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Published: Friday, Dec. 20 2013 11:45 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome coach to the prestigious Pac 12!

We already beat an incredible Stanford team and took ranked UCLA, ranked OSU, and ranked ASU down to the final play.

This team isnt' far from competing for the Pac 12 title.

Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"I am also excited to be back coaching at the BCS level"

Yes coach, we know what you mean! As you know, its vastly better than being a non-power conference team!

Blue Collar
Huntington, UT

Hey, maybe they can rekindle some of those magic years that they had together at Idaho State. Come to think of it, Wyoming is an offensive powerhouse aren't they? Kyle your going to be looking for a new job after next year.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Get ready to see a "Go Fast Go Hard" offense here in the state of Utah!

nampa, ID

@chris, that sure was a nice way of saying welcome to the basement. ....lol!


Another year and another OC! Me thinks I see a pattern. Why not make them Co Co Offensive Coordinators? Perhaps the OC isn't the problem ... just saying. The common denominator through all of the OC's has been Coach Whit, and Brian Johnson. I'm willing to give Coach Whit a psss for now, but Johnson has done nothing for us. Let him go!

Farmington, UT

Yup!! Scream about being in the mighty PAC 12, right in the basement as #10. One fluke win and you'd think Chris B was making reservations for the Rose Bowl. More like Arizona in reality. Oh, and speaking of Arizona, who won the game between Arizona and Utah this year....remind me once more. (Or even Washington State, the perennial basement bottom-feeder in the PAC.)

You gotta have something to crow about while everyone else is busy with a bowl game, and you're not....yet again.

Aggie 4 Life
North Ogden, UT

So the Utes pick up a coach who was fired from Wyoming and who's defense stopped the little teams but teams with a better offense they gave up way more points. Here's the proof:

Nebraska - 37 pts. (L)
Idaho - 10 pts. (W)
N. Colorado - 7 pts. (W)
Air Force - 23 pts. (W)
Texas State - 21 pts. (L)
New Mexico - 31 pts. (W)
Colorado State - 52 pts. (L)
San Jose State - 51 pts. (L)
Fresno State - 48 pts. (L)
Boise State - 48 pts. (L)
Hawaii - 56 pts. (W)
Utah State - 35 pts. (L)

Hope Utah is ready to outscore their opponents....

Sounds liks a great hire to me!

Dan the Fan

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice hire! I can't wait until they are looking for another OC in two years. Brian Johnson - Swing and a Miss (Strike 1)
Dennis Erickson (BCS Coach, national championship, yadayadayada - Swing and Miss (Strike 2)
Dave Christensen - From the mighty MWC and Powerhouse that is Wyoming. Strike 3!

@Chris B, Where are the big time coaches lining up to coach a big time Pac-12 program???

ER in AF
Harare, Zimbabwe, 00

Whoa there Chris, You are starting to sound like BYU fan. Try to get back to getting bowl eligible before you talk about PAC 12 champion.

This is confusing. A former 2 time nat champion coach in Erickson gets demoted to running back coach and a head coach gets picked up to be a coordinator. They must pay pretty well at the U.

Ogden, UT

Surprising hire. Kyle hiring a friend who was just fired from Wyoming? Guess Dennis just wasn't getting it done.
Having assistant coaches who are compatible with the head coach is the key to a good coaching staff. Kyle is pretty compatible with Dave ...they both had 5-7 records this past year.

2014 should be a very interesting year in Utah football.

Pocatello, ID

I like this hire. Having DE an DC on the staff makes it better. I'm sure this doesn't happen without DE's blessing.

Now, Travis, get better.

Go Utes!!!

Tom in MS
Madison, MS

Wow a lot of naysayers on here. Laramie is a tough place to recruit to, whoever you are. Nick Sabin would have a tough time recruiting there. With better athletes, and as an OC, he has already proven himself. If you really think the Utes won't be any better next year than this year, look at his track record as an OC - top tier of offenses in the country - not the league - the country. I think it's an excellent hire. I'm glad the Utes were able to grab him before he went elsewhere.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

Just like Bronco did with Robert Anae, sounds like Kyle is trying to deflect the criticism by bringing in some new blood. We will have to see if it works. Based on his record, he looks like more of a has-been IMO....which sounds like their previous strategy with Coach Erickson.

Hopefully it actually works next season, but only time will tell. If it is a failure though, Kyle's second chances will likely be exhausted.

Salt Lake City, UT

He better be great or a lot of people will be looking for new jobs next year -- with big pay cuts -- at non-automatic qualifying schools.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whittingham seems afraid to fire people. The OCs at Utah sure do get demoted a lot. This lack of consistency is going to continue to hurt the Utes.

St. Louis, MO

A great hire. Those who actually follow all of CFB know this.

Oh, and angry haters … Merry Christmas to you too! Keep up with the holiday cheer.


Thank goodness we finally filled our vacancy at the co-co-co-offensive coordinator position!

Seriously though this feels like a long term play that will hopefully end the revolving door era of Utah OC's. That's a good thing. Let's hope he's the right guy for the job.

Welcome to the U, Dave!

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Aggie 4life check your reading skills because he was named offensive coordinator not the defensive coordinator. So why would anyone care about defensive stats while he was a head coach at Wyoming? Dah! He was hired to out score opponents.

Salt Lake City, UT

Christensen is a good hire for the Utes.Utah is already the best team in the state and will now be even better.The offense will be exciting and consistent with a coach who isn't too old or too young.Time will tell be it looks promising to me. Go Utes

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