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Published: Sunday, Dec. 22 2013 7:30 p.m. MST

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no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Smart decision.
Obviously, a sign of the times.

Farmington, UT

With Matheson out of the national picture there's little chance the Democrats will gain much traction in Utah, especially in light of Obamacare and flaunting the Utah Constitution and the will of the sovereign voters in this state with regards to Amendment 3 this past week. Utah will remain solidly GOP and any adjustments will center around Mike Lee and the Tea Party. So no reason to hold the convention here.

Kaysville, UT

The GOP is falling apart with payday loans leading the way with the kind of integrity that isn't lasting in the souls of men and women. Integrity is not in Utah politics and the other party would have a heyday wreaking havoc for our State if there was even a hint it might happen here. People think their actions won't bring discredit to our society of State.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

They could not get the duck dynasty guys to come here for the opening speech?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Why would SLC bid to host the GOP Convention? Just to give Rocky Anderson and his crowd something to protest?

If I were the GOP I'd NEVER consider having the convention in SLC (after seeing how rude the SLC Government leaders have been towards other convention guests they didn't like).

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Good. Maybe the Democratic Convention will come here?
Let us pray.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Would this have to do with the GOP being too liberal for the powers that be in Utah?

Salt Lake City, UT

I was born in Hawaii.

I have lived in Utah for over 10 years.

And with the mindset of some of the majority here….

I would not recommend anyone come to Utah.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

We are fortunate we had more enlightened, creative, and courageous decision makers in place when it was time to pursue the Winter Olympics.

Provo, ut

Good Pagan and when will you be moving? Mike you said pray in the same comment as Democratic party...Don't you see the irony?

Salt Lake City, UT

'We are fortunate we had more enlightened, creative, and courageous decision makers in place when it was time to pursue the Winter Olympics.' -

I disagree.

'Cost to Host Olympic Games SKYROCKETS' - ABC News
- By Julia Campbell

'The $1.3 billion in federal spending is more than DOUBLE the amount of federal funds '$609 million' that supported the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta. (sic) 
I think it is a disgrace,â said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who, along with U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., asked the government agency to investigate the escalating expenditures for hosting the Olympic games in American cities. But this is a logical extension of what you get when you start pork-barrel spending.- Article

When is it smart to DOUBLE the cost of something?

Salt Lake City, UT

BU52, maybe you have not noticed…

but Utah is changing.

The only thing I need to do to promote change, is stand right here. :)

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

I think with the Judges and Federal Courts tearing our laws and culture apart we shoul refrain from bidding or participating in any political, sporting, or other event and become isolationist. In other words drive all the fornicates away from this State!

Bountiful, UT

Let's face it, SLC is considered "cute" and "dependable" by most large businesses and associations. Sophisticated organizers do not consider Utah as a convention destination, it's more in line with family reunions. That's why we have a call center mentality, nice people to talk with on a telephone.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

@2 bits

Really? You're saying Salt Lake isn't conservative enough to host a GOP convention? I think I just spit coffee on my screen. Have you never left Utah and lived in another location? I think some horizon-broadening is in order.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

Utah needs to be very careful about striving to attract heavily-televised events during the winter and summer months now that our inversions create awful air quality.

Just as people held their breaths during the 2002 Olympics that we'd have clear skies for the three weeks of sporting events and festivities, it will be much more difficult to hope for clean air with the world's news cameras everywhere showing the local sights and views in 2016... Our air quality will be much, much worse by then.

Worse, with fossil fuel interests sponsoring various GOP events and advertising, only to show how those fossil fuels foul Utah's air will create much negative publicity for our fair state. Such publicity will hurt our tourism and ability to attract new industry... a bad, stinking mix, if you ask me!

Let's keep our air quality our own little secret!

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