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Published: Monday, Dec. 23 2013 4:55 p.m. MST

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Jason Williams
Los Angeles, CA

Let me repeat that most any high school U.S. government student knows that, in the long run when legally challenged, voters cannot vote away our fundamental rights. Governor Herbert and Attorney General Perez should show some leadership and explain this fact to Utahns who appear confused about Judge Shelby's ruling. I hope that the governor and attorney general are not cynically pandering to the voters by supporting continued requests for stays to the judge's decision. They are just setting up Utahns who support opposite-sex only marriage for more disappointment. Although the governor does have formal legal training, he did graduate from high school. Attorney General Perez, of course, has extensive legal training. Those two state officials should stop playing political games and level with the people of Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

At Governor Herbert's Immigration Roundtable of 2010, Reyes made it perfectly clear that he is for legalization of illegal aliens ("bring them out of the shadows," he said -- and what else is that phrase supposed to mean?).

In notoriously corrupt Utah this viewpoint is, without a doubt, the real reason Reyes is Attorney General today despite truly remarkable odds (including an overwhelming defeat in 2012).

Retroactive legalization is the precise opposite of enforcement. It constitutes official refusal to uphold the law. Isn't the first duty of an Attorney General to uphold the law?

And if Reyes would repeatedly claim (with plausible deniability) that he is opposed to amnesty and to HB116 in a deliberate effort to obfuscate his support for the actual goals and objectives of HB116 (which include, of course, legalization of illegal aliens), is this an official the people can trust? Based on the above, the notion of Reyes restoring integrity to the Attorney General's office is laughable.

The state took a step backward, not forward, with Reyes's appointment. Reyes never should have been appointed to the post. He should be replaced in 2014.

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