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Published: Sunday, Dec. 22 2013 5:45 p.m. MST

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

A lot of you guys are well versed in changing the expectations so that you can delight in BYU's failure to do something that wasn't part of the original discussion.

Does BYU, and Bronco, aspire to compete for and win a national championship? Yes.

Would it be better if they didn't say that out loud? I don't think so, but many of the ankle-biters seem to.

Did BYU declare independence to make piles of money, or somehow find a magical hidden path to the BCS, or to keep up with Utah? No, no and no..

Did BYU declare independence because it was the only option available that was better than staying in the MWC? Yes.

Does Bronco's plan result in bowl success? Well, duh.

Does BYU wish it were in better bowls? Well, yes, but this year, we seem to be about where we deserve.

Would his plan work against better bowl competition? Right now I just hope it works against Washington.

Might next year's weaker schedule result in a better bowl? Maybe so. Let's just worry about Washington for now.

Orem, UT


BYU solidified their 1984 NC by beating Michigan in the Holiday Bowl.

BYU won their NC by winning 24 straight games, by finishing in the Top 7 in back-to-back seasons and in the Top 12 in 5 of 6 seasons from 1979 to 1984 to develop the kind of national cachet required to convince the majority of coaches and sportswriters that BYU was the most deserving team to be selected the Major College Football National Champion for 1984.

The proof of those statements is displayed proudly in BYU's Legacy Hall of Fame.

btw, what evidence do you have that "the Church would probably like to just do away with all sports in general if they really could"?

The fact that General Authorities often attend BYU football and basketball games directly contradicts your assertion that the Church would probably like to just do away with BYU sports.

If/when BYU wins it's next football or basketball national championship, you can be assured that there will be numerous positive comments and publicity from and about the Church.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

G-Day etc.

"Your comment makes no sense regarding this article. 7-15-1 was BYU's bowl record prior to Bronco Mendenhall.

Since Bronco Mendenhall BYU's bowl record is 6-2."

He's referring to the "1" and the fact that someone played for a tie in a worthless bowl game.

North Salt Lake, UT

So now the emphasis is on winning the Mediocre Bowl?? What about emphasizing winning your opener....Or beating your mediocre rival...or playing with passion and heart in the biggest games on your schedule when something is on the line (Wisconsin, Notre Dame). Bronco has taken BYU football to a new level alright. Unfortunately, It seems mediocre has become acceptable to the fans at BYU because they've been fed a line that says the honor code limits getting top notch athletes. That's a bunch of hogwash. If I recall we won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and had several other top notch seasons with the honor code in place. The problem is coaching pure and simple. Until we see through that you can count on seeing the same mediocrity year after year which is fine if that's all you care about.

Central, UT


Utah is a member of a conference and has access to any bowl affiliated with it. I know many Utah fans and not a single one is jealous of BYU in any regard.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Re DeepBlue:

If you're happy with not giving underclassmen/reserves the extra reps they would get with 9 practices, then more to power to ya. However, don't act surprised when BYU loses horrible early games ala Virginia and enters the month of October with two losses - again. To focus only on the bowl game is very shortsided. The starters don't need the reps, but this years reserves that will be next years starters need those reps. I don't understand why this so hard to understand.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

"He's referring to the "1" and the fact that someone played for a tie in a worthless bowl game."

And that "1" happened in the Lavel era, and the bowls weren't worthless. Back in the day when Utah actually went to bowl games, most of them were of the "worthless" variety.

For the longest time, Lavel took teams to bowl games; Utah didn't go. Is that what made them worthless?

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


"Utah is a member of a conference and has access to any bowl affiliated with it. I know many Utah fans and not a single one is jealous of BYU in any regard."

Utah has no access to any bowl regardless of conference affiliation because the Utes aren't good enough to qualify for a bowl.

Don't kid yourself.

Utah fans are insanely jealous that the Cougars will be playing in their 9th straight bowl, while the Utes are left on the outside looking in at the bowls for the 2nd straight year.

Gilbert, AZ

Y Grad / Y Dad

The two main reasons why LaVell's bowl record isn't nearly as good as Bronco's:

1st and foremost - LaVell's teams played much more difficult opponents. 15 of LaVell's 22 bowl opponents were ranked in the Top 25, including 10 in the Top 15.

2nd - BYU didn't have an indoor practice facility during the LaVell Edwards era. I remember BYU practicing for bowl games in the cramped confines of the Smith Fieldhouse where there simply wasn't enough space to run proper passing routes. It's hard to keep a high octane passing attack sharp when you can't even practice your complete offensive package.

Bronco's team destroyed then #16 Oregon State, but Bronco has only faced one bowl team that finished in the Top 25, #25/#25 California in his first season. That said, 6 of Bronco's 8 bowl opponents did finish in Sagarin's Top 35, so Bronco has beaten some good bowl opponents.

Gilbert, AZ

Ed Grady

I'd rather see BYU win their bowl game, than worry about preparing for next season. As DeepBlue said, there's plenty of time to prepare next year's team for next year. Some of the starters for next season won't even be joining/re-joining the team until spring or fall practice.

Park City, UT


"We've had our eyes on BYU for years." Fight Hunger Bowl director Gary Cavalli. He called Tom Holmoe the day BYU went independent.

Similar things have been said by the directors of the Poinsettia Bowl and Las Vegas Bowl.

When was the last time any bowl director expressed an interest in Utah playing in their bowl?

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

For the life of me I don't understand why some BYU fans think that winning this years bowl game and preparing for next Fall are mutually exclusive events. BYU can do both - use 6-9 practices for the underclassmen/reserves and 6 for the bowl game preparation. I'm just tired of watching BYU losing two games in September simply because the team is not ready to compete. I don't buy the excuses given for leaving 9 practices on the table.

Palo Alto, CA

"I'm just tired of watching BYU losing two games in September simply because the team is not ready to compete."

The Virginia game was an anomaly. Taysom was returning from a season-ending knee injury after only starting two games in his BYU career. That combined with a two-hour lightning delay, torrential rain, and a slick ball glancing off the hands of a receiver setting up Virginia for a gift game-winning touchdown. I blame Anae for that one.

The main culprit in the Virginia and Utah losses was the offensive line, most of which wasn't even available for spring ball, let alone the previous bowl season.



That was not his point, you completely missed it. They don't have to make the upper classmen or the starters or 2nd stringers practice all the practices if they want to heal them up, but why not use those extra 9 practices to give the young guys the practice reps they never get and won't get in spring? Why not have Billy Greene spend 9 practices getting 1st team reps? Why not have those young offensive linemen get 9 practices worth of reps? Why not have all those young guys do that?

It is foolish of Mendenhall to squander that opportunity, one of many foolish things he does.


@Ed Grady

I'm with you man, not a whole lot of thought in some of those posts.

@stringer ball

Uh....that "worthless bowl game" you are refering to was the Holiday Bowl, a bowl Utah never even came close to making it to, and it was between 2 top 25 teams, BYU and Iowa, and featured a Heisman trophy winner and two of the most legendary coaches in college football history. You Utah "fans" display your ignorance over and over on these boards. LOL!

Salt Lake City, UT


Welcome back from Tulsa. We missed you all last week after the 17 point stomping your basketball team endured.

Good luck to Bronco and the Cougs in their bowl game.

Palo Alto, CA

Fight Hunger Bowl Exec Dir Gary Cavalli:

"Within 5 min of (BYU independence) announcement, I called my old friend Tom Holmoe... and booked BYU on the spot."



I haven't gone anywhere?

South Jordan, UT


I made no comment on whether they played in the tier of bowl they "deserved" (whatever "deserves" means relevant to the BCS and its very "objective" way of choosing national championships).

What I was saying is that BYU under performs. They have better athletes, facilities, and resources than the "Hungry Bowl" (and by the way that was the lamest bowl game I have ever seen. Seriously only one sideline.) and yes it is shameful. Under performing has been Bronco's secret to bowl success. Now go pretend like Utah's super inconsistent play over the last several years puts them in another league of awesomeness. Truthfully both of these programs are way to high on themselves. Neither one has done much lately. If Utahn's should be proud of any their programs it's USU. They have done some really special things as of late.

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