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1,500 rally to celebrate unexpected decision that led to gay weddings in Utah

Published: Monday, Dec. 23 2013 6:50 p.m. MST

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Ute Zag
everett, WA


"Welcome to the joys of gay marriage! And in about two or so years, we shall also welcome about half of you to the nightmare of gay divorce."

I fully agree with that comment. I am here in WA state where gay marriage was legalized about a year ago and my attorney friends tell they are starting to see a lot of fillings for divorce and separations amount those that were married. Seems like the only winners here is the legal system (attorney's), the state (fees) and those companies involved with weddings. The losers, everyone else.

Here, UT

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and especially those hard-working civil servants out there working hard to ensure that our marriages are being processed. Thank you so very much.

Salt lake, UT

Are you saying same-sex marriages are only motivated by spite? Because, naturally they cannot be motivated by love? What were your motivations for getting married?

Kearns, UT

"And in about two or so years, we shall also welcome about half of you to the nightmare of gay divorce."

You realize that the majority of these couples who rushed to get married have already been together for several years. They were already committed to each other, and they jumped at the chance to finally make it a legal and formal commitment. Be kind, and let's not doom their relationships.

Chauncy Brinton
Staunton, VA

From my perspective, I see valid arguments from those who support both the religious and the secular concepts of marriage. Where it get's muddy for me is when one group (either the secular or the religious) tries to impose their worldview on the other as being more valid or acceptable and calls the other intolerant. Instead, I believe both worldviews - the secular worldview that holds that marriage is a civil right and shouldn't be denied anyone regardless of sexual orientation, and a theistic worldview that holds that God matters in marriage, that His laws are immutable and that changing them will have negative consequences on all parties involved - should be given equal weight in the public square and assessed for the merits its worldview can offer society. Instead, what seems to be happening is that traditional marriage is being evaluated through the lens of a secular worldview and gay marriage through the lens of a theistic worldview which is just plain unfair as the two worldviews are entirely incompatible with each other.

Aurora, CO

Where public opinion goes a revelation is sure to follow. It may be about 10 years too late, but it will come.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


'Why couldn't the judge just wait a few months to let the normal legal process work? Why rush to a such an important decision without even a trial or chance for appeal?"

"Justice too long delayed is justice denied," Martin Luther King argued in his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail. King was not the first to argue that. It's a legal concept that goes back in our history two centuries or more.

Springville, UT

It's time to move on. Let each focus on one's own relationship with God and act accordingly. Luke 6:41.

Joseph Archer
Salem, UT

I expected this. If you did not, you were being fooled about it for some reason. Your dog was being wagged. Your ego stroked. Every day of your life you have woken up an American Citizen, and a Utah Citizen. If you'd like to secede, put up or shut up, and see who will take you in, or simply learn. to. get. along. You know. Deep down, somewhere, you know. The whole entire world is watching you embarrass yourselves because THEY know that you know. How long will the charade last? "Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these..."

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah in a leader in this area.

Sandy, UT

700 Marriage licenses sound like additional revenue for the state of Utah,
all in the name of 2 consenting adults ,that Love each other to have the same rights as anybody else!!!! Nothing wrong here !! Congratulations to all you Happy New Married Couples !!!May you all Live long and prosper!! God Bless
P.s. Surely all of you homophobes have other things to worry about.

Gresham, OR

The key arguments in commetns today in favor are: 1) homosexual marriage supposedly causes no harm to society (Except we aren't allowed to discuss any arguments to the contrary) 2) Preventing homosexual marriage is discriminatory, and a single judge can nullify constitutional allowance of lawful discrimination.

All right, so whatever a person wants is now ok, as long as they can say it causes no harm to society, and any discrimination based on what a person wants is not lawful, doesn't matter if it's in a constitution or not.

We need to apply this line of reasoning to everything people want from now on. One thing I want is a police car with lights and siren so I can drive 50 mph and go through traffic lights. I won't harm anyone and I want it and it's not fair for just the police to have it. I also want an Abrams tank, and I want to print money. I also want to make a puppy mill in my downtown apartment.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The judges actions are in excusable! With so much confusion and the need for further litigation, clarity of the law and appeals for him not to stay his decision, is reprehensible. And he issues his ruling on a Friday at 4:30 pm so that action by either party is hindered by the timing. To say he is not activist is denying the obvious.

I hope his ruling gets over turned and all the marriages are deemed null and void. I would go out and celebrate.

Eden, UT

Let's all re-read the Deseret News editorial that opposes gay marriage, but the U.S. Federal Court confirmed as unconstitutional. It is an editorial that will be used as an example of bigotry for decades. The Constitution is not "hanging by a threat," it is firmly in place - supporting the rights of everyone.

Salt Lake City, UT

'However, this is Utah, not CA not LA. This is a country with big traditions, and people that know better. (respect might be missing)'


However, this is America. Not just Utah. America is a country, not just Utah, with traditions that re-evaluate itself. To test those traditions to see if they are valid, and serve any purpose. Respect is missing from those who get federal aid…and still want to secede from this country. While telling everyone else to leave Utah if you 'don't like it'.

'The key arguments in commetns today in favor are: 1) homosexual marriage supposedly causes no harm to society (Except we aren't allowed to discuss any arguments to the contrary)'

I disagree.

It's been 2013 years.

Where. Is. The. Harm?

*'After 5 Years of Legal Gay Marriage, Massachusetts still has the lowest state divorce rate...' - Bruce Wilson - AlterNet - 08/24/09

*'TEN YEARS later, 85 Percent of Massachusetts voters say NO HARM from Marriage Equality' – AlternNet - 09/27/13

'Massachusetts now has the lowest divorce rate in the nation, same-sex families now enjoy full legal protections…'

The issue with biblical arguments is that they project harm.

They cannot prove, harm.


Try it sometime.

Kearns, UT

The only thing confusing about this ruling is how people are going to reconcile their religious convictions with marriage equality. Here's my suggestion on how to get over your personal confusion--pray about it. Don't pray to have the decision reversed because that will wind up being an unanswered prayer. Pray for understanding, compassion, empathy, charity. Pray to see how you can be kinder to all of your neighbors. Pray that this decision will help your gay and lesbian neighbors, friends, and family who aren't currently out can now be more open about who they are without fear of rejection. Pray that your congregations will honestly be more accepting of your gay and lesbian neighbors.

This is what I think all religious-minded people need to do right now.

Bountiful, ut

A boy can't "marry" a boy, and a girl can't "marry" a girl. How can such persons think those relationships can be called a "marriage"? For all of the history of mankind, marriage has been considered to be between a man and a woman. There is no basis in reason for anyone to redefine what a "marriage" is. None.

Missoula, MT

The Gay Rights movement tries to make gay marriage a civil rights issue like interracial marriage... A person cannot choose his race, it is genetic. There is no repeatable scientific study that has ever proven that there is a gay gene, Just look at identical twins; if it was genetic both twins would be gay. If it is not genetic then it is a lifestyle choice.

If it is unconstitutional to discriminate against the chosen gay lifestyle then it must be unconstitutional to discriminate against polygamy among consenting adults, The sky is the limit, we now live in a wide open society where if it doesn’t harm others its OK.

Eugene, OR

Howard W. Hunter remarried later in his life when it was clear that he and his wife weren't going to be having children. According to a lot of the posters here, his marriage wasn't valid.

Salt Lake City, UT

This has been great! We have been able to speak out and make our voices heard. We do not have to accept the derogatory beliefs that some may have towards us! We shouldn't have to ask others for the right to live our lives with dignity! There are enough people, now, that care enough about us to respect us! Should it be a battle to ask people for respect? Should it? When do we have the right to decide what is best for our own lives? The Constitution is something that should protect us all. It should protect us from those who would deny us our rights! We even had a civil war, remember, to decide whether or not a human being had the right to be free! I should not lose the opportunity to marry the person I love, simply because others have the belief that it shouldn't happen! We have that same right to love and marry according to our beliefs and what is important to us! We don't have to live our lives with our heads down! We certainly don't have to apologize to any of you!

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