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Published: Friday, Dec. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I have to maintain the proper PH balance in my fish tank, Too much acid kills the fish, too much alkaline kills the fish. It has to be just right. If I have too much acid, meat,breads, grains and fruits, I'll be sick or if I have too much alkaline, vegetables, I'm not going to be healthy ether. I've got to be slightly alkaline. I figure, I have to eat more veggies than grains. 70% Alkaline food 30% acid food.

Here, UT

Shhhh. They still think they're following the WOW; you don't want to burst their bubble.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

I’m not sure the system we have now could have designed any better by Dr. Evil.

Allow an industry (food) to employ an army of chemists to figure out exactly the types of ingredient combinations trigger pleasure & cravings, combined with production policies that encourage unhealthy foods (corn syrup) and methods (factory farming) at the expense of better alternatives (whole grains, fruits, vegis, organic farming).

Then set up a healthcare system on the backend that pays providers exorbitant fees only when you are sick (i.e., with no financial incentive to keep you healthy).

And then sit back and let the money roll in…

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

It is true, our diets are pretty sick. no wonder we have crummy health. NOTHING at ALL to do with quality of our health care, which is top-notch.

give the world's greatest auto mechanic a yugo to fix, and that's all he'll ever have - a yugo. Even a mediocre mechanic can get a Toyota to run better than the world's greatest mechanic can get the yugo to run.

Salt Lake City, UT


Good comment. At least healthy alternatives are available, albeit at a slightly greater cost to the consumer on the front end (e.g. organic food). Most people are too short-sighted to make the up-front investment in healthy foods to avoid the much larger cost of the long term consequences of unhealthy food.

Murray, UT

Oh great, another fat enforcement officer.

Fats are brain food. Without the proper amount of fat, brains don't function well. While the type of fat does matter, it is very important to choose some good fats and eat them.

This explains the lack of ability to think clearly by those who advocate for having fat police.

Salt Lake City, UT

@lost in DC
"NOTHING at ALL to do with quality of our health care, which is top-notch."

For the most part the issue isn't quality healthcare, it's access to quality healthcare, meaning our system is very expensive and our insurance system is atrocious.

American Fork, UT

Suddenly I want a cupcake.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

we agree about the quality of our healthcare AND that the insurance system is atrocious.

however, one of the arguments liberals trot out in defense of Obamacare is how unhealthy we are. My comment was just to debunk that myth.

Another myth is Obamcare fixes the insurance system. It does not, it enriches the insurance companies and does nothing to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@lost in DC – “… quality of our health care, which is top-notch.”

Yes, we have the Ferrari of healthcare systems – but we should note Germany has the Porsche of healthcare systems which performs just as well as the Ferrari and costs half as much.

@lost in DC – “Another myth is Obamcare fixes the insurance system. It does not, it enriches the insurance companies and does nothing to reduce the cost of healthcare.”

Define “fixes”

I would say eliminating rescissions, stopping the price gouging (esp in the Individual market where MLR’s were often 50%), removing lifetime caps and pre-existing condition requirements, and allowing kids to remain on parents policies until age 26, while maybe not solving all the problems would certainly fall under the definition of fixes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Do you have suggestions on how to change things or shall we just complain and point a finger at others? People choose life styles that include addictive drugs, alcohol, tobacco, obesity and little physical activity. Prohibition of alcohol was not practical, let alone prohibition on potato chips or second helpings. Michael Bloomberg was reviled for wanting to outlaw large sugary drinks. Don't blame insurance companies, even though they are a convenient whipping boy, for our poor health, look in the mirror.

Clearfield, UT

A cupcake has 2 grams of fat more or less, depending on the composition of the frosting. Like most fattening foods, it is relatively low in dietary fat. It also has about 30 grams of refined CARBOHYDRATE, the macronutrient which modern science is increasingly holding responsible as the true cause of the modern epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Like most online rants I have read lately against "Fatty Foods", this one is targeted at the wrong macronutrient.

Phoenix, AZ

"Wake up America, the population may be going down but the area we take up obviously isn't."

Not to worry... The government (HHS), under Obamacare, will soon be controlling your diet. How will they do this? By making certain foods (hamburgers, fried, milkshakes) illegal to either buy or sell... and for sure illegal to eat.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@wrz – “Not to worry... The government (HHS), under Obamacare, will soon be controlling your diet”

Good grief, can we ever have an on topic conversation without the tin-foil hat wearing right wingers equating the ‘government control’ imposed by a stop light to the government control experienced everyday by your average North Korean?

Sheesh, what for most people is a slippery slope, for you guys looks more the vertical side of a glacier.

@lost in DC – “…does nothing to reduce the cost of healthcare.”

And I’m with you on this. Obamacare could have (should have) done far more in this area, but a few of the pilot programs could hold promise in the years ahead.

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