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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 17 2013 12:55 p.m. MST

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Saratoga Springs, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

As a left-leaning Democrat I have often been critical of Matheson, but I understand winning from Utah has been a tough affair for him and has forced some votes in the Congress. Of course, Matheson is probably more conservative than I. In spite of our differences I can definitely say I'll miss him. He has worked hard and served Utah pretty well.

And Utah can tout itself as the most conservative, redist, most tea-party state in the union. Gag!

Cowboy Dude

If a Republican won't stand up to Mike Lee, then it might be Matheson's calling to run for Senate.

Provo, UT

Goodbye, Matheson! Your votes for Nancy Pelosi shall no longer stain our state.

Centerville, UT

I expect that Matheson will be running for governor of the US Senate. Republicans should be nervous, not excited, and I'm a Republican. Matheson could win either position and hold onto it for a long time. He is respected, seasoned, balanced. In fact, I would vote for him.

I didn't like the fact that he was in the House because he voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Other than that, I thought he represented Utah well in the House.

I would vote for Matheson if he ran for Governor. I wouldn't vote for him if he ran for the Senate because I don't like Harry Reid controlling bills and debate in the Senate.

Santa Clara, UT

As a life-long Republican, I was privileged to work personally with Congressman Jim Matheson for a number of years on matters of importance to southern Utah and Washington County, in particular. He was honest, intelligent, caring, on top of his game, and helped us out time after time. I would vote for him in a second over Mike Lee, who I consider an embarrassment to our state.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Hmm. Something's in the cooker. Can't quite smell it yet, but it'll be fully cooked by 2016.

Bluffdale, UT

Thank you sir for your service. Please don't be a lobbyist.

Business management experience - check
Entrepreneur - check
Energy expert - check
government & law experience - check
Harvard (east coast) & UCLA (west coast) degrees - check

Time to follow your father's footsteps!

DN Subscriber 2

Jimmy Matheson has not been too bad as a Congressman...for a Democrat. But we in Utah and ALL Americans will be better served by Mia Love and her conservative beliefs to stop the unsustainable spending and destruction of our economy and values.
I wish Jimmy well in his future endeavors, as long as they do not include trying to win elected office.

However, Jimmy is not going to quietly "spend more time with the family." He undoubtedly has eyes on a continued career living off taxpayers, this time in some statewide office, perhaps challenging Mike Lee, or maybe seeing an opportunity for a pickup of the Attorney General job.

A win for he AG job, or even a loss in a Senate campaign in 2014 might position him well for a run at the Governor's job in 2016. After all, his father was once our Governor, and there seems to be e distinct entitlement mentality among politicians that elected office are merely a formality to ratify their rightful inheritances- by members of both parties.

He needs to do something with his over $678,500 in campaign funds available (as of September), probably closer to a million dollars now.

Salt Lake City, UT

For a minute I thought he might go look for a real job. Being elected to office is an interesting vocation, incumbency almost assures a life time job and paycheck with great benefits.

I am sure he is thinking that gearing up for an election every two years is harder than, say being governor where one only has to run every four or senate where one only has to run every six years.

Just for a change I'd like to see a politician leave office and work in the private sector. I imagine he'll spend the next year harping how bad a job either the governor or Senator Lee is doing. I think his time in office will be spent fund raising and campaigning rather than representing.

I wonder what his views are on the ACA?

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00


Run against Mike Lee!

Rick B.
West Jordan, UT

Thank you for your service. I would work hard on your campaign against Sen. Lee.


Though not a Democrat (or Republican) I have appreciated having Jim Matheson representing Utah. It has been tough for mainstream reactionary Republicans to have their voices heard--they lean so far to the right few of us can support them. Jim Matheson was one of the more rational voices left of center. I applaud his service. That said, after 14 years he should resign as should all other legislators with such tenure. With fresh blood comes fresh ideas and perhaps responsible farsighted governance would be the result.

Murray, UT

Cowardly way to announce your "retirement"--through facebook! Just the way he holds "townhall meetings" on the phone so he doesn't have to face his constituents! Looking forward to Rep. Mia Love!

Sandy, UT

For those bashing Matheson....

He is the ONLY representative from the State of Utah that put the people of Utah first and not the mantra of the party line (Democratic/Republican/Tea Party) politics.

He may not have made the right decision every time, but I can tell you that he sincerely felt it was best for the State and not his Status in Washington DC.

Can you honestly say the same thing about Hatch, Lee, Chaffetz or Bishop? NO... they were in it to get a name for themselves.

Mia Love will be no different that those others.

Saint George, UT

Any congressman in for more than 3 terms and any Senator in for longer than 2 terms has been in too long and most likely has become part of the problem. Any incumbent who believes that he/she is the only one that can make a difference back in Washington D.C. is by admission arrogant.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Other than that, I thought he represented Utah well in the House."

Probably, seeing as I disliked him (he's the only Democrat I've ever voted against by voting 3rd party in 2010) and the average Utahn and I don't agree on much politically.

Everett, 00

Mike Lee is EXTREMELY vulerable right now [hence he's recent 2-steppung, flip-flopping],
[he doesn't even have the GOP back in Washington rooting for him anymore],


I'm afraid the 'ol gray Orrin Hatch has run his last Senate race.

Matheson has his eye set on a bigger prize.

slc, ut

It would be a delight (and a real dog fight) To see him take on Mike Lee. Lee is a embarassment to the state of Utah.

Blaine, WA

Finally we get to elect a Democrat!

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