Comments about ‘Utah Jazz: Jazz rookie Trey Burke excited to face texting buddy LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, the Heat’

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Published: Sunday, Dec. 15 2013 10:35 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Excited? I woouldn't do the talking and just play ball and win it. Well, it is unlikely jazz going to win.

Ivins, UT

Best statement yet for the Jazz, "never relax". Earn even bigger money by giving your all for the few minutes you are on the floor, your "smartest" all. One aged Super Star can hand you the towel in the last minutes of any game, all other things being equal. We all know that.Floridans hate losers too.

Saint Louis, MO

I have seen interviews with LeBron and he appears to have class and compassion. He is a good role model as was Michael Jordan. There are plenty of moral issues involving the NBA. However, LeBron is a notable exception. Burke at 21 can't get too excited about going to Miami. The Jazz just have to keep plodding away under Corbin to develop a viable team which in the future will be great. "Slow and steady" continues to win the race.

Bastrop, TX

@JBQ....You say, "There are plenty of moral issues involving the NBA. However, LeBron is a notable exception."

What has happened to morality in this nation when a man has not one, but two children with a woman to whom he is not legally married.....Then is held up as an icon of morality by the citizenry?????

Sandy, UT

OK kids! Pay attention and learn. Just play hard, smart and whatever else it takes to just stay in the game.

Go Jazzboys tonight!!!

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