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Published: Friday, Dec. 20 2013 4:40 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Whit is the man for the job

We were literally 3 plays away from being 8-5. True Utah fans aren't panicking, we had the hardest schedule in the nation!

I wonder what the average wins is for teams with the hardest schedule in the county.
Two years ago we couldn't have beaten Stanford and taken ranked osu, ranked asu, and ranked ucla down to the final play.

We will get some of those bounces next year and be fine

I welcome a brutal schedule. In a couple more years we will be glad we got better by playing with the best.

Next year, even without a couple gimme wins against local WAC programs I still see a good season.

Go utes!
Onward and upward

South Jordan, UT

thomasjefferson: You REALLY nailed it!

Woods Cross, UT

Chris B,

I have a huge amount of respect for KW. But check out how the recruiting is going. Poor win-loss and no bowl games have damaged recruiting to the point that Utah will be in a horrible situation in three years. You can't win the PAC-12 with only three-star recruits. You know that, and you jab naive BYU fans who think every year is a potential national championship. Recruits don't care about SOS. The kids look at rankings and bowl games. I personally don't believe that KW will see another rivalry game with BYU. His time is limited.

If I was KW, I'd keep my options open. He may once again coach an elite winning team in a big conference. But I doubt it will be at Utah.

Alpine, UT

4-5, 3-6, 2-7,

2014 could easily be 1-8

Don't see how Whit will survive another bottom of the conference, bowl-less season.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Put your BYU blue away for just long enough to use reason instead of emotion.. .

Fresno State at home - a toss up? Really?
Arizona at home may be a toss up but not a automatic losses.
Same with USC.
Washington State and Colorado are not toss ups either.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Utah will win a whole slug of games next year but your assessment was a tad ridiculous. I just wish we could schedule the Y again.

Richmond, VA

Alpine, UT

"The Utes will have to win all of their toss ups just to finish 4-8."

Ouch! That's a brutal assessment, bro! I wouldn't bet on that!

Good luck Utes! And Go Cougars and Aggies!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I chuckle while reading these posts. It is more than just a tad obvious that most of the gloom and doom posts are from bitter Y fans. Kyle is a great coach who will probably pull this out. If he doesn't, we will get Pac 12 caliber coach who will. The future is bright on the hill folks. Pasadena is not far away. I am excited.

Layton, Utah

@Chris B
LOL so now losing makes you better? How so? LOL ridiculous If that's the case then Byu will dominate Utah from here on out after losing 4 times in a row right? LOL

Orem, UT


"It is more than just a tad obvious that most of the gloom and doom posts are from bitter Y fans."

BYU fans are simply stating reality; it's crimson-glasses wearing Utah fans who've chosen to ignore the fact that having 6 OC's in 6 years is a sign of program that is in deep trouble.

let's roll

Coaching isn't the biggest challenge at the U.

Sixty 4 star and above athletes signed with PAC-12 schools in 2013, only one of those came to Utah.

So far in 2014, forty 4 star and above recruits have signed with PAC-12 school, again Utah has only one.

Nick Saban couldn't win consistently in the PAC-12 with that large of a disparity in talent (USC didn't sign a single 3 star athlete in 2013, they were all 4 or 5 star).

The truth is no PAC-12 school circles the Utah game on their schedule and I don't think any team Utah played in conference this year points to Utah as their best effort of the year.

Truth is, as Utah gets better and wins a couple of game in Conference, teams will view them as a threat and things will get harder.

I'm a fan and want things to improve, but I'm realistic enough to understand that it will be a long, hard road. In my mind differentiation has always been the key to improving, so I'm concerned that hiring an OC who runs the spread just makes Utah another "me too" school running the flavor of the month offense.

Salt Lake City, UT

What does it tell you about the quality of coaches that they ACCEPT demotions, rather than find a job somewhere else? Either they are too scared, too complacent, or not respected enough to find a job elsewhere. Ed Ogeron did a fine job as the interim head coach at USC and when he wasn't considered for the head job resigned, because he had pride and confidence in himself and his reputation.


A story ran on the ESPN web site yesterday about which conferences were the winners or losers in the recent conference realignment. The PAC-12 was the runaway loser according the analysts, citing Utah specifically as not bringing anything to the conference. They even went so far as saying CO was at least moving in the right direction. These analysts implied that it was a big mistake to have invited Utah to the PAC-12. This is a perception held not just by these ESPN analysts. If they're saying it others are saying it, too, and this wil impact future recruiting. So far, Utah hasn't done anything to convince unbiased observers that they aren't in over their heads.

In spite of the "all's well at the UoU" comments of those like Chris B, and blaming jealous BYU fans of finding fault where there is none, Whittingham's really up against it now. The only way Utah can overcome the aforementioned perception is by winning and Whit had better start doing this next season.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think you are on to something Rock.

If you've always been a defensive coach you probably never paid much attention to the offense when you were coming up through the ranks. Now you are a head coach and all you know about offense is that its not working. So what do you do? You keep throwing people under the bus until you finally get someone you trust and who knows how to explain stuff to you.

Maybe now Utah will actually invest in more depth for the offense even if it comes at the expense of the defense. Problem solved.

This could be the start of beautiful relationship...

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Just watched Ender's Game yesterday. A word of advice for Witt---Know thy enemy. Witt knows BYU so he doesn't lose often to them. He needs to know the teams in his conference better in order to defeat them.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You do realize that Utah has beaten byu in recruiting every year for the last 4 years right?

So if utes needs to worry about recruititing and Utah is beating byu every year....

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Chris B

Success is not defined by one game anymore. For Utah success is defined by how they do in their division first and in the league second. Beating BYU is nice, but there isn't much to gain from a victory. Most of the fans aren't happy with how the Utes have performed. They have not kept up with the league in recruiting and the results on the field reflect it. Utah is playing tougher schedules and they are losing a majority of their games, failing to make bowls and what wins they have had have all gone down to the wire.

Utah needs to recruit better or improve coaching. Which will it be?

North Las Vegas, NV

The ESPN article also mentions that Utah was the 68th most watched team, behind San Diego State, Air Force, and SMU. I found it surprising that the move to the PAC really hasn't materialized into what everyone thought it would. More exposure? Maybe, hopefully eventually for their sake, but it's certainly not there yet.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

If Christensen doesn't work out - Lane Kiffin might be available next year.

Layton, Utah

Pac 10.2 already 0-1 in bowl games LOL

Layton, Utah

@Chris B
And yet all those NFL recruits you keep spouting bout can't get to a bowl game LOL

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