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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 18 2013 4:25 p.m. MST

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Central, UT


I said nothing (good or bad) about the University of Utah. I said nothing (good or bad) about BYU. I said nothing (good or bad) about games nor teams. I said nothing (good or bad) about Coach Rose. I said nothing (good or bad) about Duane Hardy. Mr Harmon, to put it very simply, is a hypocrite. You can read my comment, suggestion actually, about his article regarding college football. Please do not be deceived if there was not a tie in to sports this piece would never have been written.

Also, you lost all credibility when you mentioned the hate monger.

Westville, UT

Great article. I've known Duane for a short time and every time he saw me he would smile and acknowledge me. It's unfortunate that this sickness came upon him and took his life in such short notice. I'm happy to know that his friend was able to fulfill a last minute surprise. Coach Rose you are a true gentleman. Duane was a good man and a true BYU fan.

West Valley, UT

I am the middle child of my Father Duane Hardy. I am commenting so late because of how difficult it can be to gather my thoughts. What Dave Rose did for my family was the most unselfish act of kindness. He was very understanding, compassionate and kind. He truly gave comfort to my family. Two days before his visit when my father was barely coherent, my mother proceeded to tell my father of Dave's visit. The first time she told him he did not respond, nor the second, but on the third, my dad smiled as best he could and beat his hand several times on the bed with excitement. Dick Harmon had succeeded in a favor for his friend and Dave Rose had truly sacrificed important time during his busy schedule to show compassion and understanding as a cancer survivor. Thank you Dick and Dave for touching the hearts of my family. I received a call from Dave a little while later after my father had passed as Dave sent his condolences to all my family. What an amazing man. I wish you many blessings Dick Harmon and Dave Rose. My father is smiling in heaven.

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