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Published: Thursday, Dec. 19 2013 7:30 p.m. MST

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Walters' collectivist dream bubble will finally burst when she retires in Cuba only to find out that she has to live in the squalor created when the government owns and controls everything and there is no motivation for the people to work and provide goods and services to each other.

Refugees know where the light is.

Orem, UT

So...Read Jacob T. Marley...a follow up on the Christmas Carol...and read the fictional story of a man's regrets after his selfish life...we all have so much to learn.

Read about the pain of a man who spent his life loving money to the forsaking of all else.

Interesting book. Barbara should read it.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Typical of women who put their career first.The most important thing a man can do is marry a woman, and the second if he is able is to have children.

Paris, 00

I do not regret not having children but I do regret not finding a good faithful kind caring and responsible husband to have them with. It is so easy to make a child ..... but loving children is not the fun part of making them, it is the daily grind and hardwork of raising them the best possible way and caring for them. Some men make plenty of children and they do not even take care of them . They leave all the hard work to the wife and sometimes they leave the wife too without giving any financial support. So we do not need more children, but we surely need a billion more good men that we can trus to have them with. Period

Paris, 00


At least a job allows financial survival and allows women to escape marital situation that might be highly threatening to them. Just think what it would be like for you if you switched roles. The problem with your kind of guys is that you never consider the woman's point, this is why there are so many feminists.

I also know plenty of women who were convinced by men to have child after child and who ended up being dumped by them with no financial support and reduced to extreme poverty. So what these women regret i am sure is to have ever married the jerk that put them in that situation and have ever had any child with him.

Paris, 00

For a man it is easy to say that for him that the most important thing is to marry and to have children. Usually this kind of men let the women do all the hard workd of keeping a house clean, cooking, shopping, organising everyone's activities, schooling and women. Men rarely participate but certainly do get the glory and boast about the number of children they have though they did not leave their small finger to raise them. So usually, women are there to ensure that their husband has a career and she takes care of all the hard work at home including raising the family. And one day, Mr. Hubby might even dump her for fairer fare ... and leaves her in the most terrible circumstances ... Sure it is great

Saint Louis, MO

She is definitely one of the leaders who caused women to walk out on commitment to marriage and family. Now, there is a broad coalition built around various ethnic, sexual, and immigrant groups to enforce her views and bring America to its knees.

pocatello, ID

BlueEyesBrittany: Too bad for you you seem to have had a very poor example of what a good husband and father are capable of being. You seem to have a very bad attitude towards men in general. I'm sorry for you. There are wonderful men and fathers out there. But this is about Barbara Walters. I'm sorry for her regrets. We all have some as life goes on. I wish her well.

Walnut Creek, CA

Misleading headline. She IS a mother and makes no mention of "motherhood". Regrets not having more than one child.

Puyallup, WA

Oh yes! Now I remember why I've never watched any of her shows ... I was too busy with my children, raising them, taking care of them, hanging out with them, going to their family events, enjoying my beautiful grandchildren!!

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

We need to be more like Pres Hinkley, a good-hearted, loving person. He might not have agreed with Walters or Clinton, but he wouldn't have sneered at them either.

John Locke
Ivins, , UT

You can't have it all, as much as we'd all like to. Family is so important and its benefit to your life should be assessed early on. My wife and I have 19 Grandchildren...10 of them of marriageable age. Only two are married, the remainder being beautiful girls, who think their young lives and beauty will last forever. They still have their "T-Bird," and are having fun.

If you believe what they do, when you reach your eighties and don't have any family to comfort and love you and to whom you would provide comfort and love, you sadly will learn you are only here a short time. Make the best of it by creating a loving family.

Wealth and fame are a illusive substitute.

Provo, UT

Choosing Hillary Clinton was an obvious political statement. It is not secret that Walters loves the Clintons and would like to see another one in the White House.

To those that think Bill and Hillary are role models you only need to look at their marriage. It was a business arrangement. The only issue they had was Bill getting caught and putting it out in the public eye. Hillary carries a lot of baggage (Brent) and she will have to answer, should she run, for where she was during Benghazi and why she did not do more. And one more point, you don't elect someone just because it is fascinating and groundbreaking, look where it got us last time.

Clearfield, UT

I have been married and divorced twice. I have been a step-father, never had children of my own. Now I am single and alone. This is not the situation I envisioned for myself. A lot of posters on here seem eager to criticize and find fault with others who may not share their faith or political views. Judge not lest ye be judged was the counsel Jesus gave.

Mchenry, IL

She adopted at an older age. She may not have been able to have children earlier than that. Very few people get the exact number of children to raise than they expect.

Farmington, UT

@Brent T.--"little baggage"? I would say Benghazi is baggage enough to give serious pause for thought for anyone considering her for ANY elected office, let alone POTUS. She was smart enough to get out of town before she could be thoroughly grilled on what happened, but based on the facts that have already come out (in spite of the Administration's efforts to keep the whole thing under wraps), I'd say that "baggage" weighs a ton!

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

You don't know this lady. You don't know her challenges and you don't know her heart. You don't know why she didn't have a bigger family. Maybe she couldn't. Maybe she wasn't very good at being married or maybe she made unfortunate choices in men.
Almost half of all LDS marriages, even temple marriages, end in divorce and there are often multiple re-marriages as we optimistically try again.
Even with Family Home Evening and weekly Church, scripture study, date night, etc. Rich or poor or in between. Even good people sometimes fail in their marriages. Our kids still sometimes break our hearts.
There's no reason to feel smug toward this lady, or judge her. Or Mrs Clinton.
You think you know everything. You don't.

St. George, UT

Some people commenting on this post need to chill!! It is perfectly ok for people to make jokes about Walters. She is a left winger that has pushed a lot of leftist ideals during her career, so she doesn't get any more of a pass than Rush or Beck. I'm amazed that someone would actually claim that Hillary has " little" baggage. That's pretty much all she does bring to the table. Just because leftist media types don't hold her accountable doesn't mean she's without fault.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

JMH -- my inference wasn't to endorse a second Clinton into the White House (having not voted for her husband either time), but rather to observe that other voters DO LIKE NOVELTY -- and it does seem very likely that having elected a man because of his color (and this certainly explains Obama 2008), it follows that it will be popular and faddishly politically correct to elect an woman, as well as fascinating to have it be a well liked (whether you or I like her, she is enormously popular) former first lady... interesting resume, name recognition and a connection to someone now regarded as our last well regarded (again, the masses, the media and the historians)POTUS. Yes, I expect her to win. And no, I don't think Benghazi or anything else will be problematic for her. Like Bill, she's got a teflon shell.

Clovis, NM

Hmmmm....a bigger family? Not very politically correct. Flies in the face of fancier female careers and controlling world population explosion. But I love it!!! Quite a confession from a woman who could have had anything she chose. Too bad she realized it a bit late in life. The rest of us could learn from her belated wisdom.

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