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Published: Saturday, Dec. 14 2013 11:50 p.m. MST

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Layton, Utah

Let's see if Utah can get past St. Katherine before we jump on the bandwagon that the Utes are making the tournament.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Jarkarus rus

How does that huble pie taste? You had a lt to say before the game. Looks like ur still yapping. What a sweet beat down!

Mr. Finch
Washington, DC

Hey Indemak,

Your ad hominem (or rather ad locum) attack is irrelevant... However, after some introspective reflection, to include the location of your place of abode, maybe you'll avoid such remarks.

Of course utah's schedule increases in difficulty--when you start a season by playing eight teams tantamount to a high school level, anything else is more difficult...

I've no real comment on byu's impending schedule difficulty; although I'd agree that it does appear to become less difficult. Nonetheless, the schedule difficulty of either team is irrelevant to my remark. Not that that such was intended by your reply...

As for my "delusional" comment, I at least qualified my remarks... Not to mention, I essentially predicted as much for the football season and it sure looks like I was not too far off the mark. Oh, and as some have commented since, it looks like Lunardi's current bracket picks support my position.

I see no data to back up your argument that my comment was "delusional" in any respect.

Adieu, my friend.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I felt Utah was improved,but thought they did BYU in pretty well. It is true that in the Marriott Center the score might have been different. This BYU team needs better free throw shooting and better 3 point shooting. They seem to drive well. The defense has to step up. They are good and fun to watch. I can't get Pac 12 network anyway. They will improve, but it looks like GOnzaga has it again.

Pocatello, ID


so is the new BYU cheer "We're number 40, we're number 40"


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