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Published: Friday, Dec. 20 2013 4:40 p.m. MST

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Pocatello, ID


But somehow, that talent beats Tradition, Spirit and Honor head to head. Like a hammer pounding a nail.

Go Utes

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

To all BYU haters,
I thought the U moved past BYU three years ago? Why is BYU still the measuring stick you use? You are beating BYU in recruiting but how are you doing against the rest of your so called rivals? Last I checked you were near the bottom against the rest of the league! It must make the MUSS and the rest of UTE nation proud and excited that you just hired the failed ex-coach from that great football mecca Wyoming to be your next OC!!! No bowls and now retread WAC coaches!!! Onward and Upward????



And yet you'll be watching BYU play in a bowl game and utah will once again be nowhere to be seen. LOL!

Pocatello, ID

Reno and Duck

Let's face it. BYU fans want to be better than Utah so badly they can't stand it. But, because BYU can't beat Utah on the field (or the court now) they have to try other ways of "proving" it. So they go to the moral superiority, ESPN contract, our stadium holds more, or we get a bowl game argument.

Reality: BYU has peaked in the WCC and the Fight Hunger Bowl, while Utah, though struggling in its first few years in the Pac-12 continues to spank BYU, is in the position that all BYU fans want to be, and have a much higher ceiling than BYU can even fathom. At that reality rots BYU fans to the core, so they troll Utah articles, and try to get their jabs in. And that's fine, because it is just an indictment of their own insecurity.



Three words for the future of Ute football. Mediocrity, mediocrity, mediocrity. Basketball has a much better chance for future success in the PAC than football.

Pocatello, ID

And Duck,

You're incorrect, I won't be watching. Welcome back from Tulsa and Merry Christmas

Elk Grove, CA

The reality is that it might take two or three decades and many head coaches to become competitive in the PAC-12. Just look at how long it took Arizona and Arizona State to become competitive when they left the WAC to join the PAC-10. You can't blame Kyle Whittingham for this dilemma. Facilities need to improve as well as the University of Utah's academic reputation needs to improve to bring about consistent winning seasons. Yes, Utah has defeated BYU the last four years along with overall recruiting. However, BYU will continue to win because it doesn't play overall schedules too far above its competitive level like Utah.


We truly appreciate your concern, byu "fans", but to be truthful, we Ute supporters aren't really that worried about your continual rude remarks toward our athletic programs. It just further shows how much you guys are jealous about us and our new conference, and the fact that your school received no invite to a major conference.

And, yes, we still own you in both football and basketball.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Utah owns NOTHING where it really counts, on a national scale

BYU has won 12 of the last 16, 129-126 overall in basketball; BYU has 17 AP Top 25 finishes to only 5 for Utah in football

The Utes are a has been in basketball and a never been on a national scale in football

NCAA Tournaments during the Rose era
BYU - 7
Utah - 3

Bowl Games during the Mendenhall/Whittingham era
BYU - 9
Utah - 7



So since utah won in basketball for the first time in 8 tries, and only the 2nd time in 13 tries, they now "own" BYU in that sport? Will that also be the case when BYU next beats utah in football despite it being the first time in several tries? I'm sure you will try to spin it differently in that case but that is the standard hypocrisy of a utah "fan".


I enjoy how bitterly you respond. You know as well as I do that it is an embarrassment and a gut punch to know BYU is playing in another bowl game while utah is once again not in one. Yes you can make all of the whiney SOS excuses and "but we beat BYU" declarations you want to make but the fact remains utah is a losing team, firmly established as such by multiple consecutive seasons of losing records, and non bowl team, once again firmly established as such by multiple consecutive seasons of no bowls. Facts.

Pocatello, ID


How was my response bitter? I wished you a Merry Christmas

I like every Utah fan is bummed we aren't going to a bowl game. But, I also recognize the progress made by the team. Though the record was the same, they defended the spread a lot better, and when healthy, the offense was better.

As far as BYU is concerned, I like them to lose all the time, but a gut punch, not at all. You know as well as I do that if Utah had played BYU's schedule Utah would be going to a bowl game just like BYU. The real gut punch is that Utah, as bad as BYU fans think they are, continue to beat BYU like circus monkeys. The other gut punch, is that until gets to a power conference BYU will NEVER have the potential that Utah has.



"Potential" huh? I bet that is fun to watch. Losers gain perspective.

Pocatello, ID


Is that why you have such a deep perspective that you have to share with all of us? LOL

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