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Published: Thursday, Dec. 19 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Morgan, UT

Take an industry...any industry; the Left will make it their mission to destroy it. Obama has already made his disdain for the coal industry, and the electric power plants who use this coal to fire their plants, well known (Hmmm, how will they get the power for these CLEAN electric cars?). Ever wonder why our Dear Leader and the Left insult our intelligence with the bogus argument and flawed "science" of Anthropological Globull Warming?

Once the Environuts get their hooks in this, businesses who've been flocking to Utah, will make a mass exodus, just like they did in California.

Salt Lake Valley is a bowl folks. Inversions have always been here, and always will. Maybe if we could somehow get rid of the Wasatch Mountains...hmmm?

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Sven "...flawed "science" of Anthropological Globull Warming? " Climatologists predict the year everything goes upside down to be about 2050. After that the theory goes, even the coolest years will be hotter than the years before. Unfortunately global warming is no myth. Bangladesh is ground zero for climate warming, facing both a rising sea level and glacial melt. It's happening. It is irresponsible to deny it and inhumane.

So what to do? One option is to do nothing. Tacit in the criticism of climate models is the assumption that Christ returns in the next fifty years - so why worry? Maybe some of you guys need to make a prediction as to just when this is going to happen so the rest of us can quit worrying. In fifty years I will be safely in the grave. But what about my kids and your kids? Do you worry about the world they will be living in? We need to be upfront about our assumptions.

Morgan, UT


You folks have had to revamp, update, reword, and spin your bogus predictions, time and time again. First it was “global warming”, but when things didn’t pan out, you had to cover all of your bases and call it “climate change.” Even the UN’s IPCC models have shown NO WARMING in 16 YEARS! Who would’ve thunk it? In 2008 you folks said the arctic ice sheets would be nearly gone. Darn!

You folks who push this idea that AGW is an “established science” are the ones who’ve had a proven track record of being WRONG! Funny, but most of your so called “scientists” never seem to factor in the sun, and sun spot activity. Funny you folks never seemed to be concerned that while the Kyoto Protocol would’ve placed massive compliance mandates on the USA, that would’ve crippled us economically, it gave a pass to India and China (world’s biggest polluters. You also ignore the IPCC’s own reports showing NO WARMING in 16 years. We also came to find out the University of East Anglia in England was cooking their data to provide the result they wanted.

And you folks call us deniers? Pfft.


@marxist: I've paid attention to climate science for over two decades, and I must say that the alarmists have a marvelous propaganda machine. There is NO CORRELATION between changes in atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures. The lack of correlation means either that there is no effect, or that any effect is swamped by other factors. Human emissions of CO2 simply aren't a problem.

Al Gore made $100 million by selling his network to Big Oil interests. Nobody on the skeptical side has received even the tiniest fraction of that much funding from Big Oil. If you look at the sponsors of the recent pro-warming AGU conference, you will find active sponsorship by Big Oil (Chevron, Exxon Mobil, BP). The alarmists clearly have it backwards, and it's intentionally backwards. It's propaganda.

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