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Published: Saturday, Dec. 21 2013 6:25 p.m. MST

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Leesburg, VA

To Utah's Governor Gary Herbert,

Sir, be wise with your place in history. Former Alabama Governor George Wallace is widely known for taking a stand that was immoral, bigoted and in the wrong side of history.

J. S.
Houston, TX

I hope this governor will spend more time on economy and creating jobs, instead of trying to take away same sex couples' right to marry. and frankly, no matter how he fights, no matter what kind of legal battles, even setbacks ahead, marriage equality will eventually win out and stay in Utah!

Bob K
porland, OR

Dear Gov Herbert:

One understands that you are compelled to attempt a quashing of the recent ruling, both by those who voted for you and your church.

I respectfully suggest that the "chaotic situation" comes purely from you and other officials not preparing for the inevitable arrival of marriage equality.

The judge really had no "wiggle room" NOT to rule for equality, due to several precedents, and because, especially with the Federal Government granting equality of benefits, etc, to same sex married, there is no legal or moral justification to continue to put a group of tax paying citizens out in the cold to please churches.

The ruling was due no later than next month. Was everyone playing ostrich about the very real possibility that the judge would do his duty?

On another DN thread, someone asked how the judge could possibly not follow the lds Doctrine of the Family, since it is so simple. Maybe you feel the same, but I believe Federal judges are sworn to follow the US Constitution, not my religion or yours.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

This is the real world...not the little bubble of fantasy that much of Utah fancies itself.

ute alumni

thanks out of staters for having such an interest in utah. let's see, California, Oregon, Virginia and Texas. wow!

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Dear Governor Herbert,

I am a faithful member of the LDS Church and a voter in the great State of Utah. I support gay marriage. If gay marriage is contrary to God's will, I am confident that He will deal with it in His own way in the hereafter. I don't feel that it is our responsibility to deprive our brothers and sisters of that most basic desire to see their love recognized through the formality of marriage.

mid-state, TN

I can see it now...the name of "Herbert" right alongside "Wallace" on that memorial wall of infamy...

Salt Lake City, UT

Probably wouldn't be so "chaotic" if not for the fact that same-sex couples know they very well have to get their marriage certificates in a matter of days before a stay is likely to be issued thanks to the appeal.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Amen Ricardo. You make way too much sense for the state of Utah. Letting God do God's work is way too radical a concept.

The Gov. need to get the Attorney General right on this. . . . oh wait Utah doesn't have one and the last two will be busy keeping their butts out of jail. Oh well political leaders in Utah will still play to the cheap seats, same as always.

American Fork, UT

Fix the situation. The court ruling isn't the problem.

Saint George, UT

Ricardo: P.S. LDS leaders, those whom you say you support, refer to those things you support as quite the opposite of "Love." The Proclamation on the Family is quite clear. God will not recognize their relationship as "Love." In every case and reading of mine over many years, it is referred to as just the opposite. Repentance is the part of the here, as well as the hereafter. One has to recognize the mistake first,however. After a lifetime of living a certain way, I doubt those who have been living that way will even recognize what it is they need to do to change. Perhaps we will all end up in exactly the place we choose. In that sense, progress is stopped, which is also a good reason to stand up for what you know is right to give people a chance to make a choice.

Bob in Boise
Garden City, ID

It is a sad day for Utah and for our nation. Forget that the issue is same sex marriage. One federal judge should not be permitted to decide what the marriage law should be in Utah. If the amendment is to be overturned, it should be done through the political process.

Dietrich, ID

How can people claim to be faithful members of the LDS church while publicly disagreeing with what his servants said? I sustain the prophet but. What makes them smarter than people the Lord called to preside over them? Smarter than God himself.

And why were people able to run to the county offices right away before another court rules. Hopefully the licsences will be revoked any case the laws of God won't say they are married and Religious people have as much a right to defend there rights as irreligious people. A higher court will overturn this law!

New to Utah

Utah has spoken and they support traditional
Marriage 66% vs 34.%, One activist judge should
not over rule this.

South Jordan, UT

I applaud Gov. Herbert's attempts to allow the will of the people of this state rightly determine our laws, rather than one judge.

Tucson, AZ

In response to Baccus0902's comment that Governor Gary Herbert could be known as "immoral, bigoted and in (sic) the wrong side of history," I think the quote "When 40 million people believe in a dumb idea, it’s still a dumb idea" best describes what Governor Herbert is up against. If 40 million people--or more--view him as immoral and bigoted, so be it. At least he will be standing on a matter of principle. Let the chips fall where they may, Governor Herbert, if he makes a stand against judges legislating from the bench, will be on the right side of history for trying to uphold the Constitution.

I might add that even Barack Obama has indicated on numerous occasions that "gay marriage" is an issue that should be decided on the state level--of course the chameleon might be evolving on that one too.

Centerville, UT

@Ricardo Carvalho

"I am a faithful member of the LDS Church ...If gay marriage is contrary to God's will, I am confident that He will deal with it in His own way in the hereafter."

If you are a faithful member of the LDS Church, then you know full well that gay marriage is against God's will. Either you believe in revelation or you don't. The Proclamation on the Family isn't just some nice looking parchment you buy at Deseret Book to hang on the living room wall. 'Faithful' members of the LDS church had better settle this issue in their minds. We don't hate or hurt gay people. But we also don't help usher in something we know is against God's will. Either the President of the Church is the Prophet, or he isn't.

Cedar City, UT

Why so many liberals commenting on the Deseret news? You can go yead the tribune if you don't like what is written here. There they will tell you all you want to hear about how blind the rest of us are.

Tucson, AZ

It seems like everyone in favor of "gay marriage" keep calling it a "right." Unfortunately, the word "right" is the most abused and misused word in politics. Why? Because if advocates for a cause can change society's vocabulary regarding a certain issue, they can change how people think about that issue.

If people think it is a right to have free contraceptives, then shame one those who would deprive them of such an inalienable right. Many think abortion is about a woman's right to choose. It's not. A woman makes a choice when she chooses to have sex--something that can lead to pregnancy. Pro-lifers support a woman's right to choose, but with choices there are consequences. Many pro-lifers are even in favor of allowing a woman to choose an abortion if she was raped. Why? She didn't have a choice in the first place.

As for "gay marriage" being a right? Abraham Lincoln said you could call a dog's tail a leg, but that wouldn't change the fact that the dog still only has four legs. In short, call it what you want, but that doesn't make it so.

Phoenix, AZ

"Now, look at the 'equal protection of the laws' part. This means, of course, that all citizens are equally protected. It doesn't mean that one group is allowed to do harm while another group isn't."

There's where you're going wrong. Yes, the equal protection clause says all citizens are to be equally protected (have equal rights). It says nothing about harm, which is a subjective issue and not part of the cause. Therefore, under the Constitution, it's about equal rights only. Thus, all marriages are to be protected... including gays, polygamists, heterosexuals, etc.

"Gay marriage does no harm."

How can you be sure? Gay marriage hasn't been around long enough in any kind of numbers to make such determinations. Furthermore, there is 'harm' in some heterosexual marriages. Then should that form of marriage be banned?

"Polygamy and incest do."

If there's harm in polygamist marriage (and I doubt there is) it is not from the marriage but probably from religious or other teachings.

As for incest, there are no incest marriages to make a study or judgement. And if it's about offspring, the government has no business being involved there.

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