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Published: Sunday, Dec. 22 2013 12:20 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Fun game to watch. BYU was playing out of their heads though the better team did win.

It gets a lot easier from here. Should take 3rd in the WCC. It's kind of a big deal.

Kamas/United States, UT

Can never finish out a game. NIT here we come

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Cougars lost from the line again.

Cougars (Bartley) got cheated out of three points by the blown call (even the TV announcers confirmed it) at the end of OT. Whatever it takes to give Big Boy the "W". Pretty tough to beat the Zebras.


Two Words



Cottonwood Heights, UT

Those darn refs beat us again!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Two Words: Free Throws"


If BYU shoots 75% instead of 61% from the stripe, they win.

Still, a great effort by the Cougars tonight against an undefeated, Top 12 team on the road.



A little early to be pulling the plug on BYU's NCAA prospect;, in fact, if the Cougars split with Gonzaga and St Mary's, and win the rest of their WCC games, very doable, BYU will be all but guaranteed a spot in the big dance come Selection Sunday.

Kamas/United States, UT

Sort of doesn't matter because we lost, but Carlino had a double-double...with rebounds...basketball is screwed up these days


Didn't watch anything until the last two minutes of regulation (interestingly, when the game finally got interesting). Both teams seemed bound and determined to give the game away. Oregon's defense on Haws was embarrassing. He's possibly the best scorer in the country when not gameplanned for, but very mediocre when he is. Then they finally come back to tie it and are sure to win it at the line... but miss them both. But in the end, between Eugene and Albuquerque today, the meaning behind the term "Cougin' it" was strengthened tenfold.

Tom, just because Ernie Kent says something doesn't make him right. Bartley had clearly not started his upward motion when the defender was set. Good call. Bad drive by Bartley.

Richmond, VA

Disappointing to not see the game again but it seemed we fought hard but still came up short as usual. I wished we pulled it off but unfortunately we didn't. Once again from reading the article it seems the team's f/t demons were still not exorcised. A few more shots made at the critical o/t period would've given them the upset but I'm please nonetheless that they didn't bust like they did against the Utes. Gonzaga also lost so there goes the only WCC team that was rank this year so far. Oh well...looking forward to conference play anyway!

Go Cougars!

Farmington, UT

BYU stalled when they got to 84. PAC 12 officials called traveling against BYU on a rebound but not against the Ducks in a similar situation on the other end of the floor. Carlino missed two lay-ups. Officials called a charge that the announcers said should have been a block and instead of being up by 3, Cougars fell behind.

Oregon could and should have won in regulation, and had two chances to hit a single free throw, but missed both. Great game, no one has taken it to Oregon like that on the Ducks home floor. Foul trouble killed BYU's big men.

Cougars let another one slip away. But it's hard to beat those PAC 12 officials when they aren't consistent except to call in favor of their own conference, whether in basketball of football---it never changes. Still, BYU played a solid game and should have finished with a victory. They had about 6 chances after getting to 84 before they finally got another bucket. There's little excuse for missing lay-ups, by the way.

Overall, very good game to watch.

west jordan, UT

If the Y had spent time in the preseason and in the past weeks trying to improve their free throw shooting....they probably win...but it was obvious the officials took control at the point when Bartley scored and the basket negated by a very obviously blown call... that's the PAC 12 for ya... had the correct call been made, and if Bartley makes the free throw, I think they take the game because Oregon was down to 0 time outs....but... place some focus on free throw shooting and you do not give the refs a chance to take control....

south jordan, ut

You can try to blame the refs but calls on both sides we bad. Foul shooting killed BYU. They need to shoot higher than 61% to win a game. After all, they are free. In the end this was a fun game to watch.


toosmartforyou: "PAC 12 officials called traveling against BYU on a rebound but not against the Ducks in a similar situation on the other end of the floor."

From what I understand, they made the exact same call against Oregon earlier on. The announcers also mentioned this. Don't let that keep you from hearing, seeing and believing only what you wish to, though. I don't see what all the hubbub about the Bartley charge call is. The defender was set before he began his upward motion, that's a very easy call.

And please ratsoutah, these same "PAC-12 officials" in this game, Michael Irving, Frank Harvey and Glen Newberry have also officiated a combined 18 WCC games against non-PAC-12 schools, versus 16 TOTAL PAC-12 games (10 of these only coming from Irving). Took me two minutes to look up. Do a little research and save some embarrassment.

Orem, UT

What is the stat for BYU's last four minutes in every game? How about games against teams over .500? It seems that BYU just folds up and closes shop at the end of every game. And when is our other "body" coming back? Mr. Football, Bronson Kafusi...BYU needs another good five fouls to give, especially late in the game. Bronson could sit on the bench until the second half, then bring him on to beat up some guys...

Boy, we sure need SOMETHING. This is the same in Football...lose against all the pretty good teams...

Getting old guys! Note to coaches! And get local broadcast...Direct TV don't carry PAC12!

Tooele, UT

Quit blaming the officials for the loss. The Pac 12 refs didn't walk up and clank a dozen free throws. The refs didn't force a drive up two before anyone else came down the floor. That was a terrible decision by "Matty Ice" as Wrubel calls him. He's more like ice melt!

The call in overtime was the right call. All watching listened to an announcer claim it was the wrong call. How hard would that be to see in real time? When watching in real time, it was the right call. Any time you slow a play down to frame by frame, it would be impossible to ever get a call right.

BYU bombed this game. Not the refs.


BYU is playing better this year than expected even with this loss. BYU has been weak with the big men for the past few years, especially when going to the bench, with the change in game plan this year they definitely look better.

Just need to keep improving and fix this year's free throw slump which is difficult to fathom with so many good guards on the team.

Lincoln City, OR

I was at the game... It was a very hard loss to accept for a Coug fan... Reasons:

. BYU led the entire game and controlled the glass... At least they did in the first half until the pac12 zebras decided that Oregon wasn't going to win with the 2 BYU Bigs still in the game... If either Austin or Mika finish Regulation, BYU wins.

. Free throw shooting continues to be atrocious... It's like our place kicking game in Football... We are horrible at it and it doesn't appear that it has moved up the coaching staffs priority list at all... We need a dedicated Free Throw coach on staff. Nothing more painful than Collinsworth shooting free throws... The guy drives and handles the ball a lot and get's fouled a lot, but he can't hit better than 60% from the line and more like 50% at crunch time.

. Our Offense needs work... Once the opposing team shuts down Haws, then we get a steady diet of one on two, or one on three with Collinsworth or Carlino. Mika has a tough time handling the ball in the paint, and Austin is too intimidated to shoot.

Lincoln City, OR

It's always easy to blame losses on Officiating and most people don't buy it... But pac12 officiating, IMHO, is the absolute worse in College Basketball... In general they are inconsistent and seem biased against any OOC Team that comes to play their teams... (Ask Wisconsin about pac12 officiating in football).

But since I was there... Here's my take on blown calls that significantly hurt the Cougars:

. The 5 free throws that they gave the kid from Oregon who had 30 some points at the end of regulation... Austin and Sharp should have never left their feet and they deserved the call on the shot... However, from my vantage point the guy's foot was on the arch line both times... And both times the Refs wanted to give him 3 shots... He did get 3 shots the first time but the video was more clear the second time so they had to reverse themselves... He hit them all to close the gap in regulation.. One point too many...

. Barley's drive in OT should have been an "and one" instead of a charge... The defender was not set and it looked to me that he was in the "no charge" arch.

Portland, OR

I was at the game, and let me tell you those refs couldn't make a proper call all night.

Crestucky, FL

It's all mental and in knowing HOW to finish! If you can play even in regulation, you can win in regulation or overtime! BYU must master the mental focus and confidence to put the game away - mental toughness! It's up to the players to develop this as a team and develop it now going into conference play!

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