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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Morgan, UT

Nice try reality deniers, but even your precious IPCC has confirmed in leaked reports that their climate models overestimated warming. What this means is, we haven't warmed in 16 years! Are you reality deniers now going to tell us that 16 years is weather and not climate? You folks like to throw this line out whenever things don't pan out for you...like the arctic ice sheet growing by 29%.

Here's how I know this entire idea of AGW is nothing more than a political tool/agenda by Leftists: Even when the trend has showed cooling, you folks aren't happy. Without the hoax of AGW, Leftist wouldn't be able to tell people: where to live, how to live, what to drive, what to eat, where to explore and drill for oil etc. It is an agenda pure and simple.

Remember the Kyoto Protocol? Leftists around the Globe were demanding that America sign on to this economic suicide pact. Funny, it was supposed to be about saving the planet, but exempted the worlds two biggest polluters; China and India. It was about destroying the USA economically through compliance mandates.

Pasedena, CA

To "airnaut" face it, your Wikipedia quote isn't much of a quote because the next sentence puts doubt into it. "the abiogenic theory cannot be dismissed yet because the mainstream theory still has to be established conclusively".

In other words, they cannot disprove it either. There is not a fringe minority out there that believes that oil can be produced in a second matter. In fact, the one of the sources states "However, it is now generally accepted, but not conclusively proven, that petroleum formation predominantly arises from the decay of organic matter in the earth. (...) Nevertheless, alternative theories should not be dismissed until it can be conclusively established that petroleum formation is due to one particular aspect of geochemistry."

The fringe minority are those that have closed their minds to alternative theories.

However, this is consistent with you and your ilk and the way they treat alternate information that does not conform with their pre-determined ideas.

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