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Governor, state attorneys say decision leaves Utah in 'chaos'

Published: Monday, Dec. 23 2013 11:20 a.m. MST

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spring street


our comment just makes me sad for your kids, it is unfortunate they will grow-up around such narrow views of the world and people around them.

West Valley, UT

I am fine with the allowance for gay marriage in Utah. But I am very disappointed that a judge can reverse a popular vote by the people.

cedar hills, UT

aislander, there is not "Congrats to Utah" as Utahns did not and do not support this. This was and edict from a liberal appointee who has no stake in Utah, it's citizens or their values.

St. George, UT

Just because the homosexual lifestyle is popular and supported by the majority of Americans, and just because 18 states now legalize gay marriage DOES NOT make it right. Nor does it change God's laws which we will ALL be held accountable for at some point. I feel for those who struggle with these attractions. Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.......


Pleasanton, CA

"I'm assuming that the same people that are supporting gay marriage will also support polygamy so long as it's in the name of "love." Polygamists aren't bothering anybody..."

. . .

If opponents to polygamy can establish a "rational basis" then, no. A religious manifesto is not a "rational basis."

But, if there's no "rational basis" to prohibit polygamy – or any other type of marriage – then yes, I will absolutely support all of them them. And so should you.

I, for one, believe that any religious sect that calls for and blesses everlastingly polygamy within their own latter-day scriptures should have the door opened so they can return to their roots and live it completely, fully, faithfully and legally.

West Jordan, UT

@antodav (posted at
I think the judge has read the Constitution, but have you read Amendment 3?
It does two different things: 1) "Marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman" and 2) "No other domestic union, however denominated, may be recognized as a marriage or given the same or substantially equivalent legal effect."
Therefore goes against the "Full Faith and Credit clause (Article IV, Section 1)" because Utah doesn't recognize the marriage in the state. That makes your argument invalid as far as there is nothing wrong with the law. You have actually proved that there is another thing wrong with the amendment.


What right, if any, does a person with a religion have. Does separation of church and state mean that those that choose to not separate themselves from God will not be allowed to have a voice in matters of state?

Leesburg, VA

@ patriot

"Wouldn't want to raise my kids in any public school in Salt Lake Valley going forward. Expect an explosion of gay teachers and other collateral damage."

My dear Patriot,
I hope you can keep a secret.... Your children are already being taught by some gay teachers in south Utah County... Shhhhh!

God bless all people getting married in Utah, heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Funny, but I hope Virginia soon follows the example of Utah (Never thought I would make such a statement).

Billy Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

The judge is clearly biased and that is hindering him from doing his job properly. The stay should have been granted because the decision is going to be appealed. A single judge should not be able to make such a huge decision. Judge Shelby clearly has ego problems as well. I am not saying whether or not I support his decision, because it doesn't matter. Regardless of how you look at it, this judge is overstepping his authority based on his personal views. No one should be celebrating a judge overstepping his bounds, even those who support gay marriage. Shame on Judge Shelby, not necessarily for his view on the issue, but for overstepping his authority. Shame on those who think judges should have this much power too.

mid-state, TN

@Wilson --

"Homosexuality by itself is unsustainable."

So what? Only 5% of the population is LGBT. Human existence is in no danger from gay marriage.

"It is unnatural and wrong."

There is nothing unnatural about it. Many many nonhuman species engage in homosexual behaviors out in nature. Therefore it's natural.

@JNA --

"Homosexuality is wrong and usually the beginning of the end for a civilization."

Please name any civilization that has ever ended due to homosexuality. Even a single one.

And before you try for Greece or Rome -- both of those civilizations lasted more than 1000 years while encouraging homosexual relations. The Roman civilization didn't end until about 300 years AFTER they outlawed same-sex marriages.

So let's see your examples. Please be specific.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

procuradorfiscal: "What a surprise that a corrupt, doctrinaire, liberal, Obama-appointed 'judge' would again violate his oath of office, deny due process of law, and take pot shots at the rule of law."

And here comes the Hatred!

You know what I find hilarious about this situation? I would be willing to bet those posting on here about how this ruling is so un-just and basically saying they want a higher form of Government to fix this ruling are the same ones who yell from the rooftops that we need less Government.

I just find it interesting how some people mold their views of the Government like a piece of clay. When it works for them it becomes a beautiful piece of art, when it doesn't it's a piece of clay they want less of.

West Jordan, UT

Messed up with my last comment... the "(posted at" was supposed to have a time. Missed that before commenting.

Centerville, UT

Here's the problem. Gays claim their marriages hurt no one. But that's not what the scriptures teach that are believed by the majority of Utahns. When a nation's laws become corrupted, particularly those that offend God (marriage was ordained of God), those laws mock God and he is apt to withdraw his protection from that society. That puts us all at risk of physical and spiritual harm.

Helaman 5:2

2 For as their laws and their governments were established by the voice of the people, and they who chose evil were more numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were ripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted.

Pleasanton, CA

Interesting comments on DN today. People wishing a Merry Christmas specifically to those mocking Christ's teachings of morality. Ironic. Also those poking fun at the LDS community saying God should have let us know this was coming. If you'd like to listen to General Conference and past General Conferences then I think you would know that the saints have been preparing for what's to come for a while now. As frustrating as it is, it is not surprising. The Bible shows us the change in people's mannerisms at the last days. 1 Timothy 3. Unfortunately, though people will be blessed for following God, they will still have to deal with the trials that will come through the disobedience of the majority to God's will. I can imagine that things will get significantly worse before they get better. I'm assuming there will be more and more justification of sin. Just because clergy (of another faith with authority being passed to them by man) performs gay marriage does not make it right and it will not be recognized by God. They are fooling others while being fooled themselves.

Here, UT

@2 bits;

If the decision would have gone the other way, what purpose would a stay serve? We couldn't have married before the ruling still wouldn't be able to marry after, right? The ruling can still be appealed, but if you think it would fail anyway, why spend all that money defending it, you obviously think the decision is the right one?


True marriage = true marriage; One-man/one-woman is only one form, among many, of "true marriage".


My nieces saw one of their favorite teachers in line on the news and they were thrilled for her.

@no fit in SG;

I don't think George Bush would be terribly unhappy, as his father was "witness" for a same-sex marriage (in the news) not that long ago.


I love you "activist Judge" types; you fill my day with laughter.


One more time; you can't vote on other people's rights.


I'm a Utahn, I did and do support this. You don't speak for everyone.


@Tumbleweed @Wilson

To all of the posters attempting to use religious beliefs as an excuse to justify intollerence - thank you, I needed a good laugh today.

Why you don't understand that religious thought has no legal standing, well, that is beyond me.

Live and let live.

Park City, Ut

I'm a strait married man and have been for 18 years same wonderful woman, we have three kids. Thrilled with the ruling, ether everyone is afforded the same rights, or we have no rights at all! Does this ruling affect our marriage in any way shape or form? No it does not. Just like defining marriage between one man, one woman did nothing to stop Homosexual couples or even Polygamist couples from living with one another and defining their co-habitation as they saw fit. So the only hurdle remaining was how we taxed these fine folks, and what privileges they had. Why deny people who love and care for each other the same rights everyone else is afforded? If you think homosexuality is a sin, that's fine, that's your issue. You can believe that all sorts of things are a sin, but you don't get to enforce your personal beliefs on others, at least not for very long. And to think it was Utah's law that was the straw to break the camels back. How ironic.

Savage, MD

I can not choose to be homosexual anymore than they can choose to be heterosexual. I do however draw the line at polygamy. You can not make polygyny legal without polyandy....so what is exactly the point of marriage when you are basically a group that randomly has sex with with others in the group? I don't see the reasoning on how gay marriage leads to polygamous marriages. Marriage is basically a legal contract between two people.

San Diego, CA

Sodom and Gomorrah....enough said

Centerville, UT

@The Real U: Voters have standing and the people of Utah, most of whom are religious, not only voted to stop blasphemy against marriage, which God has ordained, but they have the right to vote the free exercise of their religion. Or did you forget about the Free Exercise Clause like the federal courts seem to have? Funny they recognize adult porn as "free speech" but have completely forgotten that our laws are based upon the commandments God gave Moses, which eventually developed into our common law (which incidentally considered, until just recently, homosexual sex to be an egregious felony). Like I said earlier, the people of Utah have a right to rely on their vote to keep their law from being offensive to their Maker. I fear for my children and grandchildren that the Divine protections we once enjoyed because of the reverence our laws had for Deity will soon disappear and the American people will pay a heavy price in physical, spiritual and emotional suffering. May God remember the efforts of those who have worked so hard to keep our laws from offending Him, our Creator.

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