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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 18 2013 4:25 p.m. MST

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Gilbert, AZ

Thanks! I needed that.

Cedar City, UT

Dick, this is your ol' pal Paul in Cedar City. I just want you to know that this may well be the best thing you've ever written. Good job, my friend.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Thanks for the inspiration and message. Puts life's issues in perspective and also know that Coach Rose is first a good man and 2nd a good coach. Thanks for sharing.


After having lost my mother earlier this year to pancreatic cancer, I found this to be a very touching and fitting article/tribute to a great man. I had the privilege of working with Duane over the last couple of years and continue to work with his son. He was as described, a very gentle, kind and unassuming gentleman. He must have also been a great father as his son is following in his footsteps. Though he used to tease me about supporting the wrong team, I always came away from every conversation smiling. Though still a Utah fan, I am also a big fan of Dave Rose! Thank you for the article and for keeping things in perspective especially during this time of year.

Orem, UT

Wow...sniff...Great article, great lesson, Dick. Thanks. I wish you and Coach Rose the very best. I hope the coach continues to prevail against his cancer.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Glad coach Rose is doing well.


Twin Falls, ID

What a great article! I have admired Coach Rose from afar, leaving BYU in 1987, but this article elevates him even further in my eyes. The impact of a man's life after he moves on can be measured in how he made us feel. This article makes me feel better - - even in the loss described for the family -- and knowing a man the caliber of Dave Rose is at the helm of the basketball team also speaks volumes. Thank you!!


Duane is my uncle. I was with Duane when Coach Rose visited and can attest to his kindness and compassion. Without fanfare, and as a busy basketball season was just beginning, he took time to visit and help someone he had never met. His visit was a great source of comfort and a ray of light in a difficult time. On behalf of our family may I thank Dave Rose and Dick Harmon both for a marvelous work of Christian service and true friendship. Sometimes the ministering angels our Heavenly Father sends to comfort in time of need come from right here on earth. I have many rich memories of happy times spent with Uncle Duane, many of them watching BYU athletics. He lived an unpretentious life but succeeded wonderfully as a Husband, Father, and Uncle. He gave much to his community serving faithfully in church, government, and military capacities during his life. We all miss his loving spirit and influence.

Central, UT

Mr Harmon, After you excoriated football in a recent article, I am read that you have moved on to more fruitful endeavors. Writing about basketball is a much more useful pursuit.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I am proud of Coach Rose. He is a great man. Life is short and it goes by so fast. Be thankful for each day. Use today wisely...it would soon be gone.

Springville, UT

Even before I read this article, I was fond of Dave Rose. He is a good man and a great coach. I hope his tenure at BYU lasts for a long time from now.

Springville, UT

Let me add one more thing. Coach Rose is a great coach and a great guy. But from my observations, I think the other coaches at Utah's universities are as well. Utah is fortunate to have these men of high character, and I respect each of them even though I want my team to trounce the others. I wish them all the very best.

Dallas, TX

Chris B and I finally agree on something. Great article. Thanks for sharing and thanks for reminding everyone what really is important. Family, life, and true friends.

Merry Christmas!

Roy, UT

Thanks for sharing these events Mr. Harmon, I hope it is seen by many, as the message is needed universally.

le miye
Pine Ridge, SD

Mr Harmon, a great article about a good man who lived a good life. i love the articles you write and look forward to reading them, as i always have. merry christmas to your family and all sports fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

I must say that in all my years, this may be one of the best Dick Harmon articles I have read.


Did I really read a "Go Utes" in this comment section? Wow. Some people just don't get it. God bless the Hardy family.

Provo, UT

Great story and Rose is all class!

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Amazing, isn't it? Although plenty of Utah fans are decent people, there are also those who are determined to prove Max Hall right at all costs.

Lincoln City, OR

I am more than a little appalled at some of the comments here from ute fans.

This article wasn't about BYU vs utah... or which college has the best coach in the state... Not even close to that... It's about human kindness and goodwill given freely and openly by someone who is very busy and in a highly visible position... He made it a priority to administer what kindness and strength he could offer to this man and his family who had looked to him for some strength and support... This was not really a whole lot different than the article that appeared last week on the utes former Defensive End (Miller)from their 1994 team's 10 win season... All BYU fan comments on the article were classy and supportive.

Comments about chastening Harmon for previous football articles or comments demanding equal time for other Utah coaches are disappointing to say the least... When I see these type of reactions I think of Max Hall and his take on utah fans... Was his evaluation accurate?

Thank you for the article Dick... I enjoy most everything you write but especially enjoyed this one.

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