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Published: Friday, Dec. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

Gore already made his millions selling his global warming fiction. Big Al is jetting across the world on his private jet ....I'm sure not burning jet fuel but sea weed most likely. Liberals are hypocrites ...what else is new?

Mexican Ute
mexico, 00

What I see in all of this weather, is increased volatility in temperatures...

It is pretty convenient for people to use one location or even one region to say that there is no global warming or climate change.

Outside the USA there is an absolute consensus that there is climate change. You should look at the mountains here in Mexico. They used to be snowpacked year round almost to the Paso de Cortez. Now they are virtually nude.

The winters have been getting colder, and the summers have been getting hotter. It used to be that there were no frosts here in central Mexico, whereas now we can get very severe frosts especially in the higher valleys surrounding Mexico City.

It also used to be that 80 degrees was a scorcher in summer. We now regularly top that in the hot months sometimes even reaching 90 degrees. And that is in Mexico City, NOT on the coast where it gets even hotter.

Global warming? Maybe. Climate change as a result of increased volatility in temperatures. More likely. The earth acting as it is to remove the sins from off of it. Maybe even more so.

Salt Lake City, UT

A corporate drama is being played out in Canada. It concerns the rail connection to Churchill on Hudsons Bay. Several years back one of the two major Canadian railroads (I don't remember which) sold off their branch to Churchill - then as they say in the rail trade, a streak of rust. But now with global warming Churchill will be a year-round port and the Canadian major is facing buying back the former "streak of rust" at a substantial return to the short line operator which purchased it. Global warming is real at Churchill.

Fender Bender
Saint George, UT

Attention climate change deniers: winter happens every year.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Why is every year about this time, when winter sets in,
we get these same the Global Warming deniers running out telling us;
"See? Global Warming is a Hoax, it's a Myth, all made by Al Gore to make himself rich!"

THAT is the weather,
BTW - Kevin Eubank, channel 5 KSL, life-long Utahan, Bountiful, Mormon, ...hardly what you can call a bleeding heart East-Coast liberal.

Reported -- Yes, November 2013 (just like July)-- WARMEST November ever recorded, and the trend continues.

You HAVE to look at the trends,
the patterns,
and not just the weather,
and not just the last 10-15 years.

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