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Published: Sunday, Dec. 22 2013 12:20 a.m. MST

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Lincoln City, OR

By the way... Duck fans are a "Classy Group"... It was a tough game, lots of opportunities for friction but yet many stopped us as we were leaving to tell us that BYU is one of the toughest teams they have played this year and many admitted that they should have lost... There were no bad feelings... We shook hands, laughed, cheered loudly for our respective teams, and patted each other on the back when we finally left after a heart breaking loss.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Didn't see the game but in this article, NOTHING said about Tyler Haws, where was this "go to guy" setup where he can make plays and free throws?

Cottonwood, CA

These guys can't finish. Carling loses his mind when things are close. Chokers

scottsdale, AZ

Come on people, have a clue. The Refs last night were NOT Pac 12 refs. They were WCC refs. The refs didnt beat BYU as many of you wrongly claim. BYU plays less than NO defense The guards have no idea how to cover anyone. The bigs will always be in foul trouble because of the guards

Lincoln City, OR


Little argument on Carlino... It's a two edge sword though... We needed a hoop at a critical time, would loved to have got it to Haws but couldn't... Both Bigs had fouled out and Collinsworth can't shoot free throws, or mid range shots or 3 point shots... Carlino is streaky but willing to step up and take the responsibility for critical shots... In retrospect, he should have put up a floater.

Rose and the Players represent the school so they will never criticize or compliment officiating... I don't have those restraints.

@Herbert Gravy...

Rose would love to use Worthington as a reliable back up to BYU's starting Bigs... The problem is that Luke has shown little Offensive finesse and poor Defensive Foot Work which leads to a high foul p/min ratio that you can't afford in crunchtime... IMO, that is the reason he didn't play last night.


My main concerns were calls that I thought were wrong at crunch time... If replay shows the defender was set and not in the no charge zone, and that Calliste's foot was behind the line on his first 3 attempt then I'm wrong.

Rifle, CO

I didn't get to see the game but listened to it on the radio. It sounded like the team made some good adjustments from earlier in the season as far as trying to work for good shots and getting the ball more consistently in the hands of those who shoot for higher percentages. The team has had some struggles with guys forcing up low percentage shots early in the shot clock instead of working for high percentage shots. However it seemed that they reverted to the same problem the last 4 minutes of regulation. It is crucial at that time to get the ball to your best shooters (Haws) more often and others shouldn't shoot unless they are wide open or have a good inside look. This means guys like Carlino have to be more patient. He can keep driving, but he needs to look for more dish offs or kick outs to open players on those drives.

Salt Lake City, UT

The refs were WCC refs.

Guess we'll have to find another reason for the loss.

Idaho Falls, ID

"Come on people, have a clue. The Refs last night were NOT Pac 12 refs. They were WCC refs. "

You are incorrect sir! The truth is they all service both conferences. 2 of the officials spend about equal time in the WCC as the PAC 12, whereas the head official of that game, Michael Irving, officiates twice as many games in the PAC12 as he does in the WCC.

Yes, there is unlikely any bias from the officials in that game but if there was, it would probably lean to PAC 12's favor. You really ought to get your facts straight before you blast the fans.

Orem, UT

Make lay-ups, make free throws, bench Carlino. He makes two bonehead plays for every brilliant play. He's an anchor. He might be a nice kid...but put the ball in Collinworth's hands and play other guys who will play a team game.


I was wowed by the Coug's tenacity and the way they kept the Ducks on their webbed heels ...until the end, and we got quacked. Are our guys so rattled by live games that they just can't get those free throws? I hate to see certain guys fouled - but we used to be a top FT team in the country? How did it change? Is it just the athletes or is not that aspect of the game focused on as much? It's been the difference in wins and losses for us and will continue to be, unless...and turnovers killed us too. We've been playing top teams too, and have run well with most. This one and Iowa State will really stick in our craws.

Phoenix, AZ

BYU's problem is CARLINO. That guy gets the ball and because you don't know what's going to happen, you get games like this. End of regulation, if Carlino doesn't drive the lane and try and be a hero, waits for the rest of his team and sets up a play instead of shoot against 3 Oregon players, this game ends differently with a 2 point basket for BYU and Oregon missing two free throws as was what happened.

Carlino is the difference between 12-1 and 8-5 season.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

Like the Ute Football team proved earlier this year, 'almost' just doesn't cut it. Sure, it's a bit of comfort to know that they hung in there, but an L is an L, and a W a W.

Anaheim, CA

Cool Cat Cosmo

Football and basketball are two entirely different animals when it comes to the post season.

While bowl games only care about wins and losses, the NCAA tournament selection committee looks at the whole picture, including good losses and bad wins.

In other words, losing to the #13/#11 team by 4 points, on the road, in overtime, counts as a very good loss, and is far more impressive to the selection committee than a win over a 200+ team.


TroyTown, but that credit starts to diminish when just about all a team does is lose to the quality competition. IMO, BYU will have to avoid any conference upsets, and at least split the St Mary's series to feel good about NCAA tournament hopes. They've got a short list of quality wins, and an ever-growing list of quality losses.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

It seems like the number one sport for BYU fans has become blaming the officials for every game you lose. It's that darn us against them complex they have. They believe the whole world is against them.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Let's face it. We've got another "Duck Dynasty" here.

St. George, UT

It's simple, good teams make free throws. Hmmmmmm unfortunately for BYU they couldn't hit....

Hyrum, UT

It's quite predictable that Ute fans would try to defend the refereeing from their living rooms while the people who were actually at the game... including the TV announcers... saw it for what it actually was... blown calls at critical times toward the end of the game that literally changed the outcome of the game. That happened, regardless of the referee conference affiliation.

But hey, when you live and die by your PAC12 affiliation, you gotta stick up for it regardless of whether they are right or wrong. And they were actually wrong this time... based on how games are officiated around the rest of the country,

tucson, AZ

here is the game problem in a nutshell MISSED FREE THROWS !! We lost to Iowa State because of MISSED FREE THROWS, we lost to Wichita State because of MISSED FREE THROWS. Most of the guys are 50 and 60% free throw shooters for the season and then there is Tyler Haws who is 90%. What a terrible disparity for college basketball players. The defense knows that when ever Mika Gets the ball in clutch situations they are going to do the hack a shak routine and put him on the line. Bartely, Collingsworth, Austin, Carlino all need to put in major minutes improving this facet of their game before it costs us anymore wins. Probably the worst free throw shooting team I can ever recall seeing at any level in my 45 plus years of watching sports.

Hyrum, UT

Three things made this loss especially difficult to stomach:

1) Losing after being ahead literally 98% of the game.

2) Having 3 points taken away by a bad referee call with under a minute to go, that was proven to be so by replays that couldn't be used to set things right.

3) Shooting free-throws worse than an average high school team does... again! If BYU could shoot them at even close to the NCAA average, they would have at least 2 wins against nationally ranked (and previously unbeaten) teams. Shooting free-throws as consistently bad as the Cougars do has got to be blamed partially on the coaching.

The coaches should have Hawes teaching the rest of the team free-throw fundamentals at the end of every practice for as long as it takes to achieve measurable significant improvement. Obviously, it hasn't been enough of a priority.

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