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Published: Saturday, Dec. 14 2013 11:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

"SALT LAKE CITY — A horribly slow start, and ice-cold shooting, doomed BYU Saturday night at the Huntsman Center."

Come on, Call...the credit goes to the Utah defense.


Props to Tyler Haws for classy responses after a tough game for him. I can't imagine the frustration he must have felt having to sit the last five or so minutes of the game being the competitor that he is. He's a good player and will have some great scoring performances in the next year and a half before his career is over.

Roy, UT

Utah is not as good as they played, just watch how they play their next game against a winning team, see if they shoot as well, play as well....they won't.

4 in a row!
Ogden, UT

One team looked much more athletic tonight and played with a higher IQ. Now that the cupcake schedule is just about done, bring on Pac-12 conference play.

On paper, the Cougars are still the better team. Some things never change.

That’s okay, when in doubt, check NCAA tournament history.

Go Utes!


But byu "fans" have been saying the Utes can only beat cupcakes!

I guess we won't know til we start playing in the Pac.

Sandy, UT

Great game, but it was clear from the first 5 minutes that the Utes owned the Cougars. While Cougar fans can commence their "we really are better than you" routine, the results on the court speaks for themselves. The funniest part was hearing Rose this morning say how the Utes were not so hot from long range - only to have the Utes rack up 6 3 pointers in the first half. Go UTES!


DRay, you're absolutely right, they won't play that well. They'll play better. 41.5% FG is a season low for the Utes. They'll play better in their big games without the emotional expense. Will they win them all? No, because their opponents likely will be much better than BYU was, but we should expect they'll have their shot and win a few of them. Good luck to the Cougs this year, hopefully they'll have a better attitude than you.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Utah actually had one of their worst shooting games of the season, if not the very worst. Kind of makes your sour grapes even more sour doesn't it.

Richmond, VA

After the women lost, I had a feeling the men would probably get beat too even though I was hoping they wouldn't. I didn't see the men's game but I followed the score updates on my tv screen on ESPN. As the scores began to come up, my heart sank and my stomach tightened. When it was finally over, I felt so sick I ran to the commode and barfed! Of all the times to go dreadful! Were they not prepared? Did they underestimate Utah? Never mind. I think I know the answer myself. We're not good like we think we are and I wish all Cougar fans will realize that and stop the arrogance. And please, no more talk about how great the future is. Let's concentrate on the now first. Four stars, five stars, whatever, is meaningless when we can't beat Utah! I need to go chill before church starts. I can't go to church feeling like this!

Great job tonight Utes! Good luck next week at Oregon, Cougs! I'm hoping for redemption but I won't be holding my breath!

Herriman, UT

@DRay I wouldn't call shooting 41% shooting well. And you're right, just like Coach K says: "You're never as good as you think you are, and you're never as bad as you think you are." Coach Rose is classy, attributed his teams poor play to the atmosphere and Utah's length and athleticism.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Utah is not as good as they played, just watch how they play their next game against a winning team, see if they shoot as well, play as well....they won't."

Well, DRay...you make a statement of fact that is strikingly familiar to the type of comments that byu fans have been posting on these boards for the last six weeks. Maybe you're right. Then again...

Just like in football, hope that another team will accomplish what byu can't. LOL!

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Utes are actually even better than they showed.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Hats off to the Utes they played better against a equal opponent for the first time this year! Congrats to the Utes!!!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


"...Utah is not as good as they played, just watch how they play their next game against a winning team, see if they shoot as well, play as well....they won't...".



BYU is not as good as they played, just watch how they play their next game against a winning team (Oregon), see if they shoot as well, play as well...they won't.


Some games UTAH will play well...some games they won't.

That's the reality/nature of a rebuilding program.

UTAH is on the right track.

I have great admiration for what Dave Rose has accomplished at BYU.

I love to watch Tyler Haws play basketball.

I hope he goes off on every team he plays against... except UTAH.

I love to see the guts, determination and drive of Josh Sharp chasing down every loose ball.

He appears to be the kind of player who would fit well in a Krystkowiak system...

It's too bad things didn't work out for him at UTAH.

I hope he gets more minutes as the season moves on...


Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ DRay

This was Utah's worst shooting game of the season. Just imagine what the Utes would have done on a "normal" night....

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Duckhunter? Believe me now?

Aurora, CO

Ouch, just got back from the wood shed and Chris B. gave me a whoopin'.

All credit to the Utes and their total victory over my Cougs.

This will be a bitter pill to swallow but I have renewed respect for the Utes and will change my opinion on their progress and their probable success in the PAC-12 (no more references to the PAC-10.2) they have earned my respect.

Their success will be a boon to the area and when any and all the universities in the state are successful the entire region will profit.

Cedar Hills, UT

WOW!!! BYU got PUNK by a Utah team who has played one of the weakest schedules in the country to their 10-1 record. Utah is a very average to below average team. What it shows is BYU isn't very good themselves. Utah ran whatever that wanted to and got open shots all night.They exposed BYU lack of speed and quickness. BYU foul shooting STINKS!! Hard to imagine with what I think is pretty talent group of players they can be so bad from the foul line. Carlino should be benched. This kid can't play under pressure, makes bad passes and takes bad shots all the time. I would bring him off the bench and if he gets hot let him play, if not sit him down for the night. Haws need to be more aggressive in wanting the ball and taking charge, he is the leader of this team and I do think a good one!! I think the win against Prairie View went to their head!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Roy, UT

Utah is not as good as they played, just watch how they play their next game against a winning team, see if they shoot as well, play as well....they won't.


Newsflash, this was Utah's WORST shooting game of the year. Just because we lit-up your team doesn't mean we played a complete game.


I like AP's take:

"Utah set the tone offensively and defensively from the opening tip. Loveridge's hot shooting helped Utah race to a huge lead. He hit 6 of 8 shots in the game's first seven minutes and the Ute defense shut down the Cougar offense completely through the first half."

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"While the absence of Mika hurt the Cougars late in the game, it was probably too late for BYU anyway." -- JC

Probably? It was too late after 17:32 mark in the 1st half.

BYU had a better chance of catching a cold then catching the Runnin' Utes!

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