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Published: Thursday, Dec. 12 2013 7:10 p.m. MST

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Remember when mom and dad told us that there are certain people you don't play with, unless you wanted to be associated with their group. Seems to me the Attorney's General played with the wrong group (the ones they were suppose to be prosecuting) and followed them instead of being leaders. It doesn't matter if technically, to the letter of the law, they have done nothing wrong. It was wrong for them to keep the friends that they did and get in the pockets of vermin.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

This is why you don't blinding for for an R or an M. Strait party ticket voters vote blindly and do not study the issues or candidates.

Springville, UT

So, they prosecute the obvious weak link. Once conviction becomes very likely they offer Mr Lawson a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony agaist the two former Attorneys General. In about 6 months we will likely see charges being filed against Shurtleff and Swallow.

At least is what happens in other cases involving multiple investigation targets.

Kaysville, UT

Money,, power, influence is a bad cocktail. The executives of the State of Utah didn't do their part to know what was happening in the AGs office through auditing and just listening to the assistant AGs talking, During the GOP convention there was plenty of discussion from those people wanting a change from Shurtleff and the Swallow activities. However, Shurtleff was pushing for Swallow up to Election Day 2012, knowing was was happening with different investigations with Swallow. Lawson type of activities seemed to be at play after those quid pro quo dealings for money and the power play to continue the prior AGs dynasty.

Todd from Santa Ana
Encampment, WY

I wonder if Gayle Ruzikia will still get her pass to the celestial kingdom?


Certainly appears there are a lot more involved in this whole ordeal. This looks like just a piece in a very ugly puzzle. Probably a lot of very nervous people right now.

htown, TX

They weren't doing anything more than the rest of the crooked politicians are doing. They just got caught is all.

Saint George, UT

Is it any wonder that scores of criminals infest the body politic?
The study of all 50 states done by Center for Public Integrity finds Utah with an overall "D" rating and an "F" for ethics.
I have been known to ask Utah people this question: Why was the office of Secretary of State disbanded in Utah?
Rest assured as long as the people allow themselves to be governed by BAR members, the people will continue as subjects worshiping and serving men and corporeal creations.

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