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Published: Saturday, Dec. 14 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Art. Haven't you learned anything about liberals? Any means to achieve their goal of Marxism in America, their last world conquest! Lying is ok, cheating just fine as long as it forces "social justice" (soft word for communism) upon America. This Obamacare bait and switch is just the latest, but it won't be the last! Why won't it be the last? Because millions of voters are addicted to their "free cheese". China, Russia, Cuba, N Korea et al did it with their tanks and machine guns of their military but our liberals are doing with free entitlements. The only problem American liberals like Obama, Pelosi and Reid have is paying for it all! They are running out of other people's money, especially our grandchildren's money ($20 trillion national debt by 2016). And as they constantly tell us, its all GWB's and the GOP's fault when the rest of us demand accountability and honesty from them!

Pleasant Grove, UT

So how does Obama intend to move us to single payer when his credibility is shot?

Onion Daze
Payson, UT

Art and friends: Please look at "List of countries by unemployment rate" at Wikipedia.

Here are a few selected countries.

Denmark 6.7 percent
Germany 5.2 percent
Greece 27.6 percent
Italy 12.0 percent
Norway 3.5 percent
Spain 27.2 percent
Sweden 7.3 percent
Switzerland 3.1 percent
United Kingdom 7.7 percent
United States 7.2 percent

Some of those nefarious European Socialist countries are doing better than us (USA). That is in spite of the "fact" that Mr. Obama "lies" in bed at night trying to come up with better ways to destroy this country.

American Fork, UT

Actually, a single payer system offers greater freedom in that it does not tie you to any specific job just to get health care, and it removes a huge monkey off the backs of employers.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I agree. Devious people has been causing chaos for ever. the only way for evil to triumph, is when good people do nothing. The problem is the frog in the pot slowly being boiled to death.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

What ObamaCare has done is show us the character of those who foisted that program on America. It shows which politicians would offer bribes to other politicians (Louisiana, Nebraska, unions). It showed which politicians would use power and authority to deny others time to fully read the bill (Pelosi and Reid). It showed which politician refused to implement the law, as written, choosing instead to postpone the effects of that legislation until after he was out of office (Obama). It showed which judges ignored authorized enumerated duties in the Constitution and declared that ObamaCare was a tax and that Congress had the authority to tax us - totally ignoring the limits that the people placed on Congress on what Congress can tax us for (headed by Chief Justice Roberts).

The test of life is to have our character revealed. ObamaCare has done that. It has shown us how many scoundrels have been elected to public office. It has shown us the depth of their corruption.

salt lake city, utah

Oh my word give it a break. It's the law, it's under way, and your ideological rants about socialism and communism are just....I'll get bounced for saying it.

Ogden, UT

The President is on record for wanting a single payer system. Pelosi and Reid, the leaders of congress at the time the bill passed, are on record for wanting a single payer system. The person tapped to be in charge, Sebelius, is on record for wanting a single payer system. With these four leaders, knowing what they want, is there any question that this was designed to not work.

Remember when Pelosi said that we need to pass it to see what's in it. That also means that no leader understood it, which is why the President continually gets a pass for his lies...er "misstatements". The reason it needed to be passed so quickly, is that if people did actually read it and begin to understand it, then there would have been no way for the bill to pass. Oh, but wait, there were some people that did get their hands on some of it, and did try to warn the public. But, they continually (and continue) to be labeled as racist or something.


Ogden, UT


One of the biggest reasons, I think, this bill was designed to not work...There are people who keep saying that this is just "a step in the right direction". Is it any wonder where these people's steps are leading us. This was designed to put so much incompetence out that would make people take even more steps in their direction. Those steps lead to what the four leaders are on record for desiring. With the end being more and more control.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Communist China is at 6.5% and moving to biggest economy in the world. Using the private insurance companies to provide healthcare is hardly socialist. the random throwing around of 1950's labels is absurd.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Yea for Socialism, it’s the part of civilized society the makes modern living possible.

If it is choice you want, go live by yourself outside civilized society. You can do any thing you want and have all the freedom to boot. Just don’t expect to do or have any of the things provided by the social agreement of socialized society.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mike, please direct me to the part of the ObamaCare where I might read that information for myself.

Is the test of life available for our use with local and state Politians as well?

Salt Lake City, UT

Socialism doesn't set up a private insurance marketplace... and this sure wasn't socialism when the Heritage Foundation was proposing it, or when the Republican alternative to Hillarycare was the individual mandate (she had the employer mandate), or when Romney instituted it. But no, only when Obama does it is it socialism.


Please name the insurance companies that have gone out of business. How many people do you, personally, know who have actually lost their insurance? Please name a doctor who is being forced to participate and define your use of the word forced.

All of this is appears to be an urban myth. I have yet to see an identity of a single person who is losing everything because of the Affordable Care Act.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am amazed by the over-the-top hyperbole of the ACA's conservative critics.

The individual mandate and state-run exchanges of PRIVATE insurance providers was a Republican idea. It's exactly what Massachusetts adopted, and has run successfully, for years.
I get it - there's no limit to how much you guys just hate-hate-hate that Obama. No objective evidence can change your opinion.

But here's a dose of reality that you really need to deal with: The ACA is here to stay. There's not a snowball's chance in Death Valley that it will be repealed or defunded.

People are signing up for health insurance in increasing numbers. People who previously couldn't afford, or buy at any price, insurance are now getting insured. Healthcare inflation is now going _down_. Junk policies are being replaced by real insurance plans. The ACA is working.

If you continue to rant about "socialism" while the rest of the country moves on to other issues, you're only guaranteeing that there won't be another Republican in the White House for at least another generation.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

ACA works well for my family. Grown kids now have affordable insurance of their own they couldn't get before, and it was far easier to get it. My own coverage is unchanged. Things look good from here.

West Valley City, Utah

It's law. Yes. It's a law that was grossly misrepresented and whose end results has proven to be much more expensive and quite different than what we were led to believe.There are other ways to help those without insurance.How can its harmful effect on the economy and therefore the poor be so blatantly ignored? Polls show most people do not like Obamacare, and do not trust Pres. Obama anymore. Even with its mandates and its bureaucratic red tape, fascism has now been passively accepted by a large segment of the population,


Insurance companies were dropping and denying people coverage pre ACA--where was the Republican outrage then?
How much of the current change in policies is due directly to ACA and how much is due to routine insurance companies trying to push people into more profitable plans?

I understood Obama's statement about keeping your plan meant people who were covered by employers and/or who didn't have junk/plans.

"In his book The Audacity of Hope , published in October 2006 when he was a U.S. senator, Obama described single-payer as the hope of the left, while those on the right wanted a market-based approach. "It's time we broke this impasse by acknowledging a few simple truths," Obama wrote, suggesting a system much like the one he supports today.

At his town halls as president, he routinely answers questions about single-payer by saying he would favor it if he were starting a system "from scratch." But he consistently adds that's not the goal of the current reform."

Phoenix, AZ

"It has been through deceit and trickery that the new health care law (Obamacare) was implemented."

That's what politicians do... they promise stuff to get elected then they do their own thing.

Morgan, UT

pragmatistferlife said:

"Oh my word give it a break. It's the law, it's under way, and your ideological rants about socialism and communism are just....I'll get bounced for saying it."

Hmmm, if this law is "under way" as you say, how come Obama has delayed the "employer mandate" provision in Obamacare until just after the 2014 mid-terms? Let me help you: the amount of people who will lose their insurance through their employer in order to comply with Obamacare is going to be staggering. Obama and the Dems know if they were to let the employer mandate get "under way" as you suggest, they would take unimaginable loses in the mid-term elections.

It's amazing that Obama can lie to your face, and you willingly support his destruction of our healthcare system. And we thought the individual mandate was bad? Just wait until 2014. Funny you Leftists never address the delay in the employer mandate.

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