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Published: Sunday, Dec. 22 2013 5:45 p.m. MST

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Herriman, UT

7-15-1? Whoever thought that a tie was an okay end for a postseason?

Florida Boy
Melbourne/USA, FL

BYU became an independent in football in order to provide themselves an opportunity to; (1) make more money through an ESPN contract. (2) Allow themselves national coverage through their own BYU network; and to play a schedule that would assure them an opportunity to secure an outside chance at landing a BCA bid.

As an Independent, BYU has played a rather tame schedule, and in doing so, has not performed up to the expectations set forth prior to the '13 season. Beating cream-puffs, and manhandling D1 schools in their down years is never enough to attract positive national attention to their program. Winning 7 games against a weak schedule will only get them an opportunity to play other low achieving teams. Is this all this team aspires to? BYU seems to be pretty comfortable playing in 3rd Tier bowl games - playing before New Years on a yearly basis.

BYU football is mired in mediocrity, and will never get over that hump until they can successfuly recruit blue-chip players. Unfortunately, most blue-chip players have their sights set on programs who have an opportunity to play in a major conference with an automatic bid to the big dances.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Florida Boy
You have the reasons mixed up. #1 is for exposure. A distant second is the money. The money is nice but not anywhere near as important to BYU as the exposure. BYU already has great facilities and operates well into the black financially.

Salt Lake City, UT

Florida Boy - "play a schedule that would assure them an opportunity to secure an outside chance at landing a BCA bid."
If that was the goal, they did it wrong. They schedule was too tough. This year, to achieve your #3 (BCS) they needed to ditch all but 2 schools from the big 5 conferences, and maybe beat only one of those.

The UCF Knights which are headed to the Fiesta Bowl on this schedule:
Wins against Akron, FIU, Penn State, Memphis, Louisville, Connecticut, Houston, Temple, Rutgers, USF, SMU. One loss against South Carolina Gamecocks. The Cougars could have maybe run that table as well as UCF.

If BCS was the goal, the Cougars should have dropped Virginia, Texas, Utah, and Georgia Tech in favor of lighter competition. They're playing for that "best of the mid-majors" spot, not a "one of the big boys" slot.

Apo, AP

Florida Boy,

Although we'd all like to think that teams have gotten stronger or weaker, for the most part, teams today are about as strong or as weak as they were 20 years ago. BYU has never had top recruiting classes and they probably never will. BYU's glass ceiling is in part a reflection of the honor code, their church affiliation, and their priorities. Unless those change, the glass ceiling remains. Take your pot shots, if you will, but BYU is more than just a football team with an academic wing (although I believe that a few universities in the US fit that bill).

BYU's goal will remain to do more with less, to maximize their potential and to be a University with good athletic programs attached. They will occasionally have some top 10 years, but not as consistently as the teams that put football #1.

Salt Lake City, UT

We can always dance around and hypothesize about where BYU is lacking, but we need to remember that these are young men playing a game they love. That is what it boils down to. Having major football success could be a curse for BYU. Look at Johnny Manziel. Look at that Winston guy at FSU. The spotlight is bright and garish. And it brings out the worst in programs and players. Let the boys play. Watch if you want. Whine if you want. But either way, BYU will do what it deems best.

South Jordan, UT

I think Florida Boy has the right general idea. Bronco Mendenhall's key to bowl success has been underachieving. BYU simply doesn't play in the tier or bowls they could or maybe even ought to. BYU's move to independence was sold as a way to make them a legitimate national championship contender, what it really has been is a way to maximize money and exposure while minimizing the need for success. I still follow BYU's program, but not very passionately these days. The truth is that the powers that be don't seem to think that putting together a top 15 football team year in and year out is important. My love for great football outweighed my loyalties to one program.

Phoenix, AZ

Mendenhall should have emphasized winning in the regular season more.



Your comment makes no sense regarding this article. 7-15-1 was BYU's bowl record prior to Bronco Mendenhall.

Since Bronco Mendenhall BYU's bowl record is 6-2.

Central, UT

@I am I

BYU plays in the bowl tier that they deserve, and that is by contract. The only option for BYU is the Hungry Bowl (yep I know the real title but if I was a fan this is what I would be, hungry for more and better) which is a step down from where they played as Mt West Champion. The 6th choice of the PAC12?. Is this what BYU football really is, 6th choice caliber?

Maybe if there was more realism during the off season, no more Natl Championship hype from the program itself, expectations would become more aligned with the reality of the physical universe in which we all live.

Fort Benning, GA

Selling independence as a path to a National Championship is exactly that, "selling". That was not the intent when it the decision was made, but Tom Holmoe and coach Mendenhall needed to sell something to the fans. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wants the football team as a missionary tool. Play all over the country, produce some good stories and be at least better than average. I think the Church would probably like to just do away with all sports in general if they really could, but there are positive benefits of having sports and teams.

BYU is not and won't be a NC caliber team, probably ever. Even the '84 team, which was a great season, was probably not the best team in the country. The opening win against Pitt that year ended up not being that great due to the season Pitt had, and the win over Michigan was against an average Michigan team. It was a lucky season with no real BCS or playoff system. I think something similar to that would have to happen for BYU to even get a sniff at a NC game in this day and age.

Sandy , UT

Maybe Breonco should emphasize beating the BCS competition they play each year. Their next year schedule should get them double digit wins which will satisfy a lot of BYU fans who do not wish to play tough competition week in week out.


meanwhile the Utes continue to lift weights and cheer for their basketball team.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Alls I know is there is know better bowl game coach and program in America.

orem, ut

Maybe Bronco should put more "emphasis" on the Utah game so we could finally beat them.



Utah 10th choice of the PAC12. Lost to Washington. Not invited to bowl, but did win their traditional yearly "bowl" game against BYU. No BYU for next 2 years so likely no bowl game. End of story.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

I'd like to see BYU use the bowl game as an opportunity to get ready for the next year as well as win the bowl game itself. To waste 9 practices bugs me.

Orem, Utah

CougarColby, et al

BYU's NC win vs Michigan was valid, so quit dissing it. Michigan's record might have been mediocre, but the team BYU played wasn't.

ALL of Michigan's losses that year were when their big running back was out with injury. He wasn't when they played BYU. They won all the games when he played, except for BYU.

All of the pollsters that voted BYU the champ knew that, else they wouldn't have voted that way.

And keep in mind that BYU did it with a QB limping on an injured leg.

As far as a future NC, BYU will be in the mix as time goes on and they continue to get BCS-quality teams on their schedule. It's just a matter of winning, and that's not out of the question. Could even happen with Hill & Williams. They're quite the one-two punch. Just young and inexperienced as yet.

Also, with the new scheme, 4 teams have a chance at it in the near future, not just 2. That helps with the odds of being there.

Anaheim, CA

Ed Grady

Did you bother reading the article?

"It’s giving our guys time off, getting them fresh again, getting them back in the weight room so they can get their strength and conditioning back," said outside linebackers coach Kelly Poppinga, who also played in a couple of bowl victories as a Cougar. "Really, it’s just time off. I think a lot of people on the outside complain about that. But we use it to our advantage, getting guys fresh and healthy again."

There will be plenty of time next spring, summer and fall to get ready for next year. Dozens of players who will be playing next year are still in high school or on missions.

I'd much rather have a healthy, well-conditioned, well-motivated team ready for the bowl game. Bronco is 6-2 in bowls, with the 2 losses by 10 points or less. Why mess with a formula that's working?

Anaheim, CA


Utah plays in the bowl tier that they deserve, and that is by contract.

A team that isn't good enough to win at least half their games, doesn't deserve to be playing in a bowl.

Don't kid yourself. Jealous Utah fans like you would give their eye teeth to be playing in the Hunger Bowl.

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