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Published: Thursday, Dec. 19 2013 9:15 p.m. MST

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

My desire to watch BYU basketball after the effort against Utah = 0

South Jordan, UT

That was indeed a hard game in front of a hostile environment.

I love my Cougars. They will work it out and be fine.

Go Cougars!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Nice to know they are practicing free throws. So far Grade = F from the line. It might not be too pretty on Saturday.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

after byu loses to Oregon, sitting at 8-5 with a loss to a Utah team that has a horrible rpi like byu fans keep telling us, you would have to think that byu's season is essentially over.

Even if they win in the wcc, that precious rpi will plummet.

Sure, todays rpi might suggest byu gets in the tournament, but current rpi doesn't mean much.

And if you went with rpi, as of a week ago byu was "better" than duke, Ohio state, Michigan state, and Kentucky.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

Love my Cougs and will cheer for them ALWAYS....but....

Given our performances against ranked teams this year, I have little hope for a victory against Oregon. I sure hope we can all be surprised because BYU can be very, very good. So far, it's been a lot of hype and just a slight drizzle of hope. I'd love to see a better team effort on both sides, less free lancing and more togetherness. When that happens, we can play ball. When it doesn't? We give games away in rather stunning fashion!


Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

If the starting guards struggle - bench them. It's time to play Winder and Bartley.

Idaho Falls, ID

To DN censor:

I am confused by your inexplicable denial of my post:

"Good to know they are practicing foul shots, teamwork, and unselfish play."

Especially when it doesn't violate any of your criteria, and similarr comments were allowed above.

I am merely stating that there are some serious problems that are very apparent to the average fan that don't seem to be improving from game to game. This article tells us that at least those problems are being addressed.

How can my statement possibly be taken as disruptive?

Anaheim, CA

sorry CB, RPI is an important criteria, but it isn't the only criteria

#15 BYU - non-conference SOS #2
#131 Utah - non-conference SOS #344

Basketball Power Index
#43 BYU - SOS #6
#48 Utah - SOS #265

Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings
#47 BYU - SOS #55
#74 Utah - SOS #349

Current ESPN Bracketology
BYU projected as a #10 seed
Utah not even a bubble team

Despite BYU's uninspired game versus a lesser Utah team, most experts still consider BYU to be better than Utah.

Alpine, UT

It was good to see Stanford and Texas win against top notch teams this week. Would be nice to see the team get back on track. The key seems to be Carlino. He is a lot like Jonathon Tavernari (spelling?). I would cringe every time he touched the ball knowing that there was an equal chance that something terrific or something terrible would happen.


I suppose this game will be on the Pac-12 "Network," too, which is basically "The MTN" on steroids. It's only available here on Dish, and only as part of its most-expensive package, which makes it more or less a pay channel. And why would I want to pay for it when the only games I'm interested in are the BYU games that aren't otherwise on ESPN? By comparison, BYUtv literally seems like a gift from Heaven.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I noticed you left out conference strength of schedule.


And yes, today's RPI, BPI, Pomeroy, ESPN....etc. all look at TODAY's numbers. And that would make sense, IF you had reason to believe the future would be more or less similar to the first month of the season. But did you forget you're about to start conference play, a conference in which only one team in the whole conference is ranked?

Even if byu wins most of the games against San Diego, pepperdine, San Francisco, and the rest of the teams we forget even exist, you do realize all those numbers are going to plummet right?

If Utah's numbers are all so horrible due to bad non-conference, you're numbers are going to get hammered for the same reasons in conference play.


Again, many of the stats your throw out today suggest byu is better than Duke, Ohio State, Kentucky, and Michigan State. Keep telling yourself there is validity there!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


If Utah's numbers are so bad due to playing bad teams, even after winning, tell me whats going to happen to your numbers after playing bad WCC teams, even after winning?

LOL. Flip, flop, flip flop

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah has got their act together in football and now it seems they're joining the big boys in basketball too. Good for them. Wont be much of a year for them having a strength of schedule at the very bottom in the nation for basketball but wins like this will help them become competitive again against bigger named teams.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B


"I noticed you left out conference strength of schedule."

Unfortunately for U, conference SOS won't make any difference when the conference losses start piling up and the Utes, as usual, finish with another losing conference record.

As prestigious as it is for Utah to pull off an upset win over BYU, that still won't be enough to get U into the big dance.

Richmond, VA

Anaheim, CA

"Despite BYU's uninspired game versus a lesser Utah team, most experts still consider BYU to be better than Utah."

And that's precisely why all those so called experts' RPI and SOS rankings are rubbish! What's so great about having a higher RPI or SOS ranking if you are constantly being humiliated by a so called lowly Utes team! It just makes us look even more pathetic. I want and hope the Utes will rise to top of the PAC 12 because it will make our losses to them look credible. How proud can we be to know that we can't beat a so called bottom dweller in the PAC? It just lends more weight to Chris B and his ilks' assertion that we only win (and become bowl eligible in football) because we pad our schedule with cream puffs. Credibility and respect is earned by winning consistently against elite competition. That, I'm afraid, is what we still haven't done! I'm hoping it's going to happen soon against Oregon in basketball and Washington in football the next few weeks!

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT


There are only five college basketball conferences without any sub-200 Pomeroy teams:

Big Ten, ACC, Big East, Pac 12 and WCC

BYU's conference schedule is much stronger than Utah's non-conference schedule.

btw, Nov 8th to Dec 28th are the first TWO months of the season; only a slightly shorter time span than Jan 2nd to Mar 8th conference season.

More importantly, it's 12 of 30 games (40%) of the regular season, MUCH MORE than your feeble attempt to minimize the pre-season as only the "first month" of the season.

Utah's NCAA tournament resume is bereft of any significant accomplishment save your upset win over BYU. You'd better hope that BYU finishes strong and makes the tournament or you won't have any quality wins on your resume.

Salt Lake City, UT


"What's so great about having a higher RPI or SOS ranking if you are constantly being humiliated by a so called lowly Utes team!"


What are you talking about?

This was Utah's 1st win in the series in the last 8 games, and only Utah's 4th win in 16 games during the Dave Rose era.

Upsets happen.

What's so great about having a high RPI and SOS is those are two of the critical criteria the NCAA tournament selection committee will be looking at on Selection Sunday.

Baltimore, MD


North Carolina has lost to RPI/BPI #65/#121 Belmont, #144/#88 UAB, and (gasp) Texas, yet the Tar Heels are ranked #14/#18 in the polls, with RPI/BPI rankings of #17/#25.

Locally, BYU's loss to Utah may seem like a big deal; nationally, it was barely noticed.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

In my opinion Carlino is a huge part of any win or any loss. Against Utah he was terrible and yet he kept cranking it up from long distance. it is time to play Bartley.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

Once again just like football Chris B is hanging the ENTIRE season's success on a win against BYU. Nothing else matters. The only way the utes make into any tourney is if they get invited to the 4A state tourney since thay have the best in-stste high school record.

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