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Published: Monday, Dec. 23 2013 6:35 p.m. MST

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Potsdam, 00

In my 2 cents, the case rests with Shelby not with the Constitution.

If I would thought of a plan to introduce to my boss, not sure he shall take it, I would tip on a special sudden day. If I knew it is gonna work 100 pro, I could tell him long before.
So is that what you were doing, Shelby ? (If not Shelby, some else would have)

Is that how this country will change, by fraud and whisper policy ?
It was not that hard to figure Who, would give it a try.There is backup somewhere.

Utahns will soon wake up and see how friendly deceptions can be.
No harsh feelings here for anybody, just want to introduce another view about results coming by letting down our guards. Utahns might have to blame it on own shortcomings.

But now Utah is not Olympics, its on the news again.
How is this for the next public world Show ?
Remember Nephi ? All is well, there is no sin, there is no devil. All is Well.

Salt Lake City, UT

Can someone explain to me why upholding the principles of the Constitution of the United States is now considered "liberal activism"? The 800 lb guerrilla in the room, is that the opposition to equal rights to individuals is almost totally a religious one. Most any other explanation is intellectually dishonest.

Potsdam, 00

It makes sense now, Shelby and Constitution that has little to do with finding faults here.

Most people are just not aware what is going on, they are just doing what mainstream dictates them to do.

When I read in the BM about the Jaredites and Mulekites, it came clear to me this is the issue. This new "equal rights" movement is not directed toward religion or marriage at first.
The goal of evil forces is set to change language. We lose on language we lose on religion and marriage and anything that has to do with good values.

The record keeping Nephites knew about this, preserving language is preserving society and law. Keep redefining everything until nothing is left over to hang on to. Smart evil plan.

So the contention toward religion is just a cover up, weakening understanding by doubting meaningful words is the agenda. Woh, how to counterforce this ?

So we are losing on education, on legal justifications and on political confusion.
But then again, who knows what the Lord has in mind, next ?

The Scientist
Provo, UT


"...just as they are not now required to marry strangers who walk in off the street who happen to be heterosexual."

I'm not talkng about strangers. I am talking about members of their wards who are gay by who want a civil ceremony. When my LDS wife and I were married, her and her family were very close to a Bishop whom they asked to perform the civil ceremony.

You can't tell me there won't be similar situations -- a family in a Ward with a gay son who wants to marry his partner, and they call upon the good friend of theirs who is a Bishop to perform the civil ceremony? I guarantee you it will happen!

If the Bishop in such a situation wants to perform the ceremony, will he be allowed to do so by the Church? If not, where are his "religious rights"?

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