Comments about ‘2 in San Diego found shot in car with Utah license plates’

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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 24 2013 5:04 p.m. MST

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San Diego, CA

That's why I want my conceal here. Nothing but trouble since I moved here two months ago

Centerville, UT


Gary, I agree, all law-abiding citizens should be allowed to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights anywhere they have a legal right to be. The US Supreme Court has held that the right to bear arms is a "fundamental right." California has no rational basis, let alone compelling reason, to disarm someone like you, especially if you are serving in the armed forces. Gun free zones are the reason for mass casualties. Utah has had armed teachers with concealed permits since 2001 with NO injuries to a student or a teacher in over 12 years. All state employees have had the right to carry at work unless in a secured area (jails, airports, courts, etc. - usually having armed guards). There have been NO state-employee workplace shootings in the 12 years state employees have had that right. It's time for governments like those in California to stop infringing and get rid of gun-free zones. Then Americans will be able to defend themselves and their loved ones like our Founding Fathers intended.

Ogden, UT

Tumbleweed, I agree with your statement, except the "Founding Fathers" part. Which Founding Fathers? Which Constitution? What parts of which Constitution? Wouldn't the Second Amendment of our second constitution guarantee every citizen to bear any "arms"? Shouldn't every weapon be legal? It doesn't state just guns. And what about the "militia" part? Once again, I agree with your premise of our right to defend ourselves and the unsafe gun-free zones, but the Second Amendment needs to be much more defined and less ambiguous.

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