives them a nice 9 game win season and solidifies BYU as the best team in the fabulous State of Utah"

Wrong! Didn't BYU lose to a PAC-12 bottom dweller?

Last I checked, Utah beat BYU and Utah State this year. That could only mean Utah is the best team in the state because all three teams played against each other and Utah prevailed (no surprise there).

Keep dreaming Thomas!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

Keep scratchin' your head, Crimson. Two inferior teams go bowling, one already with a bowl victory over a ranked opponent in the bag, and the superior team sittin' home sayin "shut up and deal."

The expression, "won the battle, lost the war," comes to mind.

Utah was one injured qb away from having a good season. Utah State had a good season in spite of losing a great qb. I'm giving the nod to the Aggies on this one. Kind of ironic. They lost to both of us but looks like the y may well end up best of all.

Virginia Beach, Va

BYU, who I cheer for, is not a top program nationally nor are they the best in the State of Utah but the Coach does alot of things right off the field. Bronco ain't perfect but he is someone I greatly respect. I don't like win at all cost college football programs which is why I like BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU's losses against Wisconsin and Notre Dame were on the road, as were 4 of the 5 basketball losses. Until BYU schedules a balanced home-and-home schedule with ranked teams, it will be an uphill battle to win the majority of those games. (That and when the football team's OC learns how to call plays in the last 2 minutes of a half.)

Farmington, UT

Bleed Crimson, Utah was the best on two days. However, given the entire season, Utah was by far the worst (if you leave out Weber State) because they got a fluke win over Stanford, but couldn't beat Oregon State at home, Arizona or Washington State on the road, and after defeating three other teams in Utah couldn't get bowl eligible for the 2nd straight year. Impressive!

Keep up those Crimson Colored Glasses view of the world and enjoy watching all the other teams in the country enjoy their bowl games. Did you see where USU knocked off a rated team that many postulated would be a BCS buster? So much for the mighty BCS program which is ending this year.

Just what is Utah going to do to get to a bowl game again any time soon? They just love the PAC 12 and the PAC 12 loves them because they're #12 of 12 joining the league and can't get out of being PAC 12 fodder for everyone else. Everyone's happy---keep smiling!

Provo, UT

When BYU beats Washington the State Rankings will look like this.

1. BYU
2. Utah State
3. Utah

Utah won the battle but lost the war.

It's not how you start out its how you finish.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

@Bleed Crimson:

Our Crimson crew is bleeding out. We lead the PAC-12 in one stat: most consecutive annual OC coordinator hires. Next year we'll continue our run with a fourth OC in four years to go with our new head coach. The trend arrow is a big up for USU tonight while for all our claims of "best in state" on media day 2014 we'll be picked 11th in our conference. Again. And home for the holidays in 2014. Again.

Great win for the Aggies tonight! Congrats on a great hire for head coach - an Aggie alum, no less!

Go Cougars tomorrow night!

Go recruit a QB and an O line, Ute coaches!

Lincoln City, OR


Didn't the team that won the big bad pac12 also lose to the bottom dweller? Does that mean that the utes are better than Stanford? LOL... Unfortunately, your logic doesn't hold up... Every ranking service out there has Utah 10 to 15 places lower than BYU on average... I'm thinking the drubbings that the utes took from WSU, Arizona, ASU, etc. is the reason your team was rated so low.

There is a reason that the utes are not going Bowling again this year... they're just not very good.

You did out perform what I had you down for... I thought that you would go 3-9 with your only wins over Weber State, WSU and Colorado...So your team actually out-performed my expectation.

I know that y'all miss bowling in December alot and that is why you shoot at the Cougars... It will be at least 3 years since you will have had the experience... So I am putting together a pictorial website with fun moments in SD last year and SF this year so you can kind of remember what it's like to qualify for a Bowl... I know you'll enjoy them.

Glenwood, UT

Go Cougars! Utes don't bowl, 2 years in a row. Nice win by USU last night.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

You have to grin at the trash talk going on here:

"Your team is more irrelevant than our team!"

"We're less pathetic than you!"

"Well, at least our OC is not as bad as yours!"

"We have beaten more bottom-dwellers than you, and we have better shoes!"


Phoenix, AZ

If BYU wins, then everyone in the state of Utah will have won their bowl game.

BYU against Washington on 12/27/13
Utah State against NIU on 12/26/13
Utah against BYU on 9/21/13

Some people's bowl games just come a little earlier in the season than others.

Black & White

USU actually IS the best college football "Team" in Utah this year.

In fact, with 5 starters not physically able to participate, including the BEST QB this state has seen in several years, it was the USU "team" that pulled together, worked through adversity, made themselves Bowl-eligible, kept themselves relevant, and then (not-so-surprisingly) rose to the challenge of knocking off a nationally-ranked opponent to end the season.

Led by a fantastic coach in Wells--whose staff and players believed in him, as he reciprocated trust and belief in them--USU easily epitomizes what it means to be a "team". Nearly every tackle was a "team" tackle, every sustained offensive possession was because each member of the "team" fulfilled their roles and helped each other out. And the Special Teams players had great success by working together.

The success of USU should not go unnoticed by its in-state counter-parts, else their arrogance may have them walking away beaten by the true "Team Up North".

Way to go Aggies! You have successfully obliterated the "Little Brother" stigma and unlike some of your counter-parts have a post-season trophy to show for all your hardwork.

Mission Viejo, CA

Upsets don't a better team make. Eastern Washington beat OSU. Utah beat Stanford. UVA beat BYU. CSU beat WSU in a bowl game! Upsets happen and are fun. But lets give this a think:

Is Utah better than Stanford? No.
Is UVA better than BYU? No.
Is Eastern Washington better than Oregon State? No.

Would Utah want to play Stanford again? No.
Would Utah want to play OSU, WSU, ASU, USC, UCLA, AZ again? No.
Would Utah want to play BYU again? No.

Would BYU want to play Utah again? You betcha!

Will BYU beat Washington in the bowl game? Doubtful.
Will Utah beat anybody in a bowl game? No.

Nuff said.

Gilbert, AZ

Bleed Crimson

"Didn't BYU lose to a PAC-12 bottom dweller?"

Didn't Stanford lose to a PAC 12 bottom dweller?

Yet, not even a delusional Utah fan would try to argue that Utah is better than PAC 12 champion Stanford.

Some day our little friends on the hill will finally understand that one game does not a season make.

Richmond, VA


"... So I am putting together a pictorial website with fun moments in SD last year and SF this year so you can kind of remember what it's like to qualify for a Bowl... I know you'll enjoy them."

My only fear and concern is if we don't show up and end up getting badly creamed and embarrassed by the Huskies in S.F.

Here's hoping they won't disappoint!
Go Cougars!

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU win or lose is the best team in the state every year.

Just ask them.

Layton, UT

These guys know that they're going to lose so they try to find comfort in bagging on Utah and telling themselves that at least they went bowling and bronco has nice firesides. lol.

Salt Lake, Ut

I am not sure that arguing that going to a bowl game even matters. Nobody plays the same schedule and that gives inherent advantages to teams that play weaker schedules. Case in point that Buffalo, Middle-Tennessee State, Ohio, and Louisiana Lafeyette are playing in a bowl game. All three local teams would win against these opponents. I think that all the Utah teams are good but not great and splitting hairs as to superiority is fruitless. Congratulations to Utah State!! That was a great win and your defense was fantastic.

Mcallen, TX


Utah State shook off it's first game disappointment of losing to a last place team unable to reach a bowl.

Crazy things happen.

Now it's BYU's turn.

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