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1,500 rally to celebrate unexpected decision that led to gay weddings in Utah

Published: Monday, Dec. 23 2013 6:50 p.m. MST

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Brigham City, UT

Why have elected officials if one person can sign a decree and 2 million people have to abide? You can follow Peter and Paul or not. You are Christian or not. You can't say that homosexuals are exempt from repentance but heterosexuals are not. Are people saying that anything goes now? That there is no sin? That only heterosexuals are accountable for sin? Thank heavens for the book of Romans.

American Fork, UT

This is fantastic. All these happy people making a commitment to marriage. Yet the stay which would have prevented all this happiness is deemed of an 'emergency' nature. What a fools' errand, trying to continue to enact an unconstitutional law, just because you agree with it. Thank goodness for the constitution, and the freedoms it offers individuals before mobs.

Provo, UT

One can only hope that this group of people find what they are seeking.

Allow me to express my honest skepticism.

Bountiful, UT

If you take the time to watch how human rights history has unfolded in America, from freeing the slaves, granting Native Americans citizenship, granting women the right to vote, and codifying Civil Rights in the 60s, it's easy to see this story will be seen in the future as a feel-good Christmas story, and maybe the message of Jesus will find a voice in the gay and lesbian community.

Watching the excitement of adults who looked like 5 year old kids this morning, you'd have to be non-human to not feel good for them.

perth, 00

Interesting take on Democracy

that an unelected judge overides the common voice of the people in the state of Utah is not democracy nor is it freedom

Defend your democracy Utah!

Salt Lake City, Utah

When the Constitutionality if a law is challenged in Court, those defending the law must be able to prove that there is a reason for the law - that the law furthers a social goal or protects against a social harm.

We do not live in a theocracy, so claiming the law is against a "sin" is not a legally valid reason. (There are many things considered "sins" by various religions that are perfectly legal - shopping on Saturday, shopping on Sunday, women wearing pants, haircuts, shaving, consuming alcohol, consuming pork, cheeseburgers, cheating on your spouse, etc.)

The lawyers for the State of Utah presented no evidence that prohibiting same-sex marriage furthers a social goal nor that it prevents a social harm. They were able to present no socially valid reason why same-sex couples should not be allowed to marry.

In view of the inability of the State to defend the law, the judge had no choice but to strike it down.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

can we just let these people be happy. It doesnt effect anyone else besides the people who are getting married

Salt Lake City, UT

The first commandment involves not worshiping other gods but we certainly don't stop people from practicing other faiths in this nation (well, for the most part, obviously some have gone after mosques and the LDS were run out of town in Missouri and those are groups worshiping the same Abrahamic god). We're not a theocracy, it's not our job to legislate sin.}

Many of you wanted Obamacare overturned because you consider it unconstitutional. I would hope we agree on the premise that laws that are unconstitutional should be overturned by courts and if we agree on that then this premise of a judge overturning this isn't a violation of democracy. The thing is of course we just disagree on which laws should face that.

salt lake city, utah

So now we're a democracy? What happened to the rant of we're not a democracy we're a republic?

Salt Lake City, UT

Amendment 3 passed in 2004.

Today, is 2013.

I have already posted various sources, including the Deseret news itself, to show support for LGBT marriage is now, a clear and solid majority. The 'will of the people' is for marriage. Not just straight ones.

Also, I have shown the American Pediatric Society showing that children raised under LGBT parents are NOT any worse off, than straight ones. So the only thing gay marriage does for children: Is raise they odds they will find a loving home.

Your belief in God is great. And has absolutely no bearing on how another person lives their life.

Other courts have struck down doma and prop eight, along with this judge. So law is on the side of marriage.

What is left?

700 marriages, at (roughly) $75 per marriage certificate…

Utah just made $52,500 in just 4 days.

NY allowed gay marriage in, I believe June 2011. In december..?

’NYC reaches goal of 50 million tourists’ – By Samantha Gross – AP – Published by DSnews – 12/20/11

3 words to save the US economy:

Gay. Bridal. Registry.

Salt Lake City, UT

The United States is not a theocracy. The government isn't here to protect your personal Bronze Age religious beliefs from 21st Century realities.

The principle of Judicial Review, including when necessary invalidating laws found to be unconstitutional, even when they're popular, is central to our government.

There is zero objective evidence that society is harmed in any way by same-sex marriage, and abundant objective evidence that denying mutually consenting couples a right to marry based purely on religious dogma is harmful. Utah's rationale for denying marriage equality has been carefully scrutinized in multiple courts and found to be lacking as a rational basis to support Utah's Amendment 3. As was noted during the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial of Prop 8, "The witness stand is a lonely place to lie."

Please, let this go. It's over. Marriage equality is here to stay. It's time to get busy resolving other pressing public policy issues.

Mchenry, IL

I thought the offices are ordinarily closed on sat?

Rhonda H.
South Jordan, UT

Marriage is between man and woman. Gays and lesbians cannot be 'married'. They can have a legal agreement or a personal agreement, but it will never be marriage.

Human rights? Humans have a natural, inherent right to have a father and mother who love them. There would be no future humans without both male and female. Our society is so messed up that it thinks that wants are 'rights' and that true, natural rights are nothing but wishful, outdated thinking.

Potsdam, 00

I can perceive of that joy they have, I understand their troubles went through.
(definitions might vary)

However, this is Utah, not CA not LA. This is a country with big traditions, and people that know better. (respect might be missing)

If the judge could not be stopped, if offices were run down by applications, then there is a reason for this.

I could think of several reasons.
One, it might be the fault of LDS people lacking to share more gospel.
Two, lack of teaching skills to explain the meaning of life.
Three, leadership issues at legal levels.
Four, not being prepared to meet these new challenges.
Five, leaving too much in the hands of god, things have to be done here by active people.
...may be you think of other reasons ?

Do not blame it on them, start with yourself.
LDS is known for improvement and creative thinking.

Wilf 55

Comments from those who reject SSM often point to the 66% Utahns who voted for "only traditional marriage" in 2004. They claim the voice of the majority is being silenced now. But that vote was almost ten years ago. If one looks at current polls (see the one on Fox13 Utah), a vast majority of Utahns has become convinced that SSM is the right thing to be allowed. It just takes time to shed irrational prejudice. In a few years SSM will have become a non-issue, like interracial marriage.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Based on this ruling, I would have to conclude that polygamy is legal as well now in Utah. You can marry who ever you want and have as many others living together as you want. Doesn't seem like it hurts anyone. Makes perfect sense.

San Antonio, TX

7 supporters quotes included in the article. Why none for the 2/3 of the state that last week thought they lived in a democracy and this week are disappointed to find out that they actually don't get a say in defining the laws that govern their society?

Where is the balanced reporting? i.e. "Meanwhile, John Johnson of Pleasant Grove, reacted in disgust and frustration saying 'Why couldn't the judge just wait a few months to let the normal legal process work? Why rush to a such an important decision without even a trial or chance for appeal?"

Shouldn't both views of controversial events be reported?

Fashion Police
Olympus Cove, Utah

Romans 1:27 "And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly..."

Los Angeles, CA

I see no reason that the Mormon Church should do anything but support traditional male-female heterosexual marriage.

However, it is nice to see that the church has begun to re-think its views on meddling in other people's lives.

Same direction the Pope has been taking the Catholic Church.

Boise, ID

This is a mockery of legitimate marriage. Those participating appear to be petty and mean-spirited people only seeking revenge against those who do not accept their behavior as equal in the eyes of God.

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