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Published: Saturday, Dec. 14 2013 11:05 p.m. MST

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Majerus, like every other coach in the world, was paid to WIN. If Rose didn't care about wins he would have lost his job a long time ago.
Majerus was a truly great coach. He did exactly what he was paid to do. He did it fair and square. He didn't just phone in his job, the way some writers do, when they have an ax to grind. Although that ax has got to be worn down to a nub by now.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I like to see a clip of why Eric Mika got ejected. I don't have cable and pac won't allow byutv to rebroadcast or am I mistaken?

Salt Lake City, UT

DEW Cougars

"I like to see a clip of why Eric Mika got ejected. I don't have cable and pac won't allow byutv to rebroadcast or am I mistaken?"

byu has no rights to Pac-12 Network broadcasts.

Mica's actions were a clear violation. The announcers on the Pac-12 Network broke down exactly what he did and explained the rule. Before making a final determination, the refs huddled together and watched the replay. They discussed what they saw and made the call. The refs went through the same process a week or so ago with an incident involving Princeton Onwas. Apparently, such a foul requires review before the call is made.

I agree with a previous post regarding Mika's conduct while the refs were reviewing the play. Mica demonstrated incredible immaturity yapping at some fans. His actions, at the very least, should have drawn the ire of Rose but...nothing.


DEW, as a brief synopsis, he got sucked in to double-team a driving Delon Wright, who dished back to Bachynski coming down the lane. Mika turned late to pick him up, went up after Bachynski got the shot up with his right hand, and pulled Bachynski down to the floor by his left arm. It wasn't the most forceful takedown, but still an intentional and unnecessary play out of frustration. By definition, the call was correct.

Layton, UT


Did you show them your team's conference affiliation? The would of been rolling on the floor.

Go Utes. Go PAC 12. Go UW.

Logan, UT

ThomasJefferson - BYU is little brother to most teams except the silly ones.

Rifle, CO

If you knew anything about Coach Wooden, then you would know that he always kept basketball in perspective to life just like both of the coaches at these two fine universities do. Wooden never focused on winning. His focus was on getting his teams simply to give their best every day. The results (scores) mattered little to him. The effort mattered a lot. It's too bad too many people now think it always has to be about winning. It's ridiculous how many people call for a coaches job because of a few losses. If Wooden coached today he probably wouldn't be able to do what he did because of the we must win all the time mentality. It can be seen everywhere. Just ask Mack Brown. Or read idiot comments on these boards about people who want Mendenhalll and Whittingham fired.

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: Mika "pulled Bachynski down to the floor by his left arm. It wasn't the most forceful takedown, but still an intentional and unnecessary play out of frustration."

I understand that in grabbing the arm, Mika grazed Bachynski's face, and that's what made it the flagrant 2. People confuse "flagrant" to be mean-spirited or malicious, when its really a player safety issue. Had Mika just grabbed the arms, it would have been a flagrant 1.
Same thing with Princeton Onwas against Boise. In moving the ball from one side to another, he grazed the chin of the Boise State player. It wasn't malicious or even intentional, but because it was a hit to the head, flagrant 2.

Santa Monica, CA

When losing is very very difficult to handle, we talk about things needing to be put in perspective. This holds us for a week or two and then we begin noting that, all evidence to the contrary (ie---the scoreboard) we are not all that bad of a team. Then we play the weaker teams on our schedule and the mocking of the Utes cupcake schedule seems long forgotten, but we now are convincing ourselves that we are actually the better team. Coog Fanology 101.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Kudos to Mika. At least one Cougar cared.

Bountiful, UT

And Rock keeps his Majerus reference streak alive. Nice work Brad.

Mission Viejo, CA

I would have liked to see the game but it was nowhere to be found in LA. Nada.

Congrats to the Utes.

Oregon will be the next test for BYU and if this team is going to be something special, we'll find out then. For now, I see a young, exciting team with some glaring weaknesses. They a little small and lost a couple of close ones to bigger teams.

They're not a good free throw team.

They are slashers and can really score. Very fun to watch. I'll take that over a plodding defensive team trying to hold the score down. But they're too small and will struggle at times.

This is one game. Too bad they don't play a series every year.


"For [the coaches], the big thing was that they were able to live another day."



Blue Husky, and I'll take a Utah team that slashes and scores on 18+ assists/game and actually plays defense over a team that lets the other team score as quickly as they can so they can try to run coast to coast and rack up points. Glad we can both be happy with our teams.

Salt Lake City, UT


It looks to me that recruits trying to decide between Utah and byu, WCC and Pac-12, etc. now have another factor to add to their criteria. The need to ask themselves...

Do I want to learn to run really, really fast so that the designated shooter on my team can throw up a shot, or...do I want to learn to play basketball with a team.

The more criteria, the easier the decision.

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