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Published: Thursday, Dec. 19 2013 5:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, Utah

there is a reason the DN will not print the rest of phials comment it is to vile and descriptive to print in an LDS owned paper. If he would have simply stopped at what the DN was willing to print I would have no problem defending him but as is often the case he cared it to far into the very distasteful and vile.

I thought this warning by Paastor Pyle was quite sage "Granted, Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin and choose to voice that belief in such graphic and unhelpful language will probably bear the brunt of such consequences more than others," Pyle wrote. "Just know that as you prepare to speak. By no means am I advocating that you don’t say what you believe. But don’t get graphic with body parts and innuendos and slurs to make your point. Those have consequences."

Salt Lake City, Utah

carried not cared

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Can you imagine if owners of a tv channel fired someone for saying something pro-gay?

Liberals are tolerant only of those who think as they do

Ontario, OR

I have never seen "Duck Dynasty," but unless Phil has been living under a rock, he had to know when he said what he said that it was going to start a firestorm. People who do watch the show have told me that the family has set an example of living their religious beliefs. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I agree with Pastor Pyle, as quoted above.

St. George, UT

A couple of years ago, an Arizona-based medical supplies manufacturer, Vante, dismissed CFO Adam Smith for berating a Tucson Chick-fil-A employee for working at what he considered a homophobic company. I don't recall any conservative outrage over this "violation" of Mr. Smith's free-speech rights. Why? Well, as any intelligent pol knows, the only constitutional right to free speech occurs between the government and the people. Speech is only protected against the action of the state to unreasonably limit the speech. If the state is not involved in limiting the speech then there is no constitutional right to free speech.

Kearns, UT

Another example of how misinformed we are about freedom of speech laws. The man's religious and morality opinions have not been censored; they have been published and are available for anyone who wishes to read them. A&E--the network that has made him somewhat of a celebrity--has free speech rights as well. What is broadcast on their network expresses their views. Because they disagree with what he has to say, they have every right to decide that he will not be a part of the show for a while. It's the network's image they are interested in preserving--not his.

The same rights go for every media outlet. The Deseret News, FOX News, NBC, KSL, The Salt Lake Tribune, CNN, The Huffington Post, and others all have different missions and choose to present their own views to the world. You won't find the same opinions from each, and that's their right to choose what will be published or broadcast.

Somewhere in Time, UT

The gay rights movement have become bullies and all they want to do is attack and silence anyone who disagrees with them. I hope they won't be allowed to do this any more.

kearns, UT

Let me Para phrase; All we need for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing or say nothing.



I read this article and I read the comments Phil made in the interview with GQ. He was stating his opinion in a magazine totally unrelated to Duck Dynasty or A&E. Please tell me/us you have never made comments to others DN would not print.

GQ magazine is not "G" rated.

Phil made no threats of violence or even suggested violence or hate but he made no bones about his feelings of sinful practices. If anyone voices any thing about their feelings regarding homosexuality being a sin, it is immediately classed as Anti-gay. The militance and vile bitterness that is hurled by the GLBGT groups is far worse than 99% of stated opinions. (Ok 98%)

The historical records of the Bible and Book of Mormon as well as many other religious texts tell of the prophets being stoned and murdered by those who indulge in perverse practices when called to repent. Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed not so much for the perversions being practiced as it was the violence against those who dared to speak out against such things.

The pattern is becoming very eerily the same today.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Whenever someone voices a truth about some type of behavior, act, or choice, the guilty are easily offended and generally rant and rave in objection. Those who embrace truth don't act that way.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

I simply can't believe people think that these comments were called for. A&E stood up for homosexuals, and I applaud them for doing so. In a world where so much hate against them is spewed, it is a relief to see that.

The state of New Mexico also stood up for homosexuals by legalizing gay marriage. I commend them for their courage in doing so.

And this coming from a state that claims to have an accepting, compassionate, and loving culture towards gays. This is a stand people here will regret one day.

W Jordan, UT

I find your comment to be a little contradictory.. That is if you have children??
The Words Mr Robertson used to describe human anatomy are also used in schools to teach children.
Maybe you're not aware of this because your children are not of age or maybe you dont have children????
Either way, in my effort to mittigate your anger and outrage at the comments he made on human anatomy but were not posted on KSL, I hope you can piece and reconciliation now that you're aware that his words are thaugt to children in schools.
BTW, if you go the CA school system and learn what they teach kids in schools about homosexuality, you truely should be outraged.

Springville, UT

In defense of Phil Robertson... he was baited by the media.

And what could this Louisiana born, backwaters and backwoods raised born-again Christian man say? He said what was on his mind and in his heart. Nevermind his red-neck vocabulary that elitists and snobby media types love to exhibit as Southern Christian values stupidity.

The gist of this story is that today's media is the liberal agenda's lapdog. Once again if it's Christian values, it's open season.

A&E should have told the GLAAD group to put a sock in it and grow a thicker skin. What Phil said was simply... reality TV... and isn't the media selling a lot of that these days?

Or is it something else?

Sandy, UT

The outrage is not because he got very graphic. It is because he expressed his view that homosexuality is a sin. Notice the lack of outrage at him comments about idolatry, prostitution and other forms of sin. A&E has evry right to not use him. However, what are the chances they would have done anything is he said Mormons or Catholics are going to burn, or if he made fun of polygamists?

The fundament fact is that most religions condemn homosexuality and most people believe it is unnatural. A&E can take their stand, but they will have to deal with the consequnces of their action as well.

mid-state, TN

@Chris B --

"Liberals are tolerant only of those who think as they do"

I have two words for you: Dixie Chicks.

They were trashed by conservative TV commentators, boycotted, dumped by their sponsors, AND got death threats. One radio station even suspended its DJs because the DJs played Dixie Chicks songs.

Even Merle Haggard said, "I don't even know the Dixie Chicks, but I find it an insult for all the men and women who fought and died in past wars when almost the majority of America jumped down their throats for voicing an opinion. It was like a verbal witch-hunt and lynching."

And all that just for daring to disagree with the President.

And you think *liberals* are bad? Ha.

Layton, UT

Number 1, the gay and lesbian community has nothing against them, they are the most protected group on the planet. Number 2. They are the least open minded individuals you will ever meet. If they want your opinion they will give it to you. They can say and do whatever they want however they will never allow the same from anyone else. Believe me folks, the gay and lesbians do not want equal protection, they want total control of this country. Do not be fooled

Orem, UT


He did not equate homosexuals with animals. Just because he listed homosexual behavior and bestiality in the same sentence when giving a list of things he thought were wrong, does not mean he equates the two. It is deceitful to suggest that.

If I were asked to list things I thought were wrong and I included both telling lies and abusing children in that list it doesn't mean I equate liars with child molesters.

Riverton, UT

It is a disgrace to see that in the United States, the place I feel blessed and fortunate to be a citizen of cannot uphold true Constitutional rights of free speech. Surely the broadcasting/media group has the prerogative to contract the individuals they choose and undoubtedly Mr. Robertson's comments were tactless and perhaps misconstrued to be hateful. "Sinful" is an explicit denotation of what is considered "immoral" by the individual or source by which the word is expressed. A well-versed Christian understands clearly that all mankind is considered to be God's children, but certain behaviors and lifestyles like homosexuality are considered sinful. Does this incriminate or threaten a group or person when the word is used? No.

Riverton, UT

(cont.) Does this insinuate hatred towards the group or individual? No. I have made friends with several people of the LGBT community and find them to be wonderful people, and not all of them spitefully spit out words of offense, most especially when there is no offense to be taken. He was asked a specific question about his opinion and offered his opinion. I certainly do not whine and banter about the distasteful shows I see that are not in agreement with my standards, but simply choose not to watch them.

Sandy, UT

This Duck Dynasty guy is under contract with A & E. I am sure his contract has clauses stating what he can and can not do. A & E has every right to suspend this guy if they feel he has violated his contract.

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