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Published: Sunday, Dec. 22 2013 12:20 a.m. MST

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I don't know how in the world any one can blame the officials for the loss. Let's look at it statistically, total free throws BYU 36, Oregon 31. Personal fouls BYU 23 Oregon 22. It looks pretty even to me. Don't miss 13 free throws and you win the game going away.

Orem, UT

It's all about free throw shooting. Maybe I shouldn't talk as a couch potato who is 100% free-throw shooter in the comfort of my recliner. But, my understanding is that improving free-throw percentage is just a matter of mastering good form and investing the time. But maybe there are good players who just lack the motor skills or the emotional composure. I'd be interested to hear the opinions of coaches and ex-players out there. Say what you want about the PAC/WCC refs. This game was lost at the line to a very fine team.

Eugene, OR

I just wanted to say what a great game. Your team is going to do great in conference. My Ducks were lucky to get out of this one without a loss. Both teams are only going to get better after playing a game like this. Good luck the rest of the way.

Layton, UT

BYU played a great game until the starters "ran out of gas." If they would have hit a basket in the last 2 mins. of the game, they would have won.

They are a young team, and have great potential.

Go Cougs!

Idaho Falls, ID

@Silent Lurker
You don't seem to understand the difference between making excuses and self evaluation. Blaming the refs is making excuses (you're right about that one). Blaming poor foul shooting is just stating facts. BYU outplayed Oregon and beat them in just about every statistical category except foul shooting and turnovers . If even BYU would have shot their abysmal free throw average they would have won this game, despite all the turnovers and BYU's bigs fouling out. But they didn't, and the score is the most important statistic.

When some posters are so blinded by hate, they lack objectivity, and thus lack credibility.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


"Tom, just because Ernie Kent says something doesn't make him right. Bartley had clearly not started his upward motion when the defender was set. Good call. Bad drive by Bartley."

StG -

And your vast experience and expertise qualifies your opinion to trump Ernie Kent, who took his Ducks to 5 NCAA tournaments and the Elite 8 twice. Get real.

Idaho Falls, ID

At least 3 of the 5 BYU losses can be attributed to really poor foul shooting, and that is just a shame.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Silent Lurker -

"now you can start your conference play in the cracker box league. But wait isn't (did you mean didn't) St Marys and Gonzaga dominated(did you mean dominate) you?"

You beat Evergreen Tech and now all of a sudden your DOMINATED utes are something special?? At least our "cracker boxes" are sold out, unlike the echo chamber on the hill.


Tom, neither mine, yours, nor Ernie's "vast experience and expertise" accounts for anything. The officials' opinion is all that matters. Yours just comes across as sour grapes.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Tom in CA

7,700 people showed up to watch Utah play Evergreen St. None of the WCC gyms would be able to hold that many people. They can't even come close

Richfield, UT

To those of you who say the charge call was right on Bartley the announcer's who agreed that it should have been a block are PAC 12 announcers.


shaybo, no kiddin'?! Well then that settles it! The WCC refs should've been told that the "PAC 12 announcers" disagreed, they surely would've changed it then!

Big R
Danville, CA

Just to educate some of you...there are no Pac-12 officials. The Pac-12, Mtn West, WAC and WCC all share an officiating pool with the same head of officials. I'm a BYU fan, but get so tired of BYU fans blaming the officials for every loss. Find a new line already! Be better sports and treat others better. It is who we are.....isn't it?

Lincoln City, OR

I wasn't going to respond to some of the ute comments, but I can't help myself...

First, Spokane Ute... I appreciate your comments... It's clear you saw the game and you understand hoops... We just disagree on a couple of calls and the concept of comparing the number of fouls to determine whether a game is called objectively.

@gored... It's clear from your comments that you are totally lost... You obviously didn't watch the game and yet launch criticisms that show that you really don't follow the sport too closely either... In Basketball (more than any other sport) Home Court Advantage matters... You might not know that since your team has only played one game away from the HC so far this season (and you lost that one BTW)...Anyone that knows anything about College Ball knows that BYU has had a few excellent years of recruiting (four 4 stars and three 3 stars is excellent) and in fact is the best in the state... As for coaching, Rose has one of the best win-loss percentages in the country and has routinely been rated in the top 20 of NCAA coaches.

Lincoln City, OR

I think all agree (those who saw the game and most of those who didn't but still had a need to comment)that the Cougs lost the game at the line last night... From my perspective, the Official's missed some critical calls that happened to stand out because they occurred at crunch time.

Layton, UT


I don't disagree with you but Carlino was rejected at the bucket twice at the end of regulation. Somebody needs to put a bridle on him at crunch time. BTW, I don't ever remember Coach Rose and the team complaining about the refs.

salt lake city, UT

I never saw a ref with his hand up in the face of BYU players while shooting a free throw. There called "free" for a reason.


Big R, thank you for reinforcing a point I've tried to drive home to whiny fans for the last couple of years now. Folks, there's a very informative website, and since I can't post URLs, I'll just say that it is called statsheet and ends with the most common American URL ending. It provides stats for each and every college basketball official, which games they've officiated, their tendencies of making certain calls, etc.

poyman, there is no denying the Cougs Couged it at the charity stripe. I'll go ahead and respectfully disagree with calls being missed in crunch time, although I do believe an out of bounds call awarded to BYU at least warranted a replay in the final minute (one of the few situations a play can be reviewed in college basketball) because they resumed play before anyone got any good look at it. Overall, however, I feel it was called pretty fairly.

Lincoln City, OR


In close games, officiating is always going to be examined... I am one who was critical of a couple of late calls... IMHO, Officials of PAC12 games seem to call more fouls and are the most inconsistent during the course of a game... (I have played and coached at several levels including HS 5A and Division I).

Your comment that the WCC, WAC, MWC and the Pac12 use the same pool of officials is news to me... That certainly wasn't the case when I played and coached (but then that was 20 and 40 years ago).

Your comment caused me to do a little quick research however, and from what I could see, in my 5 minute review, was that pretty much all conferences in the west attend the same "training venues" but they are still scheduled separately... Although it looks as though the Pac12 and the MWC plan to intermingle this year under the coordination of the MWC... If you have additional Info, please share your source.

Regarding criticism of others who questioned the officiating? You need to get over yourself and stop the hypocritical preaching... People have a right to opinions... Deal with it.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Any word on Luke Worthington?

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