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Published: Sunday, Dec. 22 2013 12:20 a.m. MST

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Lincoln City, OR

On a neutral floor, with non-pac12 officials... BYU wins this game by double digits...

However, if Rose doesn't do something about improving the teams Free Throw shooting there will be many more losses down the road.

Guys who need the focus the most are:

. Collinsworth... His shot is horrible, lacks confidence and doesn't square to the basket... His shot (mid range, 3 point, and free throw are shot too much from the side and he's not balanced and doesn't square to the basket.

. Mika... Too many moving parts in his shot and release and doesn't bend his knees...

. Austin... Mechanics are good, just needs more free throws which comes from attacking the basket on offense.

. and Bartley needs to relax... His percentage is way worse than it should be... His shot and release in general is not as good as it should be for a #2 or a #3. Too much left hand in the shot.

BYU ranks at #242 in Free Throw shooting amongst 351 NCAA Division I teams at 67%... Pathetic for a team in the top 25 in RPI... However, 67% would have won the game tonight with 2 additional points in regulation.

Richmond, VA

I hate not having the game broadcast in our area. As for the team's continuous struggle with foul shots, you'd think the guys would take that on themselves without the coaches telling them to improve. I understand Tyler got to be good in it because he spent hours practicing shooting free throws. Repetition and practice breeds confidence which results in improvement. But, what the heck do I know? Maybe the coaches are preaching that same gospel but just not being heard or taken seriously. Also, we are in serious need of an extra big man like some are advocating, preferably a 7'ter with mass and skill. I can only hope and dream!

Go Cougars!

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Excuses, excuses, excuses that's all we here from BYU fans. Blame the refs, blame the free throws, blame being on the road, oh and don't forget the tough pre season schedule. Now BYU starts the meat of their schedule and only plays two teams in their cracker box league. But take heart cougar fans you can watch them on BYU tv.


It appeared the Cougars back was broken on the Bartley charge. That being said, watching the replay over and over again I have to agree with the refs. It that had been Haws he may have pulled up and tossed in a soft fall away jumper. Great game to watch and to watch growth in the big men in each contest. Mika, it seems, needs to catch, turn and put in rather than putting the ball on the floor where he is still deficient in the college game.

South Jordan, UT

It was the refs?
It was the home cooking?
If only a neutral floor.

No way can we blame the 18 turnovers.
No way can we blame al the missed free throws.

These refs work more WCC games than PAC 12 games.
The calls were 23 fouls vs. 22 fouls.

8-5 now.

You gave it a great Cougar try and almost did it. Now stop making excuses.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Greg Wrubell said on the radio that the refs were WCC refs.

Ray E.

During the last four minutes, was it just me who was screaming at the TV for the Cougars to SLOW the game down? With 3:33 left and a seven point lead, I counted five or six possessions where a guard ran down the court and either clanked a long shot or lost the ball in traffic before the rest of the team had crossed midcourt. I realize that it is not BYU's style to play half-court offense, but had they burned 20 to 30 seconds of clock on those possessions, this game would have been a huge W in BYU's book, and better yet, another chance to stick it to the PAC-12. Great game boys--you left it all on the court.
PS: The refs also made some awful calls against Oregon.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Wah, wah, wah. BYU lost because they can't hit free throws. All complaints about officiating are just "sour grapes." As another poster pointed out, referee's usually work multiple conferences as is the case with this group.

Iowa City, IA

Way to go Cougs, don't hang your heads. You are young and at least have figured out how to play hard and stop worrying about the other Jersey.

With no seniors on the team, these learning curves are going to be steep, but this season is going to have some great memories to it, including a trip to the NCAA.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Excuses, excuses, excuses that's all we hear from BYU fans these days. Let's see, the ref's cheated us, even the announcers thought we were homered, we were on the road again and the list goes on. Well now you can start your conference play in the cracker box league. But wait isn't St Marys and Gonzaga dominated you? Oh, and in addition you can see them for free on BYU tv. Yep, BYU the only team in America that has never lost a game because of poor foul shooting, poor shooting in general, poor defending, poor coaching, or just because the other team was better.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

I love BYU hoops! But the vicissitudes of their performances are quite frustrating. Where is the consistency? And this is not limited to hoops. Football is the same way. I love Coach Rose. But When I was coaching, inconsistency was known to be a reflection of my failure to create structure and discipline and, instead of relying on well-practiced execution, trying to get players psyched up for games with motivational speeches. Excitement and motivation failed against Utah. In the long run, structure and discipline will beat out pep talks every time!

South Jordan, UT

LadyMoon, I agree. This team needs "mental toughness" especially at the end of close games. That and an emphasis on free throw shooting! That alone would win games with the points they lose by mission free throws!

Go Cougars!

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Had to listen on radio and did not hear Luke Worthington's name called all night. Did he play? Suit up? What's the "story", if there is one?

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

The officiating was just normal folks. The charge call at the end of the game was a good call. We missed free throws and Carlino and Collinsworth both turned the ball over in crucial moments in regulation which could have won the game. This team needs to learn to close it out. They will and my prediction is we win the WCC if we play this well against Gonzaga.



"On a neutral floor, with non-pac12 officials... BYU wins this game by double digits..."

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. I think that needs to be BYU's new motto. When BYU loses (and that's happened five times already this season), it's never their fault. It's always the refs or the scorekeeper or someone who has it out for them. Have you ever thought that maybe with improved recruiting, coaching, etc., that possibly your team wouldn't constantly be stuck in this excuse-making mode?

scottsdale, AZ

Blaming the refs for a loss is weak. The complainers only remember the "bad calls" that went against them, not those that were called on the other team. BYU would be better served to practice 15 foot shots and quit whining.

blue & white
Boise, ID

each player should shoot a minimum of 100 free throws a day (except Sundays) as long as they are at BYU, including the off season. if they are already shooting 100 / day then double it. Do we need a free throw mechanics coach? some of those guys look awkward when shooting the free shot. if we made the free throws in all of the games we lost we may be undefeated. think about that.

Ivins, UT

"We need a dedicated free throw coach on staff"

Hey, I'm not busy. I'll take that job. I will show all the players how to walk up to the line that has been conveniently painted on the floor for them, then you shoot the ball into the basket. Okay boys, now do that 1000 times a day. Coach Rose, I'll be in Monday morning to pick up my paycheck. Thank you!


So if this trend continues on the year and a few quality wins against Stanford, Texas and maybe St. Mary's are weighted against quality losses to Iowa State, Wichita State, UMass, Oregon, most likely Gonzaga, possibly St. Mary's, and perhaps Utah depending on their conference results, where will they stand? Are 2-3 quality wins versus 8-10 quality losses, with possibly one or two bad losses along the way, enough to make the NCAA as a 12 or 13 seed?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Great watch, I thought BYU played great they had Oregon dreads to right. I thought the officiating was good. Free throws killed BYU. After watching Gonzaga yesterday, BYU is a better team and can easily win the WCC. The battled last night, BYU is battle tested, I give them big ups for last night, even in defeat!

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